One of the hottest news app for Windows Phone 8, Paper Boy, receives a noteworthy update

Paper Boy

If you’re a news junky or just enjoy having a solid app around, then you should really take a look at Paper Boy. The app comes from developer Lawrence Gripper who previously made BBC News Mobile. That app was our go-to news source until the BBC pulled some legal machinations to have it removed. But the soul of BBC News Mobile is back in Paper Boy.

We first informed you of Paper Boy back in July when the app was announced as a public beta. Today, it received a substantial update, including a new color scheme, drag down to refresh, and multiple performance enhancements to improve the user experience.

Paper Boy

Paper Boy is based on the idea of pulling news from various sources, all at your control. When you first install the app, it will walk you through various sections like Technology or World News. From there, you can make your selections and the app will remember them. You also have the option for offline news reading, which is useful if hopping on an airplane or you just want to avoid data costs when not on Wi-Fi. In addition, you can share an article to Twitter or email with just a few taps or open the story directly in Internet Explorer.

The app is still in development though, so not all of the planned features are there. We also had some issues when we used Bing news as it returned some errors. But overall, Paper Boy is a free app that is progressing nicely. Is it as good as the Bing News app? Not quite, but it’s an app we like keeping around, especially since development and updates should be quicker for it.

Users can leave feedback through the app or by heading directly to its User Voice page here: https://gripdev.uservoice.com/

Grab Paper Boy version for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, John C., for the tip

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Reader comments

One of the hottest news app for Windows Phone 8, Paper Boy, receives a noteworthy update


Had high hopes for the return of Lawrence's app after the excellent BBC news app was killed (by the bbc..) but I've had a great experience with Bing News since installing it, really works almost flawlessly. However, look forward to comparing the two apps-great dev and deserves much success imo.

I love the Bing News app. It's a one stop app for me, although I do still have the Fox News app I don't use it as much.
Before the Bing News app, I had USA Today, Fox News and CNN on my start screen. Bing replaced all of those and have me access to other sources that don't have WP apps, like The Economist.
I'll check out Paper Boy again, but I didn't like it very much when I tried it months ago.

Its been my favorite for a while because of its wide tile but its so slow, im hoping development on this will improve things. Im glad that orangy banner has been replaced with blue. Looking forward to seeing more improvements.

Thank God for the new colour. That awful bright orange hurt my eyes. This is much more pleasant, even though I still prefer the BBC app.

This app looks and sounds cheesy, I meant to make a comment concerning the evernote "desktop" update, sorry about that.

I like the overall UI of this app but the article view is really ugly, hopefully the developer can improve on that.

Gonna stick with Lawrence's BBC News app for now. It works pretty well on the whole but some images are incorrect on some stories. I do like the Bing app but BBC articles load in the browser instead of the app which is a little inconvenient. I'll wait till Paper Boy is a final release before i try it.

Paper boy is just too damn slow... I only keep it cos o the great use of the wide tile - why does no one else use this? Facebook? Email? To do? WTF?! Bing app is really nice but...no good use of wide tile!

To me Fuse can only work on a larger screen. On the 920, it looks like my desk during tax season.

Do you guys know if there's a good news app that can parse my rss feeds and display the latest news on LOCKSCREEN ? (kinda like Intelliscreen on jailbroken iphones)