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[UPDATE] Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8 Update - adds Feedly integration

Nextgen Reader Update - Feedly

In the wake of Google Reader's shutdown next week, Nextgen Reader has updated its Windows Phone 8 client to support Feedly integration. The new version of the popular Windows Phone RSS client is now available in the app store – an update for Windows Phone 7 users will be available next month.

To connect Feedly to Nextgen Reader simply go to the app’s settings, then “accounts”, and select “Feedly” - from there, you can log in and migrate your subscriptions and categories.

Nextgen’s update for Windows 8/RT is not yet available, but is expected to be coming soon. If you use Nextgen reader on your Windows Phone 8 device and your Windows 8/RT tablet, we suggest continuing to use your Google Reader account so that all data stays in sync.

We will be sure to update our readers when a Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8/RT client with Feedly integration are available.

You can download the newly update app in the Windows Phone store for $1.99 USD; for the direct link, click here.

QR: Nextgen Reader

If you had been using Google Reader - what are your new favorite alternatives?

UPDATE: Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 with Feedly support is now available to download, here, in the Windows Store.

Source: Next Matters Blog


Reader comments

[UPDATE] Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8 Update - adds Feedly integration


Is this app worth buying? Using Weave right now for my not so hardcore RSS usage.. Does it save everything for offline reading by default?

Yeah. Definitely worth it. Have been using it for more than a year now. It's updated very frequently.

Thanks, giving it a shot since it's got an unlimited ad-free trial. Still wish Feedly would release an official app though..

Yeah, I remember that article too. All I see in their website is people rooting for Windows Phone 8/Windows 8 apps but I don't see any progress or even a hint that we should expect it anytime soon. Disappointing.

Yes it is really worth to try this app, I've been using app from day 1 and the developer's response to issues are super fast. 

You don't have to buy the app to use it.  The free version is ad supported.  I have been using it that way for 3 months or so.  Now that it is up and running with Feedly, I will pay for the full version that gives you extra features (and no ads).

I've been trying out Nextgen because I prefer Wonder Reader, but as we get close to the deadline, it's looking more and more like that one is dead.
Anyway, Nextgen is mostly good, and the Feedly stuff works great... but there's a ton of annoying little things.  The biggest one right now... why in the world does a button labeled "read all" actually only select all stories, rather than marking them as read? 

first you select ALL, then you mark as read... keep in mind that you can choose some not to be marked as readed...

I never considered the app because I refuse to use a gmail account. Now that it supports feedly, I'm more interested but it also looks like it requires a gmail account..

You can sign in using a Google account to import your GR feeds to Feedly. I think there's also an option to sign up for a Feedly account.
Edit: just checked and it looks like you do need a google account. I stand corrected.

well, feedly import all feeds from gmail... so if you login in feedly with gmail it import all your feeds.
You can start from zero with another account, I suposse

I agree, I tried to join feedly but there is no way to do it without a google account. Why can't I join with another email.

Make this happen and I will buy the app without second thoughts. Just keep me safe from Google. Keep us updated please and thank you!

Those options are fine, but how about login with a Microsoft Account? This is Windows Phone after all!

How about just a regular username and password? I don't want to have to tie my social accounts to everything. I could tolerate using my Microsoft Account since this is WP we are discussing.

Agreed, if a google/gmail account is a required it's a non starter for me. I'll buy once there are other login options.

I don't know about Feedly. I've been using Fuse to pick up my Google Reader account feeds. With Google Reader shutting down, how do I migrate all those feeds over?

Feedly requires the Google Reader account for logging in. So, just use your existing account and it will automatically migrate the list of subscriptions and categories. Hope that helps!

How does NextGen reader works? Is the content stored offline in the phone? Is it possible to delete local content? I don't want to have lots of temp data comming from Nextgen on my phone. If you have lot's of RSS feeds at the end it can be really annoying.

So then the space locally is "almost zero". I'm waiting for feedly to enable not google accounts or even for the digg reader to check it out if better than feedly ;)

Do you plan to add support to Digg Reader? I like feedly but I don't want to use my google account anymore

My wife and I both use the Nextgen Reader and love it. The transition was really smooth. I think I actually prefer checking my feeds on my WP8 rather than the website. It seems to have a better flow to it. It's nice now that Feedly doesn't require a Chrome extension as I'm trying to rid myself of Google products.

Article Search doesn't work anymore and that's one of the most unique features on this app. I'm using it daily. Hope it will be fixed asap.

I used both on my phone and on my surface. Hopefully the update for w8 came fast, on fone feedly is working flawless for me, many thanks . I will buy the app for windows 8 too..