New Samsung High Fidelity Position enhances GPS, modifies Settings [Mango]

Samsung is doing all sorts of cool stuff lately--yesterday we saw their new free printer app and today we have "High Fidelity Position", which "enhances" GPS on Sammy phones.

"Help with pedestrian positioning, especially in areas where GPS is less accurate using other sensors such as accelerometer and compass"

The app has two settings: "Use Sensor Aiding"  where it uses those extra sensors and "GLONASS" or GLObal Navigation Satellite System, developed by the Russians and which you can enable and use at the same time to enhance location availability. (Looks like Sammy is making some new international deals).

What's really interesting though is after you install the "app" it won't show up under Programs but instead it will be listed last under Settings--or rather, this is the first app we've seen that directly modifies or adds on to Settings in Windows Phone. We've seen HTC do this with the Radar/Titan and now Samsung is doing the same, obviously taking advantage of Microsoft's new lenient policy.

Real life experience with it? In Bing Maps, the "circle" around your position which gives the range of variability completely disappears--meaning this is giving us accuracy within a couple of feet. Pretty impressive.

Update: We can confirm that this will only work on Mango devices. Evidently the ability to modify settings is tied to the OS, with only Mango and not NoDo allowing this change.

You can grab "High Fidelity Position" here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Paul, for the tip!


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New Samsung High Fidelity Position enhances GPS, modifies Settings [Mango]


Confirmed downloaded direct via phone and appeared in settings on UK Omnia running Mango, will test later when in town.One thought...without app listed in apps list I guess there's no way to uninstall without hard reset. Although both extra features can be switched off (which is their default) so that should be about the same effect.

I'm starting to think so--perhaps the ability for OEMs to modify Setting is a Mango-only feature, like flippy tiles, fast resume, etc.Installed and runs on my Focus with Mango.

No problems downloading it onto my Focus running Mango. Cool to see Samsung delivering all this great software for Mango. The new Now app is a big improvement.

Cancel that. I couldn't install through Zune but when I installed via marketplace on the phone it installed with no problems.

I have Mango on my Samsung Focus and It still doesn't help with my GPS issue. Every since I installed Mango, I get the "can't connect to satelite when using Bing. I'm wondering if my GPS is just not working at all. It doesn't track me when I'm moving half the time.

definitely a problem with your gps, my focus is working great with it on mango. Have you done a restore back to your pre-mango save point to check if it's functioning at all?

I am having almost the identical problem. I never had issues with my GPS, but now I can't ever "connect to satellite". I don't remember exactly if this began with the mango beta, but i suspect it is related. Hopefully this will be fixed when the actual Mango rom's are distributed.

Sorry about being unrelated to the thread at hand, but has anyone else noticed just how Metro UI inspired the ending theme on YT videos are these days? The way it arranges all the related videos in tile stacks, and how some of them just kind of continue off the screen...Just blatantly ripping off Microsoft.

Not u.s only. I just downloaded this to my Danish Omnia 7 (Mango)It simply added turbo to my GPS. This app should be built in by standard :)

Yep - Zune PC Client wont grab this, however is installable from the handset itself browsing the market. Not in Samsung Zone, you need to open marketplace and search on "High Fidelity".

So I got Mango loaded but I cannot find this app in the app store. Any thoughts on how to find it?

I finally got a around to check this out now that I have Mango and couldn't find it in the online Marketplace. When I click the direct link for the Zune client, it shows the app, but there is no button to download it.Does anyone know if it's been pulled?

This is still available to download, however, there is only one way to get it (that I've been successful with). Load the WpCentral app and in it's search bar, type in the title of this article. Search it and once you find and tap this article, gesture over to the "show in browser" "images" Download App" metro screen, simply tap download the app. It'll do what samsung's extra settings does. It looks as if it's downloading to your app screen but then it'll disappear. That's because it inserts itself inside your "Settings" app at the very bottom (second from the bottom if you have 'extra settings' already installed, as ES will take the bottom of the list). So far, it's making my Weather Master live tile work amazingly well. I haven't seen the "enable gps" icon where my weather should be since I go this GPS app.
BTW, I've got a Focus v1.3 running 7720