NextGen Reader with Feedly support lands on Windows Phone 7 devices

Nextgen Reader

One of our favorite RSS readers now has an update for its Windows Phone 7 users. Nextgen Reader received an update adding Feedly integration to its Windows Phone 8 application in the wake of Google Reader’s shutdown. This week, Windows Phone 7 users will be delighted to know that the update is now available for their devices also.

In addition to adding Feedly support, the new update for Nextgen Reader will bring improved twitter sharing, support for new live tile templates, and a collection of bug fixes.

If you are still on a Windows Phone 7 device we do feel a bit bad for you due to the lack of applications and what is essentially, complete abandonment by Microsoft, but at least you can enjoy your RSS feeds in style with Next Matters’ Nextgen Reader.

You can also check out our review for Nextgen Reader on Windows 8, here.

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Are you still on a Windows Phone 7 device – why haven’t you made the jump yet?



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NextGen Reader with Feedly support lands on Windows Phone 7 devices


Still on WP7 due to contract and the poor WP selection in Canada, my Lumia 800 is holding up well though. I will likely upgrade when the next wave of devices come out.

I would never go iOS. Android I am ok with (on a Nexus device) but still wouldnt go that route. I will be going WP8 and likely stick with Nokia, unless HTC comes out with something like the One for WP, then I would have to consider it. If I was to swich, it would be to BB since I do have family that work for them and their head office is not too far from me.

There will probably be another flagship by then quad-core 1080p look at the bright side I'm staying with my 920 until maybe Dec or Jan

My wp7 device contract is up in August but it's a work phone. Not sure if they will let me upgrade or not. Of course, something could happen to this one that would make it unusable in a few weeks. :-)

Sticking with WP7 until HTC releases a One variant with WP8 or Samsung releases an ATIV that's compatible with AT&T LTE. I need a screen 4.7 or bigger.
Good to see NextGen updated for Feedly. I don't really like Feedly but they seem to be the only comperable alternate to Google Reader.

You will be waiting for quite some time before it happens.  Either get the unlocked verision of the Ativ S or wait for the Ativ S neo and switch carriers.

I have a discounted family plan with AT&T and I'm in the middle of my contract so switching for the Neo isn't an option. Unlocked ATIV S doesn't get LTE so I'm sticking with my Titan II. I'm definitely happy, just missing some apps that should be on both 7.8 and 8.

Currently on WP7 with my HTC Arrive, just waiting on the ATIV S Neo to be released, then I'll be with the WP8 family!

Every smartphone I've had has been HTC... HTC Touch, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro2, EVO 4G and the Arrive... the 8XT just doesn't do it for me.
I can't afford to move to another carrier, I'm getting a pretty sweet deal with Sprint and have no issue with coverage where I am.
So my next move is the ATIV S Neo. Between the two options I have, this is the better of the two. I know certain people will disagree with my way, but it's the best way for me right now.

People hate Sprint here with a passion because most of them didn't get their way. Sure, Sprint has some areas where they need work in terms of coverage (which can also be applied to all other carriers, regardless of what some people think). They also think Sprint is the one to blame for the total failure of WP7 on the CDMA side of the US market, but fail to acknowledge Microsoft focused only on GSM and China Mobile based CDMA, when they knew treating Qualcomm based carriers worldwide like a bastard child will only backfire on them, and the FCC made sure they were put on check.

It's really surprising they haven't covered the Qualcomm CDMA coding/Nokia/Microsoft issue. It's the gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about.
Customers and commenters frequently cry out (understandably!) for a Nokia WP on Sprint (or any CDMA carrier other than Verizon).. and THIS IS THE CLEAR, IRREFUTABLE ANSWER AS TO WHY THERE ISN'T ONE. Nothing but radio silence. The average Sprint/US Cellular/etc. customer needs to know this, but no one is making any attempt to inform them.
It's maddening.

I have also developed a Google Reader replacement service for my WP8 and WP7 app NewsSync - updates are out since a couple of days. A preview WebApp is also available at http://www.newssync.net and a Windows 8 app is coming soon, too.
The reader service has also an open API so it can be extended beyond the Windows ecosystem, but my target will remain offering a good newsreader app for the WP/W8 world.
The WP app itself was always build for multiple services so you can use it with RSS/Atom too - and Feedly support is also planned as soon as a public API will be available for it.
Try it out and let me know what you think, here or by writing to support-at-newssync-net

I am very grateful for NextGen being available for WP7.  I was using (and loving) Fuse before Google Reader went kaput.  NextGen stepped in and is doing a great job with my Feedly account.

Answering to the question at the end, I'm using WP7 because in my country they take like a year bringing Nokia phones, the 920 came last month (yes that late) and with a 18 months contract they sell it at $330, off contract they are like $800, those prices are holding me back and I'm not sure if it's too late to buy a 920 or a 820.

Still using WP7 because I live on a ramen noodle income and was fortunate as it was to get this L900 for $50 on Craigslist. Yay prepaid. I don't feel so "left in the dust" when it's this, a rather old BlackBerry I have laying around, or no smartphone at all, like I'm supposed to be embarrassed to admit it lol.
This reader is smoking gun smooth and perfectly laid out. Love it :)

yep, I'm on WP7. Still. I'm in Venezuela and as sad as it sounds, WP8 haven't officially arrive and thanks to our wonderfull economy, a lumia 620 cost $1900 here. Whaiting for a carrier to sell it or I'm gonna have to switch to android

Contract up soon and with IOS and Android already in the house hold, upgrading is must. Hopefully I will get my answer via wpcentral.

Hey, that's look great, but how do I log in to Feedly from NextGen Reader? When I click Feedly on the mail app display, I get Error 300: Authentication failed, please try again later. How come?