Windows Phone Central app v4.4

New update for the WPCentral app v4.4 now available

Happy Boxing day everyone! As we come to the end of 2013 we have a little tune up to announce for our Windows Phone app. This is a minor bump for version 4.4 up to revision 12 and you can go download it right now from the marketplace for WP7 and WP8.

Of course if you want to find out exactly what has changed you can stick around and we’ll tell you all about it below. Also don’t forget to go and check out the first sneak preview of our Windows 8 app if you haven’t already, we hope to be releasing that into public beta very soon!

4.4.12 change list

  • Switched Pocket integration to the PocketWP standard to support multiple Pocket clients on Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8 only)

  • Added a “Three mode” that disables certain features which Three UK incorrectly believe is tethering

  • Made the forums image error clearer, provided an easier to tap workaround – (Developer’s note: I am working out a way to resolve this issue but it’s proved much harder than anticipated)

  • Changed the way images are called from the server

  • Fixed rotation lock on the new settings screen

  • Moved the “Load More…” button up to prevent it being hidden behind the app bar

  • A few other minor bug fixes left over from v4.4

Note that if you have any issues saving articles to pocket your copy of Pouch or Squirrel will need updating, if the relevant update is not already showing in your marketplace it will be very soon!

So there you have it. We’re going to get back to working on that Windows 8 app and we’ll leave you all to celebrate the beginning of another year in Windows Phone!


Reader comments

New update for the WPCentral app v4.4 now available


its not expensive, but still,  im tired of this fasion where free apps on IOS and Andriod costs 1-3$ on WP8...

its ironic that the site that promote wp8 most, would do the same

if all mobile nation apps are completely free on other platforms, they should be free in wp8,.. 

i know,  and i actually bought the app, coz it was really well made.. 
but it kinda sucks to learn that its completly free on other platforms :)

would have felt better if the "buy" button was actually renamed to "donate".. i'd do that in a heartbeat :P

You guys are so weird...

You complain that there's no free version, BUT there is, THEN you buy the paid version anyway.

I bought this app twice and never blink an eye and I would buy it again. These guys have been here from day one 2010 and I think they're the best mobile site on the internet....hands down....thanks guys.

Find an Android or iOS device.  Go try the apps for the respective Mobile Nations sites.  You will see why this app has a charge and those don't.  Someone puts real work into the WP Central app.

You are right. I'll stick with the website if the app will not be made free. Why would i pay 1 euro for something i can get for free. I live in Italy and i have the plaffo app, it's well done, has all the news i see here.

IDK why you guys keep complaining about being free. Clearly there's an ads supported version. So, it's fair since it's a full featured app not like from android central and imore.

Well it's not gonna make anyone broke. But to pay for it, i have to have a credit card which i don't have, so by paying for it, i cannot support the developper. I can support by promoting the website for people i know, by giving news tips and other stuff.

You don't have a credit card, PayPal (which accepts debit), bitcoin, or Microsoft account money? You are saying that you have no type of internet money, or even a basic card?

Right now, i don't have anything since i don't use them... But i think i'll go for paypal prepaid card for online payments. Anyway, i would totally prefer donating and not purchasing

I simply use the various prepaid visa or american express cards I get from mail in rebates. You can also buy prepaid cards at various retailers. And for crying out load stop complaining about paying a couple bucks for someone's efforts.

Well obviously, you don't have any other wp news app. I already said i live in Italy and we have over 4 news apps for wp, all free, most ad-free. That's not called effort? Plaffo, WP Italy, WindowsBlogItalia, Windowsteca, etc .... And they're quality apps too!! I understand if you do something special or exclusive, i would pay for your servives but it's a website in an app man!

What part of the It's free you don't get? The try its totally functional with stop saying stupid things

Already did !!! But what i was saying above is that there are other apps here in mu region, also made by people who put effort to them, are available for free and with no ads, with a little donate button. This way, anyone who wants to support with money can support and the one who can't pay, will get an ad-free version

Ur so right, to those that want cheap free versions, go join Android or IOS, WP is a better OS yet Windows have fools that think most things in life are free and have the cheek to complain, there people have never developed an app or even know where to start to develope an app, but you complain because you feel free is the best!!!, stupid fucks

Well obviously, you don't have any other wp news app. I already said i live in Italy and we have over 4 news apps for wp, all free, most ad-free. That's not called effort? Plaffo, WP Italy, WindowsBlogItalia, Windowsteca, etc .... And they're quality apps too!! I understand if you do something special or exclusive, i would pay for your servives but it's a website in an app man!

I use ad block and i see no ads on my pc... On my phone, i use the mobile website of wpcentral which has everything and is ad-free.

That's a big number lmao! But you're right. Although I've never owned an Android or iOS phone, I know that their subsequent Mobile Nations apps would be pale in comparison to this one! Jay has done a jaw droppingly good job with this app and it only gets better with each update. And to the person moaning that it should be free, why support a "donate" button but not a "purchase" button? You should be supporting the person/people whom developed this app. Logic.. I hear that's free too.

Lol. No. Look at the feature. It's fully featured not like other app from android central and imore. So, $0.99 should not be a big deal. Even more, it offer ads supported for those can't buy it if you didn't know yet.

