Next gen Lumia 1001 for Windows Phone 8 shows up on Nokia's RDA tools?

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Yesterday we reported that the Lumia 910 had popped up on Nokia’s own remote device access (RDA) system. The Lumia 910 was proposed to be a variant of the Lumia 900, possibly sporting a 12MP camera and at one time may have been destined for T-Mobile.

This morning another device showed up called Nokia Lumia 1001.

It is fair to speculate whereas the 910 was a Windows Phone 7.x device, the Lumia 1001 is a next-gen Windows Phone 8 one.  (However, the 910 may have been re-categorized for WP8 since its initial rumor, making it a "follow up" to the 900). Clearly the “1000” mark is directly related to the series system that Nokia has in place where the higher the number (by 100’s) the more high-end e.g. compare the Lumia 610 to the Lumia 900.

Nokia’s RDA software lets developers try out and test software remotely via a web browser. Once in, you can send commands to allow you to pull down info from Nokia’s servers which is how TechCrunch was able to spot the device.

No information or details are listed about the Lumia 1001 which means it could be a spoof, albeit one internal to Nokia since users cannot create data. The timing, especially with the 910 incident yesterday, is suspicious. On the other hand, a “Lumia 1001” is not exactly out of the bounds of reality as presumably Nokia would have such a device label reserved for a super high, perhaps PureView Windows Phone.

In the end, we’ll just have to remember this and come back to it should any more information come forward.

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Next gen Lumia 1001 for Windows Phone 8 shows up on Nokia's RDA tools?


To be pronounced: "Ten-Oh-One" or "One-Thousand One" ? To me, the latter is too much to say for a phone name, lol. Sorta hoping it's fake. :P

Lol no. Is it "Two thousand and one: A Space Odyssey" or "Twenty oh one: A Space Odyssey"? Definitely not the latter :P The current year is "two thousand and twelve". Not "twenty twelve". No doubt Americans will disagree :)

yet pre 2000 we were all happy calling the year "ninetine ninety nine" not "one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine" - it shoud be twenty twelve really!

Uhm hate to point it out, but anyone can change the name of a device through RDA; after the 910 leaked someone is probably having a laugh playing you guys. 

Yes a single isolated event is fine, but when two happen right after each other? This is like the random names of devices on IAmWP or whatever that gaming score is called; also note the "iPry" device; proves that names can be changed. 

I believe that for each range (600, 700, 800 and 900) there will be a WP8. The 1000 range should be for a high end phone (perhaps with screen larger than 4.3 of Lumia 900).

And, I also believe in a lower range than the 600 range, the 500 range.

My guesses are:

Nokia Lumia 520;

Nokia Lumia 620;

Nokia Lumia 720;

Nokia Lumia 820;

Nokia Lumia 920;

Nokia Lumia 1020;

All in "20" to be standardized. lol

I think that the "1" at the end means is a Nokia Phone with Pureview Technology. Its like the 808, and I think every Pureview phone is going to be like this (808, Lumia 1001, Lumia 2002, Lumia 808, etc.). Just a way to put the "reflex" (a word from photography) into numbers, like the last number is the reflection of the first number, giving a meaning to the numbers. Easy for them and easy for the consumer, even that the Pureview isn't a reflex camera, is only a sensor without mirror.

I don't think you understand why it is called 808... This is a music term, not a camera term... It is a reference to the impeccable audio recording... Pureview is the term for the camera... #JustSaying

They can call it whatever they like and I'll be buying it!  HTC and their lack of support has lost a customer.  Can't believe they still haven't fixed the search bug on the titan with tango.

I've had at least 3 updates since getting my European Titan when it was released & love this phone even more so since its now fully rooted. The Lumias are nice looking devices but full of bugs. No problems with my Titan, I reckon its the best of the bunch. What is this 'Search' bug you mentioned?

Personally I wouldn't go for numbers this time. I would rather go for something that the most popular smartphones has . That's my naming:
- Nokia Lumia S ( follow up to 800 with Snapdragon S4, 1GB ram, 4.3inch 720p ClearBlack display, battery around 2200mAh ,similarly designed to current Lumia phones but slimmer around 8.9-9.5mm, 12-16mpx new more efficient Carl Zeiss optics, microSD slot, NFC,ffcamera
-Nokia Lumia P- (PureView camera. 800x600 screen-as camera is enough to drain battery, microSD slot, 2000mAh battery, design that is at least as colorful as Lumia's now( though I know it'll be bulky, 1GB ram, NFC,ffcamera
-Nokia Lumia Z (low-end, 800x600, 8mpx Carl Zeiss, microsSD slot, NFC, 1800mAh battery,768ram, slim design,ffcamera
ALL of them running WP8 of course.

They should choose another product line name for their WP8 devices. Does Samsung use "Galaxy" for anything outside Android? No, because they want a consistent product line. Calling a WP8 device a Lumia would cause many people to think the current 610, 710, 800 & 900 will be running the same OS as the newer Lumias, and that's not accurate since you can't update to WP8

Nokia never had a 1000 series phone, just like they never had a 400 series phone. This will be a break in tradition if they do so. I am not believing this without further proof.

I'll be looking for a FULL review before purchasing another Nokia. Tech and user reviews will be required.

The search bug happens when you're playing music in the background and click the search key.  The music quality degrades to an extremly low bitrate until you leave the search screen.
This happens as well with any apps that requires the microphone and you happen to have music playing or that the app requires music playback.
I'm not sure if it only affects the Titan.  I guess it's not something major, but along with app support, Nokia has made it hard for me to resist moving onto my first Nokia smartphone.
Edit: Sorry, this was meant to be a reply to weepatc

On my HTC HD7 the music momentarily stutters entering the search screen, and again showing the search results. There is no stuttering if you stay in the search results screen. Pressing back (to main search screen) will cause it to stutter again. Besides the stutter, the music sounds normal. Do you have SRS enabled? I have heard that this can cause several issues.

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new lock pattern, no new apps,, no new updats,, no new screen savers,,
no new unlock clocks,, wat can i do m just bored wid windows phone and
no gamez all gud gamez r paid i have windows ri8 nw:-(:-(:-(:-(