New rumor claims Surface mini tablet is back in production


A new rumor claims that Microsoft has started production again on its previously halted Surface mini tablet, with a launch planned for sometime later this summer.

This newest report comes from the Twitter feed of gadget leaker evleaks, who has had a rather mixed track record lately but has been proven to be correct on a number of its leaks. This latest report doesn't offer any further details of this rumored revival of the Surface mini.

This past spring, there were tons of credible rumors that Microsoft was going to launch a smaller version of its Surface family of tablets, but in May the company ended up announcing the larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3 laptop replacement tablet. However, that product's user manual clearly mentioned the Surface mini, which proved that Microsoft had such a product in the works.

What do you think of this latest rumor and would you buy the Surface mini if it came out?

Source: @evleaks


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New rumor claims Surface mini tablet is back in production


I don't want desktop at 8 inches and cheap price. I want a fast small tablet with a pen, that's a tablet only and that has the class leading tablet UI from Windows but none of the legacy desktop bloat. That means I want RT, a tablet OS and interface.

I'm with you on this. I don't think the desktop at 8 inches would be very useful to me. A touch optimized version of Office would be essential though. The current one has pretty tiny buttons on my Surface 2.

I had a Dell Venue Pro 8 - running  - a full Windows 8.1 experience with the desktop and all.

Never have been able to use the desktop based software. Too small a foot-print to run fill desktop software.

Now I am selling it on ebay - as its pointless to have a full Windows device on 8". My main goto for such a usage is a 11 inch Lenovo tablet (Helix).

RT is best for a 8 inch device - why even a 10" device where just tablet usage is required. If I have to code o a dektop - then I switch to me desktop computer itself. Much more productive and easy on the eyes that way.


I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and the desktop is fine for a tablet that size.  Most people would be buying an 8" device for consumption/notes anyway, and that's the way I use it.  Perfect solution for that size and the only reason I bought it was cuz I got it for 150 from Dell and Microsoft didn't release the Surface Mini.  If they had then I would've bought it immediately for the better pen support.

As for the desktop being usable, join the Plugable Kickstarter for the port replicator that they're making for the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Desktop is usable at 8 inches with the pen if the Wacom/N-Trig implementation is tight enough. I'm more interested in being able to play full x86 games with a controller/pen than I am navigating around the desktop file explorer on an 8 inch screen.

Other than GBA, GBC, N64, PSX roms, you will be hard pressed to run anything graphically intensive on an atom and get a decent frame rate.

The surface pro with an intel i5 processor has problems running many x86 games. Do you really expect an atom processor will provide even a half decent gaming experience? Plus how will you control the game? Will you be carrying around a game controller or keyboard around with the 8" tablet? Defeats the whole point of a light small tablet.

If you want Windows 8.1 pro, get a Surface Pro. Putting the hardware for a decent 8.1 pro tablet would hike the price, and Microsoft can't afford that. It's gonna be RT, deal with it...

Slightly misleading since RT includes a less featured yet still usable version of Office, you'll need to add ~$100 to the Lenovo to make the coomparison work.

So you don't get macro support on office RT, most people don't even know what that means, let alone actually miss macros. Office RT is 99% the same as office 2013, but included with windows RT.

Of course it will ms learned alot from their umpc days. Personally I think the majority that by pro tablets are wasting their money guess its because of those on commission sales reps that dont know shit all

I can see why RT seems appealing, but recently I was helping a friend decide which to purchase and so we went to an apple store and then a Microsoft store. They fell in love with the Dell Venue Pro 8. It was the form factor they needed and wasn't limited to tablet only features. For instance with a USB otg cable, they were able to hook up a DVD drive and start copying their music into it. They could also desktop is for sites requiring Java for instance and it came with full office. The ability to zoom the screen works great on windows 8.1 so using desktop programs is not bad.

If you don't like the desktop portion, you don't have to use it. But it is nice having the option. Adobe has even made their products easier to use with a pen on a small tablet, and more companies may do more to make desktop programs more touch friendly. I find myself using some key desktop programs quite often.

So quick to pass judgment and sentence such a little one to the cliffs as a Spartan...I will care for it and nurture such a creature for mine own. =]

I'd be the first to buy it! I just hope Microsoft figures out what they're going to do with all 3 of their OS's though and choose wisely for the Surface Mini...RT and Windows Phone need to become one.

Yeah. I don't want to buy another "RT" level product with Windows RT on it. Before they launch another "RT" device, they need to finish consolidating their actual mobile OSes.
Who knows, maybe that's why they actually delayed it.

