New Windows Phone 8 devices caught on app server log?

The guys behind popular Chinese app Love Wallpaper HD has dug out traces of several interesting devices out of their server log. Among the traces left by various handsets, the following oddities were caught:

  • Huawei H889L
  • Samsung SCH-I930
  • Nokia RM-860_nam_usa_100
  • Nokia RM-877_nam_att_205

As to what exactly these devices are, we can only make wild guesses. Huawei isn't working on a lot of Windows Phone devices, so that one should be fairly easy. Most likely H889L will be the rumored Ascend W2. As to Samsung, we know the Ativ S is codenamed GT-I8705, and Aive Odyssey SGH-T900M. Therefore SCH-I930 should be a whole new device, instead of some new variation of existing ones.

Nokia RM-877_nam_att_205 is obviously a new phone for AT&T. Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex has already mentioned this one on Twitter. Nokia RM-860_nam_usa_100 is a harder guess. Something new for the US market for sure. CDMA flavor of existing devices? Can't be sure.

There really is nothing solid in these codenames and as always if we hear anything definitive, we'll pass it on. It is nice to know OEMs are busy working on new Windows Phone devices in this period of relative quiet.

Source: WPDang


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New Windows Phone 8 devices caught on app server log?


RM-860 is supposed to have been the Lumia 928 - which we THOUGHT was for verizon.
Now, Rm-877  is interesting that it shows up with ATT in the firmware name...
Likely to be the Catwalk or (dare i say) EOS in my opinion
EDIT: correcting my RM-'s :)

RM-860 is the Laser/Lumia 928 for Verizon. Possibly coming to the Chinese CDMA carriers, maybe?
EDIT: Ha..38 seconds…anyway here's the FCC article.
EDIT²: The SCH-I930 is the Samsung ATIV Odyssey…also CDMA (and currently on Verizon).

I didn't understand the confusion about SCH-I930 when it's the ATIV Oddessy. I was reading this article via Appy Geek, so I wasn't able to respond. I was wondering if Samsung would have a new model number for the ATIV for Sprint, and but this isn't it. 

Just double checked the Samsung site and, indeed, they assign a new SKU (S_H-_###) per network, going by the 5 different Note II's in the U.S.
I'm guessing it's the SGH-T900M that was referenced that's the new model/iteration.

I really wish Nokia would stop making 5 derivations of each phone, released in staggered batches on different carriers, with ATT getting the only current flagship worthy device.  Just push out 3 or 4 phones (flagsihp/mid-tier/affordable) on all carriers with different storage options or admit WP is an ATT/Nokia exclusive.  It is hard to recommend any non-Nokia device given the Other problem on non-Nokai devices and Nokia's development and exclusive apps, but they make no flagships on other carriers.  Sure Verizon is getting a mid-2012 flagship in mid-2013, and TMo is getting a very mid-tier catwalk device, but both of these are very uninspiring. 
It is time to start building a recognizeable brand like the Galaxy S series and iphone.

Samsung wasn't able to release the galaxy s3 on all carriers until after the work they did with Samsung Galaxy S2 and all 327 variants of that device. Nokia may be mirroring this strategy. Get on the carrier's good side first, then release one device for all networks.

If HTC with its poor sales and terrible support can push the One to 3 carriers, I think nokia should try harder.

If the carriers want an exclusive device that is what Nokia has to deliver or else they wont carry any of their devices since WP is still such a small player in the market. And this is obviously a US problem as everywhere else in the world the 920 is sold as the 920 just optimized for different regions. Complain to the US carriers if anyone.

I'd say November is pretty late in the year, not mid. And we know nothing of the catwalk aside from rumors. Even if true (which I think WPcentral was able to confirm, but no official announcement), the specs seem pretty high end to me, aside from the 16gb storage (which made me mad). Maybe they (catwalk & 928) will become outdated when the EOS comes out, but id give my product first to the company putting up the most marketing dollars too. As a tmobile customer, I hate getting these things late, but I certainly understand why they're doing it.

TMo's network retuning cant happen fast enough. As soon as their frequencies match AT&T we will have more options. I hope,

Agreed, but it seems like it will never be as good as on ATT's network becuase one mintue you might have 4G, then the next minute you're down to 2G. I live in a city that has been refarmed and I still would rather go with phones that Tmobile has due to the reliability of data. Unless they reach a point where the refarmed frequencies are as widespread as their AWS spectrum, that is.

Probably just my wishful thinking that it'd be a Lumia with QWERTY, sigh


Nokia could provide an optional Bluetooth Qwerty keyboard for all Lumia devices.  It could also be magnetically attached to some devices.

"therefore sch 1930 should be a whole new device instead of a variation of another" wrong, since when did samsung make completely new designs for windows phone? Itll be an android rehash or ill eat my hat :P

I know I am maybe the last hold out on Sprint.. but it would be great if any of these would show up on the "Now we are so late to the party" network. 

nope, make that two of us. I emailed Sprint recently about Lumia options. I've been with Sprint since about 2002, suffice it to say, I think that I've over stayed my welcome. 

I've been with sprint since 2000 and I am just about out of patience with them. They don't have the phones I want and I'm tired of terrible voice/data service. I sent them a complaint about the service and they sent me a canned response about what causes poor data/voice and tips to make it better. I also don't like paying for unlimited data that I can barely use because of their horrible data speeds. I talked with an AT&T rep yesterday and I just might make the switch. Sprint could come out with a phenomenal windows phone tomorrow and I still might make the switch to AT&T

You are not alone. I'm waiting for the Samsung ATIV S variant for Sprint that will release by summer.

No, you are not the last Sprint hold out. I have been waiting for a Windows Phone too. I just broke the screen on my 4th Touch ProII and am getting impatient.
My wife and son gave up on me and widows (dumped a Touch ProII and TreoPro) and just bought androids. Galaxy S3 for son and wife went with Motorola PhotonQ for the keyboard.
I would even think about the PhotonQ if I wouldn't have to waste my upgrade just to hold over for a Windows Phone. Sprint told me they do not have any Arrive's left either to hold me over.
Not sure yet how I will adjust to a phone with no keyboard either as I have had one sine 2003 with my Hitach G1000, then PPC 6601, then Palm Treo 700wx, Then Treo 800w, then HTC snap and last couple years Touch ProII.

I'm still waiting for the rumored nokia superphone as I was jumping up and down when I heard rumors that they were going to make a 5"+ device!