New report shows US, India and Brazil as top three Windows Phone countries

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Windows Phone cross-promotion network AdDuplex has released a small but interesting report that shows the top 20 countries in the world that use devices with Microsoft's mobile operating system, with the US, India and Brazil as the top three territories.

AdDuplex normally releases monthly reports on how specific Windows Phone devices are doing in several countries, but this week the company decided to do something a little different. It examined data taken on Tuesday, July 8th from 11 global Windows Phone apps and games that serve ads from their service to determine the percentage of those devices in different countries. AdDuplex stated:

These apps served ads to around 200,000 users on that day. The apps were deliberately selected to be as "global" as possible, but the dataset could still be affected by different ad strategies of the app publishers on a country-by-country basis and other factors.


The final result can be seen in the chart above. It's not a shock to learn that AdDuplex's numbers indicate 11 percent of all Windows Phone devices in the world are being used in the US so it claims the number one spot. In second place, also not surprisingly, is India with 7.5 percent. Brazil is shown in third with 6.9 percent.

Russia and Italy are tied for fourth place at 4.3 percent each. China is sixth at 3.7 percent, which shows that Microsoft might need to do a lot more to promote the use of Windows Phone products in that part of the world.

What do you think of this new data and do you think it shows an accurate account of Windows Phone use around the world?

Source: AdDuplex


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New report shows US, India and Brazil as top three Windows Phone countries



Nokia is the reason for India in 2nd Place, Microsoft must give all features including Cortona to India and Asia Region...!

the reason we don't have cortana is the lack of bing features. it uses the information from bing to generate any result as we dont have it, she can't really work. 

I'm in the UK and I changed the settings on my lumia 1520 and I got cortana. It works very well with my accent (welsh), and the answers are always informative.

Because this way, some country can beta test for other countries ;)

But sure, where's my Cyan and 8.1 for my Lumia 625 in France?

@Ostro. Can't speak for other countries but here in the US the iPhone got its foot in the door first. Once our carriers realized that people who get updates are more likely to hold off on buying new phones and signing contacts they put the axe on it. Even Android phones have problems getting timely updates.

Apple has leverage and makes the carriers push updates or they can't sell iPhone. No one else has that power.

Apple also have very few hardware configurations to update in comparisson to the amount of WP devices Microsoft has to ensure their software will continue to work well and even improve with new functions and features.

Apple handles the update process themselves, they don't rely on the carrier, and they handle it a hell of a lot better than Googles Nexus program. 

Even though it has already surpassed ios in marketshare a lot of the banking apps and in general all Brazilian made apps are still lagging behind... though I've heard Caixa and Banco do Brasil are working on an app, Itau is the only bank with a proper app, but it requires a huge update to catch up with the ios and android counter parts (recently launched a native-code app).

Air companies as well are still lacking... we should wait and see their response to market as we're already seing steady growth in the Windows Phone ecosystem in Brasil.


Márcio Cattini

Brazil should be shown as much love as India!! Every single day there's an Indian exclusive app emerging...

I understand why MS focus more in U.S. but had they put the same effort in asian and european countries what they put in U.S., these regions had already conquered the WP market share by a huge segment.

I wonder when will this ecosystem boom. Tbh 60m devices is not that much. But yet again, iPhone got popular on the 3gs. Android got popular on the S2. So we might be around the right time now with the lumia x30 generation. I hope.

4 years and only 60m users. 1 Quarter and 60m users, that's Apple. 2 months and 60m users, that's Samsung.... And old Nokia. Oh, Rubino said there's no Nokia any longer. Yeah, i forgot.

To make it worse, 60m devices are not 60m users. They are about 40m-45m users.

I am really betting on Lumia 930.

I think the future of Windows Phone is dependent on how Microsoft delivers with WIndows "Threshold" 9. If people are happy and flock back to Microsoft for a userfriendly or efficient desktop OS --- it's safe to assume the Windows Store will gain more quality apps --- and with universal apps being a thing, it would only make sense to spend the extra time to modify the "10%" of code to create a WP app as well. At least this is what I'm hoping will happen if Windows "Threshold" 9 is a sucess.