WP and RT will become one when Windows 9 is launched.  I suspect Microsoft will make anything above 9 inches pro, and anything bellow WP.  This way bigger tablets get the desktop experience and these smaller devices will get the true tablet experience.  I hope the mini comes with the pen.  Also with Windows 9, you will see that the non touch computers will be properly taken care of and adoptiopn by enterprises for Win 9 pro will start to occure, and you will see an influx of these full tablets in the enterprise to take off as well.

Thats why there will be no merge at all. You certainly cannot explain a Surface user why a potential successor suddenly is lacking a significant amount of features.

Also technically it is impossible to merge, because if you merge Windows and Windows Phone, you would have one OS. And Windows RT is just Windows on the source level.

I did understand you very well. The point is Windows and Windows RT is one and the same. They are just compiled differently, one for x86 and one for ARM. You cannot modify one without the other.

Nice if expanding the production network across the various parts of the world.
Secondly has win8.1 and with reasonable price as comparably cheaper then iPad mini.

I just want a great note taking experience, HDMI out, and modern office apps on a 1080 or better screen. Full Windows would be a plus, but not req.

Can somebody help me? I bought Lumia 625 and installed WP 8.1, but I cant install anything on SD card. I tried formatting SD card and resetting the phone, but nothing helps. Sory for posting a comment that is not article related, but Im running out of internal memory. :(

first go to settings >storage sense>tick install apps to sd card. Next at the storage sense tap phone >apps and games >then tap select icon at the bottom > select apps, games you want to move > tap move and follow prompt.

Try formatting the card in another device first. Then load it into your Lumia. I had this issue with my card and 1520

I have the pro 3 and a dell venue 8. I don't see the need for anything more than RT on a 8 inch slate. Who runs desktop software on a 8 inch tablet?

Anybody who needs emergency changes or simply wants to look at and think about stuff on the go. I can't run sublime text on RT. Or hearthstone, for that matter.

Mini is not a replacement of your laptop. It's an entertainment device and should be treated like one. However, office with touch and pen support would be included to differentiate the product from the competition.

Btw, do you expect sublime text to run on your iPad Mini? Based on your need a SP3 would be more suitable for you.

Its awesome that you CAN run dekstop software on your 8" device (even I use a Dell Vneuw Pro 8).

Its was also awesome that full Linux desktop could run on some Linux based PDA's at one time (Sharp Zaurus anyone, ) or Full Office could run on Windows Mobile (4 inch phones from yesteryears). 


BUT, that does not mean its useful in any way. Its just pointless geekery to prove your hardware can do such a thing. It not useful for any real world usage on a continous basis (every day).

I am selling my "awesome" Venue Pro 8 which can run that "awesome" desktop for just that reason. The awesomeness has worn off on day 1.

Pretty much nobody. But it's Microsoft... so "they better go balls out on everything they do or it'll never work".

I use TONS of desktop software. I play bluray movies using a USB otg cable, I use Garmin Mobile PC and Streets&Trips on it with my Bluetooth GPS, and misc radio programming software. Also use Foobar2000. That's about it.

If it had been announced at the May event, I would have pre-ordered immediately.

However with all this recent talk of Android apps coming to WP, I'm a bit hesitant to consider it. If these rumours are true (and I realise that's a big "if" right now), then I don't see why devs would bother with native Windows/WP app development much longer, so why buy a Win device? Hoping someone at MS comes out a denies the rumours, but that probably won't happen.

Oh shut up already. It's a rumor, the sky isn't falling and Microsoft is not going to stop being an operating system manufacturer. Get a hold of yourself you big baby.

Holy crap, this needs to be the official header of this site, and tag line all things Microsoft.


Kudos to you good man.

X was a rumour that most of us refused to believe until it happened.

Like I said, it's by no means certain that this will happen, but I can't believe I'm the only one who is waiting to see what does happen before committing even more cash to a Win device (I already have a 920 and an SP3).

Thanks for the pep talk though.

Windows 8 sold more than 200 million licenses. I think you're confusing WP with Windows but even then that was just a rumor as well. And let's not forget you don't need an 'artificial' app store with full Windows versions. You can run programs without that for decades...

We should rather see a convergance soon of WP and Windows Metro apps making it easier for cross platform compatibility.

I think you're confusing WP with Windows

True, there was an element of that in my thinking, but I'm not that keen on running full Windows programs on a 7-8 inch device (yes, I'm aware you can plug in monitors etc), I'm more interested in the prospect of running pure touch apps on what I imagine will be a class-leading mini tablet.

