New Windows Phone Homebrew app Keeps Wi-Fi Alive [Video]

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Earlier this morning we reported on a neat little trick that a few Windows Phone apps can do which is keep your Wi-Fi connection active even when the display is powered off.

That’s pretty useful feature for some people who are using a public Wi-Fi access point that requires you to “accept” the terms of service each time you re-connect. On a Windows Phone, every time you turn the display off it kills the Wi-Fi connection meaning you are forced to reconnect which can be problematic--even more so if you’re downloading some files.

Over at XDA, developer Ha Mai Tung (WinPhoneViet.com) has created a neat little homebrew app called Keep WiFi Alive which exploits the trick that some audio apps use. The app creates a fake music stream that makes the OS “think” it is downloading music, thereby keeping the Wi-Fi connection active.  The app is simple to use—just launch and hit the button.  To disable you can either turn off Wi-Fi in Settings or restart the phone.

Demo of Keep WiFi Alive

The app is homebrew, meaning you’ll need a developer unlocked device (either AppHub or Chevron) and does not require interop access, meaning many of you can use it if you can sideload the XAP. It’s still in beta form so there could be some bugs and of course battery usage will presumably increase, so be warned.

Source: XDA Forums; via Windows Phone Daily, Plaffo


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New Windows Phone Homebrew app Keeps Wi-Fi Alive [Video]


"does not require interop access".
awesome. thanks.
edit: it works for a while. after a few mins, the audio agent closes off on it's own.

If your phone isn't dev unlocked and want to keep wifi alive, maybe you can try and see if the skype bug/feature works on your phone :D

Somehow my wifi is always turned on since one week and i have dont have Skype installed O.O im on hd7 dft custom Rom

abit curious, if this just uses the regular streaming technique to force wifi on, can't they put it in the Marketplace? or is this against the rules?

Turns out it hasn't been fixed, Spotify does this without needing an unlocked device :) probably by accident though

Will be interesting to see if this app can maintain a connection across different networks. With the current WiFi trick, once you are out of a routers range, the connection drops.

Oh, and after watching the video, sorry Daniel but I beg to differ on your battery drain comment. Yes, that's what we have all be led to believe, but after seven nights of testing, I have found to not be true. And in fact, if you are using LTE, you may actually save battery as your cellular radio will not have to ramp up to perform background tasks while WiFi is handling the load. Not a bad tradeoff if you ask me.