New rumor claims Lumia 830 could have three US models, each with different specs

lumia 830

A new rumor claims that Microsoft could launch as many as three versions of the still unannounced Lumia 830 Windows Phone device, and that each could have different hardware specs

This report comes from TK Tech News, who admits he paid the source of this new leak. According to the source, variants of the 830 will be sold by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. He added, "We had conflicting reports of different display sizes and resolutions. The 830 model number have not yet been disclosed but source says they will all be different."

The story claims that the AT&T and T-Mobile versions will have different cameras and one of them won't support wireless charging (likely AT&T since they support the rival Power Matters Alliance). The T-Mobile version might also have a screen size of 4.7 inches. Previous rumors from the same site have claimed the Verizon version of the Lumia 830 will have a 4.5 inch screen and a 20.1 megapixel rear camera.

How accurate is this information? If TK Tech News admits to paying his source, it's possible that this could be correct. We could learn the answer in a few weeks when Microsoft holds its pre-IFA press conference in Berlin, Germany on September 4, which could also see the officially company reveal the Lumia 730 "selfie" smartphone.

What do you think of this latest rumor about the Lumia 830?

Source: TK Tech News


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New rumor claims Lumia 830 could have three US models, each with different specs



That is exactly the supposition in the article...

"...one of them won't support wireless charging (likely AT&T since they support the rival Power Matters Alliance)..."

But it is guesswork. Does anyone know outside the carriers and Nokia? No.That's why it says

 "...rumor claims..."

 in the title. 

But then LTE probably won't work. I'm sick of not having one single device that is the same across carriers and can work perfectly on all carriers

If its like the previous versions (T-Mobile - 810; AT&T - 820; Verizon - 822), then the "rest of the world" will only get one of the versions. Like the one AT&T gets.

The 820 we got in my country had both the 1800 and 2100 LTE frequencies so it worked with the LTE of our 4 carriers so no problem there for us with the 820. If the same thing happens with the 830 then I'll have no complaints.

not exactly. in this case, it seems like its leaning more toward carrier exclusive devices with their own specs, requirements and whatnot

I think this kind of carrier exclusivity is fine. As long as they all are getting an exclusive model then so be it....... #where'sSprint

Yep!!! Noted that one.
So, when there's a slow day on WPC we can say that Daniel is in the corner eating paste... Lol!

Except you aren't locked into a particular Surface for to carrier. This stinks. I'm sure at&t will be the one without wireless charging. Which means I need to figure out where I'm going to take my family's business. Tired of this shit.

It reminds me of the Galaxy S II launch, where all the carriers had their own variant and the T-Mobile version had a slightly larger screen.

I was thinking more like the 820: You have the ATT 820, the VZW 822, and the TMobile 810. Each had slightly varrying design and hardware.


So this time around: The ATT 830, the VZW 833, the TMobile 813

I hate ATT because of this. Love my 920 not needing a cover and dread having to upgrade to something without it built in

Same position here as I type on my trusty 920. But back to the topic, I hope they have 3 different names...or maybe they'll use the 830.x notation...though I think that is missed on some people.

I wonder why all of my ATT 920's have built in wireless but they chose to omit it on the 1520? If its allowed for one, allow it for all

Buying an Unlocked phone is an option too. That's what I did and just popped my AT&T SIM in it and all is good (wireless charging included). My contract is up and I'm now just paying month to month. I'm free to leave if I feel another carrier suits my needs better (which as of now none do).

Which is why you should switch to Straight Talk which uses AT&T's towers (if you select the ATT sim). WIth the money you save each month you can afford a carrier unlocked phone that DOES have Qi.


Edit: I did this a while back and got an unlocked 1520. Monthly bill: $47 including taxes, unlimited everything but throttling at 3GB and no tethering (officially?). Also no visual voicemail, that one is a bit of a bummer.

What I take away from this rumor. 1.) A device on all three major US carriers, yay! 2.) People report different size displays due to a lack of uniform measuring. We saw the same thing with the 930/Icon. There were reports varying from 4.7-5.2 inches.  3.)AT&T customers gets hosed on wireless charging capability again.

You and me both. My wife just used her Jump! upgrade to (ironically) downgrade from the Note 3 to the Galaxy S5 and all I could think was "Wish I had a phone to upgrade to." I suppose I could follow her lead and downgrade to a Lumia 635. ;) Just hope the rumor is true!

Oh, and Go 'Noles! ;)  I live out here in Phoenix and the 'Bama club meets at the same sports bar us Seminole fans do. Nice folks.

