Nokia Lumia Tease

New Windows Phone teased by Nokia, could be Lumia Icon for Verizon

We’re in a quiet period right now for new Windows Phone handsets. Sure the Nokia Lumia Icon (aka the Lumia 929) is coming out relatively soon, but that device was expected months ago. After that handset comes out we really don’t expect much new hardware until after Build when Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be unveiled. Nonetheless, Nokia has an unlisted video on their YouTube channel and we've got the scoop below. 

And there you have it. We hear what sounds like an American muscle car getting revved up before speeding off into the distance. The tagline in the video says “see and hear what you’ve been missing” is definitely referring to a device with excellent imaging and audio recording capabilities.

Verizon Lumia Icon

What could it be? We do know the Lumia Icon specs and it does has a 20MP PureView sensor where it oversamples like on the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. It’s also expected to have at least three HAAC microphones. Other highlights include:

  • Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.2GHz
  • 5-inch AMOLED display, 1080 x 1920
  • 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • Dual LED Flash
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Available in glossy white or matte black

It’s not a far stretch to think they’re teasing the Lumia Icon, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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New Windows Phone teased by Nokia, could be Lumia Icon for Verizon


I don't think its the Icon because they said hear and see. I feel its a new phone that will have some type of new sound capabilities.

when verizon leaked the icon on theyre website the discription had "see and hear what youve been missing". so this is most likely the icon

But it won't, and its all down to T-Mobile themselves not being interested. Best start saving for an unlocked import or att version. :)

That's exactly what I'm thinking, and they take too long with updates also, up until now still no black update for the L925 after I tweeted and call CS Support every day, don't care for LTE I'm on WiFi almost 95% of the time as soon as the WP 8.1 devices come out I'm selling my L925 & S3 which is all factory unlock I got my codes from Tmo in case anyone wants to buy.

So am l but the moment you're not its the most horrible experience ever. It drove me soo nuts I went out and bought a 925 flat out.

Fingers crossed its the T-Mobile variant of the Lumia 1520 or 1320, but alas it's looking like the Lumia Icon for Verizon. Good for them.

hope it'll be sim-free and be international - would want it to be my next phone :) - Turkey is enough for international :)

My hope is this. Icon comes out finally, and is exclusive to Verizon in exchange for actual marketing and push by VZW. Rather than an international variant of icon, Nokia finally releases a proper 920 successor, call it 930, in April right when BUILD reveals 8.1. The 930 will have similar specs to icon, but will have the newer snapdragon CPU (805?). At least that's my hope...

I believe all Verizon phones are International ready and you would just have to have Verizon activate you. Why this is relevant is because that means they wouldn't have to modify the ICON in order for it to work international because it is ready. Which means there will be hopes that there will be an unbranded ICON, which would be internation ready because Verizon phones are internationally ready.

The operative word is ...... "rumored".  What you might be looking for is the phrase... "confirmed" date.  Just a thought.  *_~

well the fact that there are continuous leaks and dates for the past 4 months have been rather annoying. Even daniel stated that the lumia icon should been release a long time ago and Microsoft and Nokia wanted it released but verizon is holding it back

I heard it was delayed because once Verizon got it for testing they discovered just how great it was and needed to revamp their original poor marketing material

Sounds like a cross between the 1020 and 1520. I'd rather not have the AMOLED screen but the IPS display.

Agreed. I have 520, 820, 920, and 1020. The AMOLED on the 820 and 1020 is clearly superior to the 920. The screen on the 520 is awful (but not unexpected for the price).

Except for the fact that every AMOLED phone I have had has experienced screen burn in. Yes the colors are bright and it uses less power but having the text message bubble burn into the screen sucks.

Well, since it's Nokia US that posted the video on their channel and NOT Nokia International, that alone should be enough to indicate that it's the L929 =P

The Lumia 929 is US only, yes. It works outside the US though, but it's a Verizon exclusive.

However Nokia is working on "Goldfinger" which is expected to be the international equivalent of the L929 (with maybe a couple things more). Things should become more clear at MWC.

I bet they are referring to the upcoming NOKIA-MS merger. I've heard a lot of people say that Bill Gates has a lot of cars and likes to drive fast.

"Have you heard what's coming"


"We know you know about it and we're getting just as sick of Verizon as you are"

I hope it isn't the icon only because I want something that isn't as overexposed as the icon considering that is basically a smaller version of a phone I already have.

I'll probably go for this unless Microsoft announces anything interesting. Would be awesome with a 8" Atom Lumia or Surface right now!

If this phone launches on the day of the birth of my newest son, will by far be the best day of my life. #priorities

I think at this point, Nokia is just unable to give a sh*t since they're mostly about to be absorbed into MS.

More like Verizon commissioned this phone to be made, so it's theirs.

8.1 is around the corner, so why release a new 'flagship' 8.0 device internationally, instead of a new flagship 8.1 one?

Because like you said, 8.1 devices won't come out for awhile, or won't be much of a difference from 8.0 devices, that will be updated to 8.1...hopefully.

It's easier to sell a new device with a new, improved OS than to 'sell' an OS update. Just saying. We also don't know what new hardware 8.1 may take advantage of.

