New Surface Pro 3 video promos offer info and outside praise

surface pro 3

Microsoft has released three more promotional videos for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, with two of them offering specific information about the 12-inch tablet and the third showing a few of the product's good notices from the tech media world.

One of the new clips is a general info dump on the Surface Pro 3, with captions to show how it has an Intel 4th generation Core processor, the new Type Covers, the improved multi-stage kickstand, and more.

The second clip focuses just on the Surface Pen, showing how it can be used with the Surface Pro 3 to quickly access OneNote, along with some other of its note and writing features.

The third and final video shows off a different version of the very first Surface Pro 3 video that introduced the world to the tablet in May, with stark black and white colors and flashing lights and electronic party music. This time, the video also has selected notices from several tech outlets praising elements of the tablet.

One thing all three videos have in common is a new tagline at the very end: "Get Productive". It's clear Microsoft is trying push the idea that the Surface Pro 3 is meant for heavy work and not just as a content delivery device.

What do you think of all these new videos for the Surface Pro 3?

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New Surface Pro 3 video promos offer info and outside praise


I think the first two videos are the best ever Surface ads. The third one just annoys me.

Maybe its because the first two have people doing what is being spoken about. Seeing people do it is more easily understood and captivating.

The third video is also very much thinner, lighter blah blah, heard it all before. Just my view....

I think I will still stick to my SP2. I like MSFT and the SP3, but not enough to fork out 2 grand every 6 months..

I can't wait to pick up my SP3. I'll roll my SP2 down hill like I did my SP1. That way, all my kids have SP's. 

The buy back is a joke. $120 for a Surface Pro is a poke in the eye!

I'm going to wait until the holiday season to get my Surface Pro 3. I'm expecting them to have either a bundle with free covers or something else.

Wishful thinking on your behalf, but it's not going to happen.  The SP3 is by far the best device one can acquire anywhere, period.   I got mine on June 20, and can say that it truely is fantasic.  I bought the RT on launch day in 2012, and have SP1 and use of SP2.  My only complaints of the SP1 & 2 were screen size and aspect ratio, battery life, weight and thickness, with the power connector a bit annoying.  Miscrosoft (along with Intel) have addresses each of these issues. The smart money will be buying this device, and the dumb money will keep buying the competition.

I'm betting Microsoft doesn't care if it is smart or dumb money, so long as they can make some of it and Surface can finally be an operation in the black. The poster you responded to is probably right, based on recent history.
The "competition" made more of that dumb money last quarter than the Surface has made in 5 iterations, and the smart money would be on the continuation of that trend.

He's right that it'll be available cheaper. I agree with you that it's the single best mobile device you can buy today (especially if you buy the 8GB/256GB version), but it's still tech, and tech ALWAYS gets cheaper. In 4-6 months, at the very least, there will be refurbs available for a significantly smaller price. In less than a year, Surface Pro 4 will be out and 3 will dip into the sub-$500 range for the i3 at least, and maybe less. Obviously there's no way to guarantee a specific price range or timeline, but you *can* guarantee that it'll get cheaper, because technology always does.

where is the sub $500 surface pro 2? when the 3 came out, the 2 pretty much went away. they dropped the price of the 2 by about $150 a month before the 3 came out. microsoft is doing a better job with inventory management and you won't see fire sales like you did with the first version.

Well, if you bought Complete, they'll swap it for damn near any little problem. My Surface Pro 1 died (like hard died) and they swapped it for a Pro 2 about a month before Pro 3 came out. That Pro 2 was defective partially (upper touch screen didn't work) so I held onto it until after Pro 3 came out and voila--they swapped it for a brand new Pro 3, type cover included. My GF had a problem with her Pro 1's keyboard disconnecting constantly,. Took it in, they held it overnight to do diagnostics, couldn't fix it, and boom--brand new Surface Pro 3. We even each paid the difference ($185 after student discount) to upgrade to the 8GB/256GB models.

