Nextgen Reader gets updated with improvements and new features

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The popular and positively reviewed Nextgen Reader has recently been updated to version 3.0 with a number of improvements (support for Windows Phone "Tango"). The RSS app, fully supporting Google Reader, now sports faster startup time and the recently released update squashes a number of known bugs.

A tutorial is presented to the user once launching the app for the first time. This guide walks the user through a number of features and functionality present in Nextgen Reader. As well as the tutorial, this version of Nextgen Reader also features a new subscriptions view.

What else is new in version 3?

  • Both flat list & folder level navigation support in final update. That is folders -> list of feeds -> list of articles (in collapsed view)
  • Read it later now known as Pocket
  • New tutorial at startup
  • Improved startup time and performance
  • New subscriptions view
  • Collapse/expand folders from appbar menu
  • Show all/updated sources from appbar menu
  • Support for favicons
  • Articles list with filters on top (unread, all) similar to mail app
  • New: Mark items older than a day/week as read and sync
  • Save to Readability (settings -> accounts)
  • Pin 'All Items' or 'Starred' tile to start screen
  • New live tile option (based on phone theme)
  • Customize update mode per live tile e.g. images on front
  • Post link in status update (e.g. sharing to Facebook)
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes

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A pretty large update, which appears to be the norm when it comes to this app. As well as synchronising your Google Reader account, the app also recommends other feeds that are separated into different categories. You can download Nextgen reader from the Marketplace for $2.49 (£1.49), with a free trial available.

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Reader comments

Nextgen Reader gets updated with improvements and new features


My favorite app gets better. The new organization is great. And displaying the feed's icon is a nice addition. It may be faster but it was already so fast it's hard to tell. The new live tile may be the biggest improvement for me. I really didn't like the old icon. And now it syncs to my theme. Much appreciated!

That's cool to have several RSS reader to choose from. But what about PDFs? Wouldn't be great to get something else that the 1,5 years old, slow, choppy and never updated Acrobat Reader? Although I like WP very much, I find it quite ridiculous, that the platform with over 70 thousand apps doesn't have anything to offer in such important area. I hope, it's going to change soon, but hope is also the last to die.

Wishful thinking. Have you seen comments on this app in Marketplace?
You can write as many complaints as you want. Nothing changes.

I really like this reader a-lot. Didn't think it could really get any better but it just did. This update really put this app above all other readers.

Best reader period!  When a person says that Windows Phone doesn't have the "apps" lets turn around the converstation and say Android or iPhone doesn't have NextGen Reader!