EVERY WP 8 goes WP 8.1 during May...June 2014
(operator & manufacturer pending)
I mean that even the smallest Lumia 520 will get it....hardware feature restricted


I believe it might be the treasure tags, which given the app will be released soon. See (in your device) and hear (an alert) what you've been missing (treasure tag). I don't see it being the Lumia Icon since for example 1520 users have seen and heared that too.

Interesting thought; do you think they would do a teaser about something that isn't a device?

I have a hard time believing its the Icon but you never know.


Yes, I don't see why not. Remember the 928? Everyone thought it would be announced in London along with the 925 but it was announced in their website. I think the word missing is the clue. I know many people who would buy a treasure tag for their keys. If they release Android and iOS versions of the app too, it could be really profitable.


just when yesterday someone was talking about 5inch being the perfect screen size for a lumia:D

waiting for it ;D

Atnt needs this. I want a 5 inch phone with the new specs but atnt has the 1520 its too big -.- they should take the 920 shape and make it 5 inches with the new specs and release it. I love the shape and curves of the 920

That would be a real clunker, a five inch screen with the heft of the 920? Nokia is not Apple or Samsung, they don't refab the same phone over and over.

So true. 32 GB is like 2010 specs. For anyone that thinks 16 or even 32 gb is enough, go and download dungeon hunter 4. I rest my case.

Ugh. No, the specs: 2gb ram, 32gb internal storage. The initial comment obviously meant 32gb internal storage/no sd card.

Yup, I only have two hesitations about this phone.

First, is as the OP covered there's no SD Card Slot.

Second is, I am a tad unsure about the styling, especially the speaker on the back.

Other than that I think the phone is really at the sweet spot for phones at this point.....

I read all the way down the list for someone to point this out. An American *Icon* - muscle cars (sounded like that more than a Harley to me).

Definately wasn't a Harley sound.  Sounded more like an old Gremlin with a loose muffler.

That's an easily recognizable sound for someone that drives one every day - it's a Ford Mustang. It's the Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary, and Ford's corporate tagline for the Mustang is Ford Mustang: a True American Icon. *HINT HINT*

"Have you heard what's coming"??? If it's in deed is the so called Lumia Icon, we've been hearing and seeing it since last year.

Only if at&t made something this size and not stripped down(omitting qi charging/slashing the memory in half), I would be all over this. I'll stick to my 920 a bit longer...

Microsoft and Nokia are the masters of non-tease.... Everyone has known about this since like 3 months ago....


What about that Normandy (Nokia X) that we know about like 2 months ago, too.

Please, 2014 is shaping to be a disaster with these non-leaks..and non-tease.

um, no date, - r they going to make us wait until next week, or 2 weeks, or until MWC??  least they could have done is give us the heads up on the date of their presentation

What about size / weight?
Hope it's not going to be another 'heavy weight' phone in the veins of 920.

If you're on a PC, watch the youtube video in 720p or higher and you can tell its in stereo....

Stereo mics on 929?

My issue with these great phones is no micro SD support. Seriously add 5 bucks to the phone and put it in. Esp on phones geared towards camera use.

Done with WP for Verizon. All Droid looking. I want a nicely designed Lumia. Need to go to at&t!

Good news, but can we get a flagship device? These devices are great, but it just doesn't have the flagship hype/support/feel to them like the 920 was. Still waiting for a proper flagship for Windows Phone.

Is it terrible that I'm waiting for a new phone to come out on AT&T?  I feel terrible for other carrier customers, but I'm bored and could use some inspiration.  Focus > HD7S > TITANII > 920 > 1520 > ?? I know, I'm being a troll.  I just want a slim unit a little larger than 920 but a little smaller than 1520 with Qi charging, MicroSD slot, and the awesome pure black display.

If it is teasing the Icon, I find the irony hilarious. Of course we have heard it's coming due to the constant leaks since last fall.

Does anyone know if the rumors of the Lumia 1820 ( with WP8.1 out of the box) are true? I've been reading some articles while surfing the Net...

Verizon rep @ store said available on the 12th, black only in store... Have accessories already.

Sorry Nokia if I spoiled ur surprise.

Obligatory never trust a sales rep.

Obligatory heard that before

I could be way off but the repeated delays suggested something beyond hardware carrier testing. Considering how close it was to the 8.1 release, it would make sense for Verizon to wait. Being among the first to market with an 8.1 device would give them more of a sales boost than releasing it without. It kind-of makes sense but we'll see.

I think Nokia/MS needs to release Lumia Icon/929 at all us carriers to boost Windows Phone marketshare in US :-)

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Lg has gone 60fps, hope Goldfinger would be 60 or 120fps and running snapdragon 805,
And more thing, now that Nokia was bought by MS, i hope all the basic features that were on Symbian which are missing on the WP8 would be put on next updates

I have heard, and I believe it is likely we will see Samsung WP before the Lumia Icon.  This is just another tease that will probably turn out to be something else entirely.

Maybe the whole reason why were waiting this long is past sale experience when the 822 was being sold & the 928 came out maybe they still need to burn thru inventory still