I'm guessing the TMO model will have a different chassis from ATT & VZW.  They always do this.  Of course the aftermarket accessories market will cater to the standard chassis and TMO customers will be left out.  Stupid TMO.

and then it won't sell, and T-Mobile will drop support 6 months out and deny all updates.  and history repeats.

100% spot on!

Here's my smartphone history with TMO:  Wing --> TP2 --> HD7 -->810

I was hopeful with the HD7 they were finally done with custom WM/WP models.  Upon launch, I had a hard time deciding between the 8x and 810.  I think in the long run the 810 was a better choice, despite being abandonded so early on...

Oh no. I'm living in Germany and I wanted to buy a 830, but if they release three versions for US mobile operators I am sure, there won't be an international version. Bad news!

Also the icon vs 930 is another example, it's impossible for them to NOT make an 830 successor. I just hope international one gets a 4.7 inch screen.

If it's like the 820/810/822 and the 920/925/928 one of those three will simply be the global version with the other two having some mostly meaningless design changes and ugly logos so that those silly US carriers can say that they got a unique phone. (with AT&T ripping out half the memory and Qi just to annoy it's customer's as well)

Since their probably going to announce it in Berlin it would be a bit wierd to announce a US-only phone in Germany. I'm fairly sure the 830 will be widly avaliable worldwide.

I think I don't have the money to buy any of the new upcoming phones lol. I wish I could buy the 730 though so I can continue the legacy of 7xx :D

I wish Nokia/Microsoft would stop bending over for these carriers.  Too bad they don't have command over the market to do this though.

I just see it as more WP devices flooding the market, and more reviews to be done on WP devices... Three time the coverage.. Three times the marketing... For me it's about everytime the WP name is displayed to the public.. I like this!

This way they keep themselves in the public eye, the more people here about your products, the more likely they are to buy in


It fragments the UX even more. That's what carriers want, not consumers. It drives up the per unit cost and the resulting purchase price. It puts the OEM in the back seat.

Only the carriers win with this set up.

My guess:

- Lumia 830 for Verizon: best camera (20.1MP), best screen DPI (4.5' screen), with wireless charging and in only white and black colors;

- Lumia 830 for AT&T: bigger screen (4,7'), 13.1MP Pureview camera, with exclusive green color and without wireless charging;

- Lumia 830 for TMobile: bigger screen (4,7'), wireless charging, same 13.1MP Pureview camera, with wireless chargin and one exclusive feature that I cant think right now (Maybe exclusive orange? Maybe a better FFC? I don't know);

- Lumia 830 Global Variant: the same for TMobile, maybe excpet by the exclusive feature.

By the way, great move MS: convince all the three carriers offering exclusive features for each one!!

No, but it allows us to get a phone that is simulatneously released across all 3 major American carriers, which is something people here have been screaming about forever!

This phone is turning out to be a good blend of specs and size. I was hoping for a smaller icon/ 930 and this could be it, but Nokia and Microsoft take so damn long to release new phones so I just picked up an icon a few weeks ago before we had all this 830 news.

This is the exact strategy that WP needs in the US.  Different size phones can hurt the accessory/case options but overall it will benefit them to have similar devices on each carrier all launched at the same time.  Looks very promising!

Bingo. Plus not a "high end" TOO EXPENSIVE phone that buyers will overlook anyways (in the USA for iPhone) or pass on due to the higher upfront or monthly cost (0% loans paid over 20-25 months).


Since basically most people are paying the full price of the device nowadays it's a crucial strategy for affordable phones across the major carriers (better devices than the 530/630)

Exactly; the 530/630 line is great for reaching the masses but WP has really missed the mid range market for the last year.  I can't wait to see he 700/800 series!


After all of the “defining silence” from MS and lack of product consistency current and future, my thoughts will be to probably go to IPhone come this fall.  If MS can’t put out a clear message on their upcoming products why should bother to care.  Regardless of carrier, the product should be the same, that is the true strength of the IPhone…unfortunately for us.

It's not a MS/Nokia fault but carrier power in the US. They force Nokia to do it that way like they did in the past with Droid DNA and so on. Maybe with MS this chances or with higher WinPhone market share - if that will ever happen.

You're not the only one who feels that way. The same phone basically but more production work to make three separate models. What does it accomplish? But if T-Mobile gets one they can do whatever they want.lol

We've talked about this countless times that WP doesn't have much say, carriers have more power therefore these exclusives

I literally had a dream last night that WPC reported a 920 successor. That's how bad this is getting for me.