He was wrong about the OnePlus Tab, which is probably what this was referring to. But in his words, he wasn't wrong so much as "elaborately hoaxed".

There's probably a lot more truth to this one, we already know that MS has all but confirmed it with the
SP3 manual .

Kickstand would be nice but it has to come in with full windows 8.1 and under $160 to be viable. They have to beat the Dell Venue 8 Pro or it's game over for that size.

Under $160? Not a chance. They aren't going to beat the venue 8 pro. That would be like comparing a MacBook to a high end inspiron. Sure the inspiron is nice enough but the quality is nowhere similar and you're insane if you think it should cost less.

What txDrum said + they will never compete on the low end with their OEMS as they have clearly marked the Surface line up as high end devices. If they do that then what are the OEMs meant to do? Surely they would revolt would they not? (As low end devices will eat into the dwindling revenue stream).

As long as they don't use the Mini as an excuse to use last Gen hardware like they do in apple it'll be fine... Also they should put a USB port, I don't mind if it makes it thicker, USB is a must! Having those 2 things and a reasonable price tag should make it an outstanding product.

The retina mini has identical hardware as the air, fwiw. I don't know why anybody would ever buy the normal mini though. It's no more am exist nowadays than selling the iPad 2.

Oh I hadn't realized that but you're right... I was thinking in the first Gen iPad mini vs iPad back in 2012 where the iPad had the A6X and the mini had the A5 (same one the iPad 2 used to have). Thanks for making me see I was in an error! (;

To be specific the rumor stated a summer release, not this summer. If Satya really halted the release due to lack of differentiation, what changed in just a few weeks? Also, is there another source for this other than evleaks?

Ugh. I need a windows 8.1 device with a high quality screen and a stylus. The mini could have been that device. RT is a complete dealbreaker for me though.

I don't care if the desktop "sucks" most of the time. I need the option. RT has no advantage over x86, especially when cherry trail comes out. It's not about being the desktop or not. It's about having the option to choose as necessary.

Funny how all things MS are "deal breakers". But whatever, it's cool. Have you ever used RT before?

Like, used it, used it... not went to a website and read a bunch of mindless complaints about it.

I use full Windows 8.1 on my Dell Venue 8 almost everyday and if a new tablet can't match its features while expanding on them then its a no buy for me. I dont use the desktop everyday, but I do use it and I still want it on any future tablet I purchase.

Well hopefully MS will pick some good hardware this time... I'm very disappointed in my 1st Gen surface RT cause it runs very sluggish at times.... never buying anything with a NVIDIA Tegra again.

Kickstand and 8" touch cover would make this stand out. If its just a 8" tablet with a pen not sure i would switch from my venue 8 pro.

If it's "tuned" for note taking - solid pen, good screen response, etc - then I'll be interested.  Don't care if it runs RT, it's the applications that *really* matter.  I can run "legacy" stuff on other kit.

ONLY if it runs RT. I want it to be instant on all the time, versus the Pro 3 that has the hibernations.  The hibernation after a long sleep is not that big deal on the Pro 3, I'll sacrifice a few seconds for its power, but I will want the Mini for couch browsing, running the ROKU, travelling media consumption...

If the Mini surfaces (heh), I'll likely get a smaller, cheaper phone the next time around.  As long as it has good battery life and BT4.0 for the leave-it-in-your-pocket internet sharing.

If it comes with RT, decent screen and a pen, I will sell my iPad mini retina and buy it. I love RT and want to scribble on OneNote with that pen, which synchronizes with my laptop and my future SP3.

I hope the Surface Mini runs on a Snapdragon SOC and supports LTE, This combined with a pen and touch office along with RT would be killer imo.

I would buy this if it's got a decent pen (like my SP3) and enough horsepower to use paint/sketch software ... 

capacitive pen/inking on my original RT tablet just plain sucked.


Cabo just killed my Kobo, so this would also be the perfect solution for reading on the go (and taking notes for my own novel)

I still dont get I windows phone os can run on devices up to 8' then why not put that on tablets too. Why exactly do we have rt in the first place

I waited, the announcement never came, so I went for the Asus 8' with Wacom. Happy with my choice.

For those wondering, I only go to desktop for Office. I wouldn't use the desktop if there was a touch version.

How exactly can you have tons of credible rumors in the spring if they all proved untrue? I believe that makes them not credible.