New Smoked by Windows Phone ads set to launch tomorrow

The web is about to get smoked by Windows Phone again.

Microsoft is scheduled to launch new ads on the web tomorrow that feature Ben Rudolph and his Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge.  The challenge has Ben betting owners $100 that Windows Phone is faster at your typical, everyday tasks than other smartphones.

What started as an attraction at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show has grown into a rather promising ad campaign for Windows Phone. We've seen Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge hit Hong Kong, tour California, tackle a zip line and spawn an unofficial screen saver.  We have already seen the first installment of web ads and these promise to continue Ben's winning streak.

We've lost track of Ben's official record but he has definitely smoked the competition more than he's shelled out the hundred dollar bills. 

Source: Windows Team Blog


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New Smoked by Windows Phone ads set to launch tomorrow


Awesome. Wish Microsoft would bring these puppies to TV. I think it would really help boost not just sales but really get WP7 noticed in a positive light being so many retailers know so little about it or go straight for the Android /iPhone sale as I witnessed two days ago at an AT&T store.

They are going to, but I don't know when. Should have already. I don't know who's in charge of that but he should be fired.

Sprint advertises is my local movie theaters. They usually run 2-3 ads before the show starts. Some ads are just for the carrier, some include a phone.

I liked the one explaining the Local Scout....showing some of the way they really bring all this stuff into central locations without having to hit app after app is the way to go.
And taking update control away from the carriers would be nice too :P

Absolutely! I don't get the strategy of releasing more on the web, where people have to seek it out, as opposed to bombarding the ads on tv, where there less avoidable.

I would bet more eyes would see this on a TV ad than a web ad or at the very least find it more memorable seeing it on a television commercial. I can tell you now if I saw this ad pop up on a website I'm on, I would either leave the page or close it immeadiately. Web ads just don't grab me like TV ads.  And to play contrarian to your post, not everyone surfs the web all day

so they have other employees use android/ios ... I'm all for WP7 beating the crap out of the competition but seems kinda odd

How about Microsoft quit waisting there time on the internet and put these adds on TV.  Such a waisted resorce.  Are they even trying?

How about one of them just use the phone. They obviously love Dell. They've had XPS laptops and M6400s on the show for a while. I may jusy notice this because I used the same over the years. But yeah, if they just used the phones that would be pretty cool - doubt they would though.

The biggest key to these ads is repition. Just play these things all the time. I don't how many times I've seen ads for other phones or tablets in the last week. I still think the original web ads could have been played over and over so people see the UI and experience.
Still could be on the air: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=locNEna0of4