Throw them through an ATT window with a note attached telling them how stupid they are for backing the wrong wireless charging tech?

by those leaked pics i do love the size of the phone...hopefully we get at least one of them in Canada

Lame as can be... They have enough variation in the Lumia range as it is, and they definitely don't need any more customer-discouraging exclusives! It's already cost them dearly to have delayed the worldwide launch of the 930...

This is actually shaping up as a great replacement for my 920 - give me glance, wireless charging, and a camera at least as good as my cyan buddy's and I'm in. 4.7" in a body the size of the 920 would be sweet (and totally doable). Come on, T-Mobile!

Um...820/822/810 anyone? Sucks to be the one who buys the Tmo version of this only to get hit by an early EOL. Hopefully the best version of this is the international one and another 822 gets the highest specs again.

Exactly what I was thinking. I hope all have at least 16gb internal storage work SD card. The 810 and 820 only had 8gb.

Showing too much love for United States and still Americans love Apple. Come on Microsoft, go with the people that love you.

Companies are about money, not flags. MS need to learn that, because if they don't work out where all their customers are and focus on them (Hint: Customers are where the money comes from) then they will not get the best results for their share holders.

Ugh, more carrier BS. I can see this happening, par for the course really. Before Samsung/Android got huge, they released varients of the same phone on different carriers to appease them. Why the companies would spec a different camera is beyond me, maybe to bring costs down, but that seems dumb. The wireless charging removal I get, although it's still stupid.

It's a bad idea to bring fragmentation within same Model. Like Lumia 520,21,25,.... This is where Software updates/releases take longer, having two vaiants based of carrier type GSM or CDMA is good enough, say for example Apple and its iPhone. What Nokia should do with WP is reduce the models and increase the features/specs on same model.

I can live with different screen sizes but certainly not with less than 720p resolution and 20MP camera now that they have raised our anticipation.

Man why. Make it one device and put research and development money from the other 2 devices into a hero device. Damn these carriers.

The more I hear about ATT crippling their phones the closer I get to leaving. Want to keep me ATT? Then knock it off.

This is a bad idea. Just skip the exclusives and release the same model on all carriers. With three separate models/sizes, good luck finding a decent selection of cases/accessories. 

It just seems like more work to make three separate models of essentially the same phone. I don't know who makes the decisions.

Agreed its a stupid idea to pander to different carriers.

Its gonna cost em a bit more to produce different types.

If T-Mobile gets a version with at least 720p screen, wireless charging, 20mp camera, and an SD card slot you can count me all the way in. I don't need(I do like) a 1080p display. This sounds promising to me.

Yup, alot of us are waiting for that as well.    I've got a little bit of a fear that MM/Nokia is thinking of timing the release of the next high end Lumia with a possible coordinated Windows 9/WP 9 release in Spring 2015.

Releasing a high end phone in November then another high end phone in April/June of the next year may be a bit rough for the WP market to absorb and the carriers may not be excited about the idea.

If the 930 had a SD Card Slot and Glance I wouldn't be concerned at all, however as it is I am hoping that MM/Nokia will in fact have a high end Lumia for us this winter, especially for AT&T's 920 users.

Right now,the 1520 is the phone to beat, if one overlooks the size, which is wonderful for media consumption.

I would have overlooked the size and brought a 1520, if my carrier had it on offer...they only had the 1320. Really wanted a large handset to use as a GPS nav but Ended up getting a 930, couldn't wait any longer and my Telco was offering a jbl power up with pre orders!....
Actually ordering another 3 of them from Telstra today, beautiful handset! They have a deal going for business plans bundled with a wireless charging stand atm!
Got the usual bs yesterday when I rang to ask them what phones were available for me, he said cheerfully "you can get a new iPhone or HTC!" Then I asked "what about WP's?", he replied "I'm not sure... I don't think so" so I reply "well I don't think ill be getting any new handsets with you" I get off the phone and click business plans link on their website, and it reveals a full page spread on this 930 deal, calling them back today to give them a piece of my mind!! ;)

It's too bad.  T-Mobile's European carrier style of decoupling of the phone from the contract should help a platform like Windows Phone.  But they seem content to be haters.

Oh well.

MS will eventually put out the phones, but they support the other OS with applications before their own WP. Hmmm.....

True, but I'm also tired of Nokia nerfing Nokia phones (ie no Glance on the 930, no SD Card Slot on the 1020 - or Icon/930 for that matter).