Can't tell that by their distro process. India and Brazil can't get new features, and the US can't get new phones.

So I assume I can look forward to people finally stopping it with the "U.S. isn't as important to Windows Phone as nation X" garbage??

I never said it did. But commenters are constantly downplaying the importance of the U.S. market to Microsoft and Windows Phone every time there's a relevant story. These numbers show that is obviously BS.

+928 Our market share percentage is small, but 3% of the sales in the US is a lot more than 10% in a smaller European country. That being said, I think they should work on global releases.

Seriously. Market share only analysis, is incomplete. While it is ok to lobby for your country's inclusion, it makes no sense to insult the US or minimize its large, raw number of users.

I am surprised that us is first. I thought that WP was hatred in the US. And it has only 3.5% on Market share in the us while in some countries like Italy, France, UK, it's over 10% market share.

Some people forget the US has a higher population as well... Perhaps they think its a giant landmass full of trees and marshland lol.

That is because it is bigger than UK, France, Germany, Nederlands combined. We are packed closer than sardines in a tin can here compared to the US (well not quite that close, that would probably apply to Japan during rush hour :p).

Yes. That's basically what I was saying. The US population density isn't high at all.
I get you, I live in Paris XD

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But th US marker is dat greater then France, the UK or Germany for example you've got about (more or less) 80 million people living in each of those nations.

The USA has over 300 million residents, almost 4 times more then the major European markets have.

Logically u can sell more WP's in the USA with less markets share then you can with more marketshare in the European markets ;-)

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10% of the French/UK population equals 2% of the US population. Transpose it to the smartphone market and it becomes less surprising.

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"Microsoft might need to do a lot more to promote"


Microsoft definitely needs to.

MS is gettinng its ass kicked

You have a lot less to do to translate from English to another version of English than from English to Indian (apologies if that's not the actual language name) or Portuguese (60% sure on this one)

If Cortana comes to India, it will be in English rather than any native indian languages. Only the accent will vary.

Also if they focus on Europe i don't this they will mind it. Also please stop launching the phones in US only model that sucks and most the people are going to hate it for that...

   Also the OS being free for less than 5-6 inch is going to help a little..

The only US only model I can think of is the 928, which isn't really that big of a deal considering it's basically a 920. The Icon is pretty much the 930. Really the US gets screwed more than anyone because of our carrier policies. I'm on Verizon so I can't get the 1520 or 1020. The at&t people complain that they can't get the Icon. T-mobile people have very limited options. And Sprint, well that's not even worth talking about.

I was really just pointing out how inaccurate this report is. More than a quarter of WP8's marketshare is in an unidentifiable region? Yeah, okay... The US is no where close to #1.

Others countries are all the other countries with less market share than the last market to the right of this slice. or do you want to have hunderts of listings there

Yes, that is normally what "other" on a pie chart would indicate. However, in this study, that doesn't add up a quarter of an OS's marketshare can't possibly be held by countries outside of the ones listed above. There's something else going on.

Other is not an "unidentifiable region." It is the sum market share of dozens of countries, each with less than 1.1% market share (i.e. Candada, the country with the smallest listed WP market share above but not the country with the smallest WP market share). Instead of having three dozen slivers at less than 1% cluttering up the graph, it is common to lump together the small players into an 'other' category. USA is therefore the largest WP market, as the graph reveals.

I agree, the rest should add up to, at most, maybe 10%.  I would expect something closer to 5%.  There is no way those other countries can add up to 27%

Don't try reasoning. They've figured out the conspiracy that Microsoft only cares about the US and won't hear any of your logic.

Most of your live tiles are transparent in 8.1 and you can customize the background with any photo you choose. Cool feature.

Though it starts feeling more than other OSes with everything transparent. WP loses its WP style.
I'm thinking they should add an option to choose between transparent and the original tile color, at least the Microsoft products like XBOX music, Games, etc.

Anyone agrees on that?

...and this is why four percent of the us market is still a relatively large reason for Microsoft to focus on the US.

