New Windows Phone Store user agreement focuses on Xbox Music changes, tailored experience

WP CentralThis morning we woke up to a few app-updates on our Windows Phone but before we were able to process them, we were prompted with a new pop up from Microsoft.

Filed under ‘Setup Account’ the new agreement centers on ‘Personalize my Music’ and simply says "Send us your music playing and rating data to tailor the Zune experience to your interests". Of course there is no mention of Xbox Music, the new service that is replacing Zune Music, but it is clear that Microsoft is starting to roll out some features for consumers.

Now what makes this interesting is as far as we know, Zune always had this feature of rating music and songs you liked, then giving you recommendations under the Zune Desktop client. But from what we remember that would only happen when you manually synced with your desktop—but now it seems as if your recommendations will go over-the-air.

What we still don’t see though is a ‘Recommendations’ section on the phone in the Windows Phone Music Store, which is an odd omission (unless we’re missing it). Currently you have to use the Desktop sync client to get personalized choices, something that we hope comes to our phones directly in the future (we don’t really sync that often with our computer these days).


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New Windows Phone Store user agreement focuses on Xbox Music changes, tailored experience


Me too, french market with a zune music pass, my wife and our daughter too, (three zune music pass in our family).

"(we don’t really sync that often with our computer these days)."
I might be unusual, but mine syncs wirelessly to my desktop every night when it's plugged in--so I don't really think about it much.

Exact same thing for me, I was wondering why chase needed to see my music list so I didn't allow it, is there a way to check it on if it wasn't selected?

Is there anyway to make this pop up again I accidentally bypassed this updating this morning :)

Signing in and out of the zune desktop software forced me to accept new terms of use which had the option to enable.  Hopefully that carries over the phone as well.

I got an update for the looney tunes cartoon video app earlier and had to agree to get the update. I dont even use the Zune music on my phone.

Well it seems as tho my account for some reason is listed as a child's account and there for I need to have my parent(s) change or accept any settings.... WTH I'm 30 years old!

That's right, if you're not the head of the family plan it treats you as if you were a child.  I had the same thing happen and it wouldn't let me accept the terms on WP or the Zune software.  However, when I accepted it on Zune.net, it worked... go figure.  Hope that helps.

I saw that too on installing an app. And i think its an good idea. Now microsoft supports over 100 counties and not all like justin bieber :) i want rock'n'roll, hard rock and heavy metal to show up in my marketplace. And not some fancy pop music which i switch every time and dont even look at it. And the other great thing it that every country can now collect data and show it in the marketplace. Thats more personal. Microsoft makes now changes on every service to suite up our mood. First outlook.com with the color "accent" now the dev center and the personal accent from our wp7 devices, now on the devices itself personal music. Thanks microsoft for making one service even better!

Another thing I noticed is that now I'm able to download apps/games larger than 20 MB. U guys wrote a report about shooter games and downloaded one of 42 MB right thru mi cellphone and WiFi off. Samsung focus S on at&t

I just read this and opened Games Hub scrolled to the left (where it shows your friends) so it showed updating then it popped up =)

"but now it seems as if your recommendations will go over-the-air"
Yes! Now give the devs APIs like this to use for other music apps, like Last.fm etc.

While streaming an album I noticed that the heart icon disappeared from the mini-player. So maybe the recommendations happen after you listen to a song, and no longer after you like or dislike it.

Is there a way to make that come up again?  I clicked past it not reading it, and didnt check the box. 

Can you guys see if remixed tracks are showing up on the Zune Marketplace? I have stopped seeing stuff like "(Original Mix)" on a bunch of songs that have always had them in the title. Just look at the tracklist of a Rihanna remixes album and you'll understand.

It can't just be happening to me...

I got a promp agreement for Zune on my PC this morning, but didn't get anything like this for Xbox or my hd7 music.

Thumbing through the Games hub, I just got the the same screen without the checkbox and the sentence about about tailoring the Zune experience.
The new Terms of Use is dated October 2012.

Im exited, for the first time artist-bio is showing here in Sweden, Zune/Xbox music is finally coming to us! I can't see the settings your refer too thou. If you have a Swedih WP and its acting up, behaving a bit strange, restart and waam, your phone is faster and artist bio will start showing. Its really wierd, we get to se the artist info, but we get nothing on the live time or locksscreen

It's weird did this through Zune software and I was still prompted through my phone tried it again and it seems to be fine now