Microsoft Complete: Best fucking warranty on EARTH.

The tagline states it all; MS is dropping the RT version of Surface. Lumia will be the RT tablets Surface the PRO devices. So the Surface Mini has been cancelled permanently and would appear as a Lumia Mini; mark my word.

You mock him, but I have the exact same theory. It makes the utmost sense, and in fact may be one of the, if not THE, largest reason the mini was held back by Satya. If there is one thing that Microsoft has not been able to afford in this ever evolving market it's MARKETING and BRANDING MISHAPS.... And yes I know I know dancing children doesn't help, but point being, the branding of any device they release needs to be spot on!! I am etremely interested in how the fallout of the Nokia brand will bleed into existing hardware lines. IF they do in fact plan on dumping the desktop from the "Lumia" line AKA Windows on ARM with Threshold then it SHOULD at least in THEORY make it extremely easier for the general public consumer to know what the hell they are spending thier money on. I just hope the Lumia brand is enough to hold the ARM tourch for Microsoft.

Thank Buddy! I actually typed a response to ACynicaLamp but deleted it after I remembered the words my now deceased grandmother would often use when speaking of people such as him; "ignore the asses while they bray"

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my S2 and Lumia 2520, but I bought them for the desktop and msft services. I bought them for the admin controls I have had since I was a little kid playing on EVERY PC I have ever owned. I at no point in time did I ever see myself purchasing a tablet, aka glorified web-browser UNTIL I bought the first SurfaceRT. The Surface line was created and Windows was ported onto SOC ARM chips as RT: the red-headed step-child for every anti-msft tech blogger to ever walk the earth. They are either morons or envious. IF OR WHEN Threshold is here and Windows on ARM aka The Lumis Line no longer has the desktop I will be klinging onto 8.x RT until April 11, 2017 like an old fart and XP.

Hahahaa you made me laugh with your "I will be klinging onto 8.x RT until April 11, 2017 like an old fart and XP" comment. I have the original Surface RT as well, that my son used until he somehow managed to break the screen.

Having said that, I think MS is seeking to clear up the confusion with their RT & PRO lines. Also consider Nokia also had their RT tablet as well; which MS now owns. This has given MS opportunity to differentiate between the Lumia and Surface product.

I do appreciate RT for what it is; I don't have to worry with the things my children, wife and mom do on the RT device.

Exactly! This is why my mother has my first gen SurfaceRT, my wife uses the Surface2, and I use my Lumia2520 for couch potato consuming, church events (meetings), and so on. Eventually I will pop on the SP3, but in the meantime I have a workhourse of a HP i7 elitebook from work, and my desktop for the home office and virtual machines. The fact that they can't get into trouble is all I care about. I fix enough pc's for my users at work! Funny the 2520 will be the odd dock in the room considering size and branding going forward, assuming we are correct. Good thing they halted the mini otherwise it would of been the other odd duck going forward. hah.

Maybe. I think they'll introduce an Atom powered Surface of some kind, though, probably in the fall. My guess is it'll retain the 10.6" screen but slim down to an absurd level.

Microsoft will be smart to do this. Surface of xx86 devices and Lumia for ARM devices and wearables.

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Meanwhile Windows Phone advertising and promotions are neglected by Microsoft, apparenlty no one inside Redmond is remotely concerned about the erroding Windows Phone market share in the US.

Yup, it's neglected worldwide... They need to promote WP more and more. Target marketing, something that MS's always been ignoring.

They're probably waiting for 8.1 to roll out officially. I've seen a ton of stuff on twitter and news about the new 8.1 features, so I think there'll be some new adverts coming soon.

nothing to brag about with current WP anyways. Oh look you can almost do half the stuff android was able to do last year. 8.1 will be a huge boost

Just stopped by the MS store today, one of the employees had a Cortana shirt. The only complaint I had was, "Why do you have all this Cortana promotional content, but your demo units still have GDR3 on them?" Not planning on showing them the beta?