Not that the EU doesn't deserve various WP features (they do)

They have to get faster in India. Otherwise motorola is trying to capture low end market. Though the product is just a hype but still ppl are getting made to buy though moto product has many adverse affects due to high SAR value

And they are advertising heavily on it. I saw 3 times the same ad during FIFA WC telecast during ONE break.

That is just Windows Phone OS. 

But  really in Brasil there is a lot of Windows Phone 7.x version.

Not yet. They'd have to beat the Netherlands, and judging by their performance against Germany, my money's on the Orange.

It just may be that more people where using those 11 apps that day from US than any other country...its a little unbelievable...anyway nice to know...

Yea that and even how many people in other countries have internet connection enabled on their phones....there are many factors that comes into play when looking at these things.

I wonder if this has been skewed by all the people setting their phone to US settings so that Cortana will work for them? Don't you find it odd that ten times as many WP phones were in use on Tuesday in the US as there were in Canada?

I don't think so. There is an Ad identification setting in Setting. So probably the region change doesn't count.

As it is global use, it match the population size, us having about 10 times more ppl than canada.313 million vs 34.


I don't remember what ads I receive in through adduplex. I'm in Ukraine and have the region set to us. I will check later and see whether I receive ukrainian/russian ads or English ones. P.s. I have my advertisement I'd turned on in slphone settings.

I would imagine it would be based on the phone's IP address, that is something that doesn't depend on what kind of device is being used.

India the country which use second most number of windows phone still not received update of 8.1 so unfair windows should provide update to India on the time of lauch delay is disappointing at least windows should not make us to wait for a year

Jeez will you people stop becoming emotional over an update? Its only the 10th / 11th of July lol. Once July is over and no update is released then it would be understandable :P. Plus Cyan has been out in the form of the 635/630 no less than a month in select countries.

I only have the preview of the update, so technically MOST of us don't have the update yet. You are free to get the preview, just like I did.

Why should there be? Microsoft keeps jamming the Brazilian version of everything down our throats as if the language was exactly the same. Even the damn marketplace is mixed with the Brazilian one.
I see no surprise here. I never recommend WP to anyone unless they're comfortable in using the phone in English like I do. Because the so called "Portuguese" version of the OS is just downright insulting.

Sorry but I don't believe any data that puts the US as n.1 WP country. Even less when that data is based on apps.

As far as I go, only sales matter. And as far as sales go, the US is way bellow countries like Italy.

The sales are according to market share. 3.5% of a bigger market can be more than 10 Percent of a small market

THe US market is probably the size of the whole EU market

Actually it isn't. Europe is the World's biggest single market (albeit being formed by a plethora of independent nations).

That is not how marketshare works. Italy is much smaller than the US so 10% of their market is less than 3% of the US market. You cannot compare percentages directly. That is why having 10% market share in these small countries doesn't matter.

Irrelevant. If 10% of a countries maker chooses you're product, you should be concerned in improving the experience for that country rather than wasting time in another country where only 3% of people care.

No, percentages are irrelevent. The device manufacturer gets paid based on the number of devices sold, not the market share. 10% of 20M units is much smaller than 3% of 200M units. Also, that smaller market doesn't have as much potential. Would you rather grow to have 50% of 20M or 25% of 200M? Your math skills seem to match your grammar! Either way, selling $100 smartphones in small markets is not going to keep Windows Phone alive. Especially as Android gets better at lower price points and continues taking the low end of the market as well as the high. Microsoft is nearly non-existant in the high end.

Microsoft is already starting to sell Android phones and WIndows Phone sales have been tanking. At a certain point, WebOS users had to realize that it was dead. Windows Phone is just about there. Without a major rebranding and a new UI, Windows Phone will continue to go no-where. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 have both failed. It sounds like Microsoft has realized this and will be making some big changes with Threshold. It will be interesting to see if they continue with Windows Phone, or if the dismal sales they have seen this year will cause them to kill it or put it even farther on the backburner.

I'd rather sell more total numbers than claim higher percentage in a smaller market, but that's just me and silly profit motive talking.

