NewsBlur alters API, leaving Feed Me with potential issues


We've been in touch with the developer of Feed Me, the popular RSS reader that sports integration with NewsBlur. Unfortunately, we're told the service has altered API requirements, rendering Feed Me broken and unable to synchronise. While the app is still available on the Windows Phone store, users may experience issues when attempting to use it.

The situation has caught the developer off guard, who's currently unable to process an update. We've been informed it will be another week or so before a new release is published to correct the problem. If you're having trouble, hang in there for the fix to the released. This isn't the first time we've witnessed poblems with Feed Me.

You can download Feed Mefor $1.99 from the Windows Phone store (trail available).

QR: Feed Me


Reader comments

NewsBlur alters API, leaving Feed Me with potential issues


Metroblur was hit by the same problem, and I pulled it from the store as logging in was broken.
It's not exactly API changes in the traditional sense that caused the problem. Newsblur upgraded some stuff which changed two things: they now require Content-Type headers on POST requests (when they previously didn't care) and their cookies changed to HttpOnly.
They didn't change end-points or parameters or anything like that, it was just sheer unintended consequences.

I guess changes like this were bound to happen since NewsBlur has become more visable in the wake of Google's recent evilness. I was luckly to get a free accont on NewsBlur.

It's a shame when things like this happen, because now these apps are going to get a bunch of people with nothing better to do than to go throw 1 star reviews at it now, when the issue is out of developers hands.