Newegg for Windows Phone updated with PayPal support and more

Newegg for Windows Phone

There’s a good chance you’ve used Newegg sometime with the past ten years if you’ve built your own computer. Or at least checked the site out while doing some online shopping for computer hardware, electronics, or software. Because, once you know, you Newegg (or so they say). Anyways, the app for Windows Phone picked up a nice update two days back. Let’s check it out.

If you update the app to version 1.5 you’ll be greeted with a few features and some fixes. Heavy PayPal users will be happy to know they can use the service as a payment option now. There are also numerous bug fixes throughout the app.

Newegg New

The other big change is the addition of Newegg Preferred Acccounts. If you’re a big Newegg user they offer a line of credit to qualified customers. There are a few perks to getting into the program if you have good credit and shop a lot at Newegg. You also get the option to pay at later dates depending on the amount of purchase. Check out Newegg if you’re interested in that program or if you’re already in it you can now access it through the app.

Do you see any other changes in the app that we’ve missed? Sound off below.

You can download Newegg for Windows Phone for all devices right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Newegg

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Newegg for Windows Phone updated with PayPal support and more


Wikipedia works on all the WP8 phones also WP7 legacy devices whereas proshot doesnt even work on all the WP8 devices. Wikipedia represents many of  the platform features and shows how windows phone apps are better than the counterpart ios and google apps, Even Android has tons camera apps like proshot just google.

Good point! Fair enough. That actually makes me feel much better about the winner. Thanks for the perspective!!

Yep, used newegg religiously when I built my first computer almost 4 years ago. Definitely time for an update soon seeing as I'm running an Intel  E6600... Looking forward to using this app on my 920 to help me do some researching on the go.

I have the same question. Cannot figure out how to add my newegg preferred account. I don't think its possible.

Wish list is updated as well. You can now edit wish lists you created on a desktop and rename them. Before the update you could only save it under a default name called "wish list from mobile."

When are they going to enable Newegg.ca support? GRRR.  Why is the Newegg app even in the Canadian app store if we're not allowed to ship from there.  They created Newegg.ca for us, yet the app doesn't allow for us to search/buy... grrr.  Took Amazon forever, but they finally did it... hopefully Newegg will too :(

To busy building a torque acceleration space portal thingy. No time to build my own computer. You'll all thank me when our sun goes super nova and we need to escape to a new planet.