New Xbox Music Pass info leaked or just the same old Zune Pass?

Xbox Music

Looks like the same old Zune Pass to us

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Engadget managed to get their hands on some Xbox Music Pass screens from the Xbox 360 beta program.

The images supposedly reveal the new pricing program and feature set though to our eyes, we’re not actually seeing anything different here besides a little more control over content. In the images, clearly from the UK, we can see the pricing of £8.99 ($15) for a month, while £89.90 ($146).

But does that carry over to the US? We have a few screenshots too sent in to us and the US pricing is exactly the same as the current Zune Pass: $9.99 a month or $99 a year, masking the implied price jump here.

Xbox Music

Other than that though, we’re not seeing anything too radically different. Yesterday in our hands on video with the Windows Phone 8 SDK, we showed you what the Xbox Music store looked like—turns out it is literally a rebranding with some cloud storage.

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Engadget's UK image reportedly shows new pricing

While all of those changes are welcome, for current Zune Pass members so far we see little change in their plans if at all when Xbox Music Pass replaces it next month. Of course, Microsoft may still introduce a Video pass option and other goodies at BUILD, but for now this doesn’t look like anything really new.

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New Xbox Music Pass info leaked or just the same old Zune Pass?


I've used Smartglass on my Windows 8 laptop and it's ok, but I need it on my smartphone to really decide how cool it is.

If you download the companion app for XBOX Live. It's pretty much a controller on you screen. It's kind of hard to navigate. I tried IE with it, expecting the keyboard to show up when I wanted to change websites. Nope just a navigational pad and the 4 colored buttons. Hopefully they fix it so we can type with our phones. 

I'm pretty sure they already said the pricing would be the same. Odds are the only significant changes outside the rebranding will be the addition of cloud storage and a free streaming-only tier to compliment the paid option which allows for downloading.

Me too on the family. Compliment the gold family.
I think they announced lots more music too. 30 million?

Same here, 4 WP7 phones and 6 Zunes in my family, would be nice if we didn't have to have 2 Zune pass accounts to cover some of them.

There is no new pricing. This is the price zune pass currently is in the UK and always has been.

I wish the same WP central folks had time to make an alternative to Engadget and The Verge. You guys would mop the floor with them!

Heh, thanks. Well, if you look at Mobile Nations from afar, we kind of are an alternative. Part of our plan going forward is to form a more cohesive network e.g. soon your WPCentral account will gain you access to iMore, Android Central, Crackberry and webOS Nation for comments and forums ;-)

not sure if it would be addressed when you upgrade the comments, but the way the ads load really makes my browser go crazy when I'm on slower speeds.  If you guys could find a way to load them last or first I think it would make a huge difference.

I agree. As per the topic at hand, anybody that has Windows 8 RTM and tried signing up for Xbox music pass would've seen that it's exactly the same as Zune pass. But how can you blame these guys when they haven't really used zune, hence, have no clue what it entails?

I know this isn't all the info yet, but there is no mention if the Zune HD can use the new service. I'm going to be highly pissed if it can't.  At the rate MS has been going, I wouldn't be suprised if they cut support.

That's a reallllly good question. I'll be in the same boat as you if they don't. I love having a dedicated music player.

If Zune doesn't work with it, I will take a shit in a bag and mail it to Ballmer with a card that says "you owe me $200" for this.  How does that make you feel?

To be honest there is nothing new here. It is basically a Zune pass with the new branding. Personally I'm still hanging on to the original $15 a month (keep 10 songs a month) grandfathered plan.

I have this plan to but I'm thinking about dumping it. The main reason I signed up was to watch videos on my Xbox. I can no longer watch free videos so I think I'm dumping it.

I too have the old subscription & Xbox Music beta which still allows video streaming. Not sure what issue your having. But same ole same ole. Just wish I could push my downloads to the cloud for all devices access for streaming.

I have the Xbox beta dashboard. I can't watch videos for free no more. It gives me a preview then tells me to buy.

I just renewed $149.90 annual subscription and I don't have any points/credits. I can not get a phone number to speak to someone about my issue. If nothing is new here why is my account empty of points and why am I paying this high price?





I'm in the Xbox dash beta but I don't see that anywhere in the dashboard.  I suppose it's because i'm not in the US or UK but in Greece.   Seriously though, Xbox Music should come to any country that already has support for Xbox Live IMO.
If this isn't the case then i'm kinda pissed off here.

Microsoft's Zune Pass was ahead of its time, but the media offerings as they stand are getting pretty stale.  I hope MS comes up with some really awesome for its rebranded Xbox media content.

Am I the only greedy one hoping Microsoft could offer special discount in its branding consolidation process (all entertainments, including on PC, under the Xbox flag), like "buy Xbox Live gold membership & get additional Xbox Music pass for $5 extra per month"...?

They might have a dual subscription for xbox music and xbox movies, i think that would be sweet

Xbox Live Diamond anyone, which includes the music service? Or maybe something else that is more valuable than gold.... Xbox Live Plutonium-235?

I've had a Zune Pass since my Zune HD and have kept it through this time and it's been $99/yr.  I just got an email of my upcoming automatic renewal and it stated the recurring charge was to be $149.90!!  I think there was some announcement about an increase a while back with the idea tha the 10 free downloads were going away.  But I see everyone talking about a $99 renewal ... is this a renewal without the 10 free downloads?

What they need to do is release a new Xbox.  The Xbox is really starting to show it's age.  It's really slow to launch apps and especially slow to go from one app to another.  
And they also need to start thinking of including Xbox music (or free games) as part of their Gold subscription.  Right now the Playstation+ subscribers get more bang for their buck.  If Microsoft doesn't wake up people won't be as quick to buy the next gen Xbox because of the anual fee.  Sony's online gaming has already cought up to the Xbox and it's free.  Having the Xbox Music pass included in the anual fee would make the fee easier to justify. 

I won't argue some of there servers but  you must not have heard you don't get free games with playstation + you are renting them as soon as you cancel your subscription you void any of those games that you got for "Free" at least with xbox live gold the dotws even if I go to silver those games are still owned and can be redownloaded at any time.
and when sony has cross game chat and party abilitys please tell me as I would love to know

This got me confused about the rumometer. Why is this rumor rated as 1? Because is not true, or because its insignificant?