On a within-country market share basis, Windows Phone appears to be selling better in European countries like Italy than in the U.S., but the U.S. population is pretty big. Fifteen percent market share in Italy (population 61.7 million) is about 9.27 million units, which is smaller than three-and-a-half percent market share in USA (population 318.9 million) at 11.2 million units. Population data from U.S. Census Bureau.

That said, that's no excuse for Microsoft being so slow rolling out features to non-US markets. They really should be taking advantage of the higher within-country market share of some European, Asian, and South American markets.

This is why market share is so misleading. Nokia had over 50% global smartphone market share back in 2007, it now has 3%. However, the market has grown from 17 million units a year in 2007, to (wait for it) 1 billion a year in 2013.

So that means Nokia have gone from selling 9 million a year, to 30 million a year. Growth (just nowhere as fast as Samsung). So everyone who was saying WP wasn't growing fast enough to offset the decline in revenue Nokia got from Symbian didn't really know what was going on.

...and yet Microsoft only brings new features for the US.

Way to go Microsoft, that's how you support your biggest markets!

WIth management like this, WP *deserves* to fail.

Now everyone can stop it with the US crap. I know we have more people, but Microsoft doesn't look at things based off of percent, they want as many customers as possible, but on the other hand I agree that other countries should not be ignored.

As it is and emerging mobile platform it will surely come in the top selling platform but they should note that if they make android app running in windows phone this will be the end of the windows as mobile platform

I think that saying there are more WP in the US is the same as saying "ah yes, there are more people, phones, and providers in the US than, say, france". Yes of course there are more windows phones there, because there are more people. But I'm more interested in market share. France is something like 10%, US is more like 3.5%. For every hundred people with smartphones, 96.5 go for an apple or android or idk a blackberry over a windows phone. France might have a smaller population but Microsoft have broken into their market and are taking hold, whereas they are barely even present in the US market. Idk.

You do realize profit is made per user, not percentage point, right? They care about the number of users.

And Nokia (Microsoft) keep just send to Brazil phones in black and white. I think the market man here is color blind... Also accessories takes forever to arrive, etc..

Here in the US, the carriers determine what colors we get. Also, Nokia accessories are nearly impossible to find. I think they are all in Europe.

Dude. We don't have a WP8.1 update released yet either. The preview is available in English, the language that the developers speak. It's not a hated of India. Geesh.

Sorry many of you are getting mixed up with this data!!! This is 100% of windows phones, broken down into each country based on sales units ONLY for WP. This is VERY different to WP % of smartphone sales being accounted as WP, for example the UK is around 12% of smartphone sales being a WP, the US is something like 1.5%, make sense? Of course the USA as a whole sells more WP due to having a much bigger population, but the UK, France, Italy etc are the countries that have the highest penetration % of WP based on ALL smartphone sales.

Yes Windows phone has a huge market in India...probably because of huge success of Lumia 520 and the Nokia brand...

I m a charted accountancy student! I live in Chennai which is in South India and in my class almost 40% of students has Lumia phones so other students who wants buy also now goes for Windows phones !! Even Sales reps in stores also now stopped talking rubbish about Windows phone app gap!! These days they say store has all important apps instead speaking of app gap !!

I think this is a great change in trend coz I did my last course about 2 years back and I saw galaxy s4 everywhere in class !! Nokia sales guys did an excellent job here !! All credit goes to them

What is the use even if India is @ top 3.. We are yet to get any info about Lumia 930..

Hate such 3rd rate treatment to their loyal nokia - windows phone users...

Microsoft still not giving a f*** for other countries, no matter what country is the top... They just don't care about them.

Nope. They have no desire to make money. They just want to piss you off. They'll be so disappointed that you figured out their master plan.

Well, every dev is localizing it's apps to UK/USA so...

Lots of people just don't use english only apps, others just ignore bad localized aps.

I mean: we need a list of those 11 apps. We need to know for sure they're pretty useless without a data connection.

So Microsoft should consider about India when launching anything new feature. Its emerging market