How many people actually realize there is a free, ad supported version if you just click try...

As far as im aware it checks every 24 hours, i used to get it check at around 11pm now since a hard reset its now about 1pm in the afternoon

Wow Daniel, i guess when you said soon to the user in the previous article you weren't joking. Now that's service.

Regarding the forums image error, when I click on that error message, it takes me to the mobile webpage and asks me to sign in. After entering username and password, I expect it to load the image. It doesn't. It takes me to some post-signin page on WPC. If I go back to the app and click on the error message again, it asks me to sign in again. Stuck in infinite loop. Any way around?

You need to sign in on the page and then it will open the image attachment. You only need to sign in once.

Yeah you just need to go to google on your phone and search wpcentral there then log on to wpc there, then you can go back to failed to fetch image and click it and your good to go, it used to happen to me too and that sorted it!!

In short, you just need to sign in first in the web browser right? Then open the error part in the app and, bam, you are signed in. :)

Yup, it won't work if you sign in on the page after you tap on failed to fetch image, you need to do it through IE separate

Always nice to see an update to the best WP news site.
I just wish WP Store allowed you to check for updates a la Android.

I totally agree with you. About time Microsoft updated the presentation of apps on the store. It is very hard to"discover" apps.

And yes the store badly needs a "my apps" or "purchased" section to check updates

Still can't sign in with a Microsoft account. Add that ability and I might consider buying it. Until version for me.

Thanks...that worked. Now if they would just put a disclaimer on the login screen in the app with that info. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I am with three and when using this app sometimes three stop my internet saying i am tethering. As three wont fix their end Jay as put in a setting so we van still use the app.

Basically the way I retrieve the app names for when we list apps mentioned in an article was making Three throw a wobbly, so I've disabled that feature in Three mode

Have you had many complaints/feedback regarding this? I'm with Three and haven't had any issues (yet at least). If I enable the setting will the app names not be retrieved any more?

I have had a few yes. If you enable the setting you won't see app names I'm afraid. I'm actually with three myself, I complained repeatedly that their system was reporting a false positive and they fixed it, at least for my account

Sorry, meant to say I am with Three and not had any issues (fixed). Maybe your feedback to them has had a knock on effect for others, in which case thank you :)

This is a little off topic, but ThreeUK think I'm tethering whenever I try to watch a video on myTube using my mobile data. What's up with that? Its very annoying!

Btw, great app Jay! Can't wait for the W8 version.

Ever since I got my Lumia 1520 I had to re login to my account at least twice a week and when that happened my live would show 99+ articles. I hope this update fixed the bug.

Still waiting for a way to set a default video player instead of having to choose mytube everytime I watch a video from an article... Etc

Instead of "Load more" and "Refresh" it should have "Pull to refresh" and "Pull to load more". Also, they shoul ditch this double-flip animation when tapping a tile and this animation when opening an article and use the animation that comes up when starting an app instead.

Its really great app on my 920 not so much on my venue8 pro. My most rent article is from 4 days before christmas

Hey can u pls bring that refresh button back to the top because it is covered by ads also pls consider adding option to use emojis pictures and gifs in comments,also a quick scroll to reach quickly to the bottom or top like Facebook app unlike in the options,also show profile pictures in comments and also a small messaging service

On the 'Three UK' network, the operator sometimes thinks you're tethering when on the WP Central app and certain others. If you don't have tethering in your package it disables data until you restart the phone or go into flight mode for a while. It's really annoying.

Not an issue i've been experiencing and i have been with Three for over 3 years. I think because i am on the 3Pay tarriff and frequently buy 2GB Internet add-ons and tether that way and you can now tether if you have all-you-can-eat tarriff

I do know that if you have a Mobile Broadband dongle and take the sim and put it into your smartphone, Three will disable your data until you put the sim back into the dongle, i experienced this a few times before i got BB installed.

Good luck trying to explain the issue with Three Tech Support though, no one understands your issue but instead they will fob you off with bullsh*t

Three mode! Yes! These guys really need to loosen up when it comes to tethering. My mobile data is getting disabled daily...

What about support full HD 1080p resolution for Lumia 1520
I have Lumia 1520 ( big screen and high resolution full HD )
But still WPcentral app doesn't support it

Might have something to do with the fact that the Lumia 1520 is a relatively new device and the only one with a 1080p HD screen.

Can't see many UI changes from prev. version. One suggestion from MS was to lose the double flip tiles and splash screen. They still remain. See the sections have headings now..

Yeah i don't think the double flip tiles is in keeping with Windows and Windows Phone UI/UX elements but i think Jay is doing his best since he's developing the app himself and using his own time and resources.


Thanks for the update on a very well coded, functional, informative app...

Am curious as to why the Windows Phone Store did not pick it up as update?

I still had version: (as of this morning)...Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that once a app is(updated and accepted/published by the MS Store) that you would then get a 'notification-update' on your store icon...? Lumia 920 on the AT&T Network (USA)...


Also, regarding the 'Search' function: I entered: Sneak Preview of the Windows Central app for Windows 8.1---->pressed enter----->App came up with: Nokia Lumia 1520 will have a 3400 mAh battery; Nokia tablet due on AT&T "early November"

Search parameters are set---->everything