New Windows Phones? HTC Ultimate, Radar 4G, Samsung Haden show up in device stats

We love stats and today we have some from 'I'm a WP7' which were sent to us directly from the developer, Scott Peterson. Going through the list of makes, models and code names is always a challenge. This morning we have three devices that caught out eye (besides the already known Nokia 703 and 800).

  • HTC Ultimate - first we've ever heard of this device. Ironically, there was a fan-designed Android device back in early 2010 going by the same name--guess HTC liked the idea. Before we jump to conclusions though, this could be just a carrier branded version of the Titan e.g. think AT&T.
  • Radar 4G - So far only Samsung with the Focus S on AT&T gets the nod for first Windows Phone with "4G" (yes, in quotes). But if true, this will show that HTC has something up their sleeves. Our bet? We're looking at a Sprint or Verizon phone, with more confidence in the former carrier.
  • Samsung Haden - Searching for Haden returns the 'Hayden' aka Samsung l870, but that's too old to be relevant. However, it is a portrait slider device ala Venue Pro and Samsung does have an i677 in the works, which traditionally are front-qwerty phones. Maybe we're reading too much into that, but it's fun to guess.

(Note: The Eternity X310e is just the Titan)

So could we still see some new devices this fall? We think so and we'll be keep an eye out for more info, especially if it happens to land in out inbox.


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New Windows Phones? HTC Ultimate, Radar 4G, Samsung Haden show up in device stats


why does it have to be for at$t? my guess is that the ultimate will be destined for sprint while the Radar 4G will be destined for VZ since its essentially the same as the trophy.

As a Verizon customer, I would be pretty upset if the stupid Radar is the Mango phone we are getting. I don't care if it is 4G or not. It doesn't even compare to the specs on the Titan.

Yeah, I'll see what happens with Verizon between now and March when my contract expires (though I can upgrade my phone now at reduced pricing). If nothing good for WP7 comes to them by then, I am out of there and headed to ATT.

@theefman..Just read the article you posted. I stopped in a VZW store this past Saturday, just for kicks, and I talked to a salesperson; just to talk, not purchase anything.Basically, he stated that WP was the same as WM; I'm not familiar with WM, but from what I read on blogs, they are NOT the same. And they don't even look the same! I would think that he would have at least acknowledged that fact, but he was adament. He went on to say that WebOS was more fluid, of which I stated that WebOS at this point is M.I.A. We didn't argue of course, as I am not a techie AT ALL, but it was interesting hearing this 'discouraging away from WP' in real life, instead of just reading about it. In addition, there was not a WP device in site; the only working devices were the 'feature phones/non smartphones and the 'Droids', which kinda makes sense given that VZW advertises that brand. All other phones, were non -working, most of which were Android OS. Apple has their own real estate in the VZW store with a display that runs a demo on the iPhone (I think Microsoft should try this at all telecoms as well).At the end of the day, he stated that VZW has nothing new coming in for WP in 2011, and aren't sure about 2012, and that VZW may look at WP as their 3rd eco system. In other words, they are looking for an OS that will 'bring them the money'. I guess if I were on VZW, and wanted a WP device, AND if ATT, Sprint, or T-Mobile offered as good, or at least decent service, I would switch carriers.

Thanks, I keep that in mind while you go enjoy your 5 MP camera, 8GB of storage....Is is to much to ask for Verizon to get a high end device like the Titan? I don't think so, and if that's "stupid" of me, than so be it.

Love the idea of the "Haden". The Venue Pro is still on my list of phones simply because I prefer the Portriat slider form factor. As it is not hugely popular among the general public, I would consider myself hitting the lottery if it came to a carrier I was interested in with Mango. Also, one of those LG's should be the 4.3" - 4.5" Fantasy that was released with the LG roadmap in July. As LG is more or less without it's own skin(unlike HTC's sense and the Touch-Wiz of Samsung), I think they may excel in WP devlopment. Not to mention they could really fill the void if Samsung bails on WP just to concetrate on Android and their own OS, Bada. LG needs something to pick up their sales. Seems like a natural.If just a couple of these made Sprint and Verizon, that would fit the bill. Be nice to get a little confirmation. AT&T as the only WP option is kind of a drag.