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Nextgen Reader gets big update with new RSS feed-finder

Nextgen Reader

For those of you who have Nextgen Reader (quite a few of you won a free license recently), you should be getting your version 2.5 update right about now. If not, you'll want to go check as it has some swanky new features on board, including a new "Featured" area which will be updated daily.

That "Featured" function is part of the new "Manage sources" area which allows you to quickly discover RSS feeds based on topic. So instead of just importing your Google Reader feeds or randomly searching for key terms, the app itself will suggest feeds based on various subjects, including Windows Phone, Microsoft, food, gaming, politics and more. It's really quite smart as it gets you easily started on using Google Reader right from your device by adding new feeds on the go. Other notable updates in v2.5 include:

Nextgen Reader

  • New: Search articles inside all items, read items or starred items.
  • Around 20-30% faster sync.
  • Beautiful reading experience powered by Readability based on app theme.
  • Send multiple articles to read it later service.
  • Share multiple articles via mail.
  • Disabled https by default for downloading articles.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

As usual, it's a fairly significant update which brings a lot to the table and is the perfect app for you news junkies out there. Plus it's Metro UI to the extreme--no chrome here. Pick up Nextgen Reader here in the Marketplace for $2.49 or give the free trial a whirl to see what all the hoopla is about (it has 4.5 starts out of 600+ reviews, so it has to be good).

QR: Nextgen Reader


Reader comments

Nextgen Reader gets big update with new RSS feed-finder


NextGen is excellent--it feels like an OS app thanks to its speed and easy to use design. It has become my main RSS reader. I also have Fuse, but the "shininess" of the cool UI wore off relatively quickly.

Hey! Do you have a custom blue skin on your Cyan Lumia 800? Or is it a blue 800 that I am unaware of? 

Actually, you're both wrong ;-)

It's a Cyan Lumia with the Cyan case but for some reason it shows up as "blue" under my lighting...well, Cyan is blue-green, so it's pretty close.