I agree they're dropping the ball in the US, but worldwide it's gaining market share. I think right now all they're waiting for is the 8.1 version to become finalized and for the first wave of official 8.1 devices to drop a high end device, then they'll do a big marketing push going into the fall. Just a guess, of course. 8.1 finally gives them something big to push, especially with Cortana.

While all these details about the Surface Pro 3 would be perfect for TV commercial, MS would most definitely kill it by shrinking everything to 30 seconds. Apple and Samsung can afford a 2-minute ad on TV but the almighty Microsoft cannot, strange huh.

Apple and Samsung make nearly all their money from their mobile devices, their company's depend on its success. Microsoft makes nothing from WP, I can't imagine their marketing budget in this space is very high. All their cash still largely comes from Enterprise.

Does the ad really say that? I'm at work, so I can't watch them right now. If it really says that, I'm not sure why because the pen most definitely is included.

Finally!  Informative and explanatory commercials for a Microsoft product instead of fast-paced break dancing and clicking sounds!  Maybe the general public will understand why these are such great products, now instead of having no idea why people are jumping around like they're all on speed.

BAHAHAHA well said. Even the first SP3 commerical is a little over the top. I realize they want to get a lot of info in there in a 30 second segment, but c'mon. I love the ecosystem, but imagine someone that knows nothing about these products and hated the first speed head commercials: they are instantly turned off with no interest in the product whatsoever no matter how good it is. I just don't understand the marketing managers at Microsoft; surely, they can do better than this. Look at Google's latest video on their "new UI" *COUGH* #metroripoff. The ad hits all the keynotes it needs to show off the UI. Remember Microsoft's first attempt 10. 9. 8. 8. 8. LOL WTH... Microsoft has YET to get it's act together with Marketing. It's best ads this year have come from the Xbox line.

This is the real ads ! Microsoft, make all your ads like this for all of your product ! People will surely realise that you have the best product in the market

This are the adds, this is the way Surface Pro needs to be marketed!!!!

iPad/MacBook Air eat your heart out ^^

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Compared to other products on the market... Oh wait... There are no other products on the market that can compare to this. I guess they can charge what they want. I would say that the pricing is very reasonable for this kind of kit. If it seems too expensive to some, then it probably is. I remember spending $1500 for a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 95 and a Pentium 150 (with MMX). I'm pretty sure my Commodore 128 was around $1500 before I added another 5 1/4 floppy, a 3 1/2 floppy and a 2400 baud modem. It was easily $2200 as built. $1100 for the Pro 3 feels like they are giving it away but I suppose that is relative.

Yes, my age is definitely showing but I'm only 40 if that tells you anything. You can also see that as experience though. For example, when I bought my daughter a laptop for her 8th birthday, I picked up a Samsung Series 9 on sale for $1250 and I consider that to be a good deal because I don't have to fiddle with it to keep it running. But I'll spend a grand on storage for my lab server without batting an eye.

Step in the right direction... Still missing the price. Even ridiculously expensive cars like jaguar and maserati list the msrp in commercials. Most people can't afford that but the ones that can appreciate knowing how much cash they need bring to the store.

The whole line should be advertised, kind of like Roku.
With price tiers to match and options.

O and include the god dang type cover already. Discontinue the sub par touch covers and call it a day.

Baby steps...

I so want one of those!! Ipads went to the kids..,Next the Surface RTs will be also for the kids.. And the Surface Pro 3 will be mine o mine!! I hope that Microsoft still produces,and releases a Surface Mini this year.. I hope it has me features of the Courier. Oh how I still want a Courier.. *sigh*

Was tempted to get the SPro2 but the screen size was the deal breaker for me.

Lovin' the new screen size and have the SPro3 (256GB, i7, 8GB RAM) on pre-order in UK. Will be selling my MacBook Pro once I have the SPro3 in my hands.