Im fine 4.7 or 5.0, phones these days are getting bigger - great for vieeing web pages, watching videos etc.

inconsistent strategy by MS just to piss people off. Words of switching carriers will be spewing all over the place! Why cant they just make "a" phone and have them all the same across carriers? Why are these carriers so insistent that MS phones be different?

US has many different carriers using different technology,I do not think any phone is made that work on all competing US frequencies

What he means is release the same phone across the carriers specs wise but different radios for the frequency the network for each phone uses.

there are plenty of phones that have all the frequencies to work on all carriers

this probem has nothing to do with microsofts strategy, basically, the carriers are showing their control with wp, they basically say "we want our own variant or we wont carry it at all." which is where this stupid fragmentation comes into play

I wish they would make the numbers reflect screensize and performance. For example a nokia 630 would be a 6" phone with generation 3 performance. A nokia 1030 would be a 10" device (such as a tablet) with generation 3 performance. Of course that doesn't indicate the other important features such as resolution. I want to stay at 1080p from now on.

My prediction: Verizon will forgo the standard Lumia model number and name it: Verizon Hydro Brigadier Vista One Remix Portrait SE Thunder MAXX 4

The 925 was a step back from the 920 so if you follow ATT logic the 935 will do the same. It will be a phone that if you wish to use the screen will require a snap on front, and if you want to charge it you need a snap on back plate. Need Bluetooth? They'll have another snap on for that as well. Nice going ATT.

Jesus Christ, ATT. Noboday wants an add on accessory and nobody wants or likes PMA.

You are ruining phones and lives. Period.

That's just stupid. This is why carriers dont get behind WP (in the us). Sales people make their money off of cases and other ancillary items. Less manufacturers will be willing to work with this device because now you have 3 models each selling less than if there was 1 overall design. Sales people make way more money on cases than they do the sale of the phone.

Do American carriers get Apple to make different specs for iPhones or is it just the Nokias they like to butcher?

yes, the 810 for T-Mobile...    The last straw for me of abandoned WP devices on T-Mobile which brought me to scurry to AT&T for the 920.

T-Mobile has created much bitterness in me.   I hope they continue to shake up the US carrier market but I certainly won't be a customer of theirs, not at least for quite some time....

This is actually a nice phone. Maybe its just me getting outdated with the times, but I dont really consider this mid range.

I'm sure it's more complicated than this, but I think it's ideal to have 3 models.  ie. 520 / 820 / 930  spread amongst all carriers.



Wtf why can Microsoft release one high end phone for all major wireless carriers, I come to wpcentral every day to read news and I see lots of people complaint, in my opinion Microsoft should just released a affordable phone, a mid high end and a high end for those who wants the best, and att wtf why abandoned the wireless charging, my 920 still in good shape but I am looking forward for the holidays for a new phone, a windows phone.

Stupid carriers ruining Windows Phones again!  Why can't we just get the same model phone across all carriers? Why all the foolish games? Trying to kill WP much?  #StupidityNOW 

Going from past experience, Att will get the one with the most colors and better camera but no wireless charging. T-mobile will opt for a crappy camera so they can maintain thier status quo of no flagship-like windows phones. Verizon will get the best of everything but it will only be grey or black. Oh, and ATT will have the Tmobile LTE band disabled in their model.

Let's hope it is the same for all carriers, only difference is the radio bands for their respective carriers.

Yeah and all of them will opt for half the storage capacity of the international versions!  Thanks US carriers for sucking!!!

Paid sources are the worst sources. Some people will come up with whatever crap they think you want to hear just to make a buck.

I would like to get the simplest and cheapest version because I dont need the 20 mp camera nor wireless charging.

There is also a rumor Nokia 730 has Snapdragon 200 + Adreno 305 on board. Not Snapdragon 400... 

And $240 in Vietnam.

Enough with the the mid-range crap!!! Where are all the top end "Flagship" type phones. Granted a lot of the planet cant or wont buy a top end phone, but if Microsoft is ever going to compete with the other two guys they need to really do it better and more often... Blah Blah Blah... Enough Already

For me it is not an issue of needing a more powerful 930, it's the lack of an SD Card Slot and Glance.   If it wasn't for that I would be planning on getting a 930 and wouldn't be waiting for a different high end phone this winter.

T-Mobile shouldn't be allowed to carry a mid range phone, they screw their customers everytime with them 810


1080, 5 inch with an SD Card Slot and Glance....    
pretty much the 930 but with expandable memory and Glance