Nextgen Reader gets updated with feed preview and more

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is a popular feed manager with support for the Feedly web service. It's a beautiful app available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and today we're looking at version 5.4, which has been pushed to the store. The latest release is a rather large update with numerous new features and additions, so head past the break to see what's new.

Whether you're part of numerous online communities or follow multiple news resources, Nextgen Reader is a handy download that will help you prevent clutter as you read through latest headlines in a beautiful UI. Here's everything that's new in the latest release:

  • New: Preview feeds before subscribing.
  • New: Set line-height in article view.
  • New: Set background and accent color independently.
  • New: Set default email address for sharing.
  • New: Load full article (via readability) without going to mobilizer website.
  • New: Use Facebook app to authenticate your account for sharing.
  • Improved: Increased offline limit to 2000 articles.
  • Several performance improvements and bug fixes.

That's quite the update. You can download Nextgen Reader from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (trial available).

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Reader comments

Nextgen Reader gets updated with feed preview and more


I just wish feedly didn't force google accounts. When reader shut down, I was like- "yes, now I can finally rid myself of a google account since alternatives to greader are going to pop up!".

Then feedly won the war and requires a google account.

Fuck you feedly
Sincerely, Link

Now it's on par with phonly. I need to decide on one of them. Battery optimization is probably the most critical at this point now. I have a rather busy feedly subscription.

I'd go for this. since you have lots of subscriptions, speed and ease of use is probably your top priorities. Nextgen is better in those respects.

Nextgen rocks for me cause I use it in windows 8 and phone.  The other clients need to come out with both platforms supported.

Does it have SkyDrive sync yet?  I'm not switching from Weave (which does now have it) until they do.  I refuse to get a Feedly/Google account.

The biggest feature nextgen is missing that I enjoyed in wonder reader is... Confusing as to *how* it's even missing.

I have a feed that literally includes a direct link to an .mp4 on some site. Wonder reader let me click the link. Nextgen doesn't show the link. Wat? I have to open the page im IE, wait for it to load, log in to the site and go through their crummy non mobile interface (and their RSS feed was their mobile solution)

Similarly, wonder reader would just open YouTube links in the internal player without ever opening IE. Nextgen had to have some weird crummy rendering where you'd press a tiny button to open the video in metrotube? I think they made opening the videos easier but the crummy rendering is still there.

Good to see the updates to Nextgen Reader, I used it constantly early on. I've been using phonly recently and I enjoy its design approach. Hopefully nextgen can make the app more aesthetically pleasing. Love the readability option. Kudos.