NFL Fantasy Football update allows you to add players, set your lineup and more

NFL Fantasy Football

The official NFL Fantasy Football app has just received an update. Today's update adds the ability to add and drop players, video highlights and more.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll now find version of NFL Fantasy Football. Today's update includes the following changes:

  • Add and Drop players from free agency and waivers
  • Set your lineup: start/sit on the go
  • Player cards: including news, stats and video
  • Video highlights and analysis
  • Player search and filters

NFL Fantasy Football

The following bug fixes are also included in today's update:

  • Registration and sign in issues
  • Connectivity error message issues
  • Usability and UI tweaks to optimize your Windows Phone experience

Earlier this month the NFL Fantasy Football app was updated. This was the first major update since the app launched last fall as a glorified web wrapper. The recent updates are turning NFL Fantasy Football into an app worthy of the Windows Phone platform and the fans who play fantasy football.

In today's changelog the NFL promises even more features to come.

Let us know what you're thinking of NFL Fantasy Football for Windows Phone. Don't forget to check out the Windows 8.1 version of the app.

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Reader comments

NFL Fantasy Football update allows you to add players, set your lineup and more


Amen; but I have trouble seeing an official NHL app on Windows Phone until that fateful day when the OS gets any type of respectable market share in Canada. Fanbase probably isn't big enough in the States to justify writing for WP.

Fan base is huge here in Detroit, as well as Minnesota and areas of the east coast. The rest of these "NHL Towns" are fair weather posers.

Yeah, agreed, there are some places where its big down there; but most estimates put NHL fanbase in the US around 30,000,000. If around 85% of those people use smartphones, and 4% (generously) of those smartphones are Windows Phones, then there are only about 1,000,000 NHL fans with Windows Phones in the States, all else equal. In Canada there are probably about 20,000,000 smartphone-using NHL fans and about 1% of them use Windows Phones, all else equal. That means the NHL would be writing the app for a market that is only 1.2 million people. If written well, the app would probably cost more in dollars to develop than people who would use it. Unfortunate as it is, I don't think it makes sense for the NHL to develop the app. Unless, of course, Microsoft pays for the development.

Win for the Windows Phone community.

Show our superiority. Don't let us down.

The platform depends on how you do in your fantasy football league.

lol, I have the NFL App running on my Xbox, while researching on my Lumia 1520 and doing the Draft on my Desktop.
I won't let the WP Community down ;)

They don't have the live mock draft yet. That's what all of my friends are using it for. Oh well it's just a perk. Still like my phone better.

Still waiting on that joyous day when wpcentral can finally say yahoo has released their fantasy football app.

I love It. Can we also draft from the app? I don't see a section for that yet. Also, what ever happened to the ESPN fantasy app?

I reached out and got a rough date for Game Rewind for windows phone. They provided week 4 of the regular season as a target date. I asked about NFL now as well and didn't get a response back. You should try emailing them through one of their other apps. They responded within 30 minutes about the problem I brought up to them, that the Game rewind link was taking me to the google store :-\

This really needs to happen for the Premier League and other EU leagues (Soccer for those that don't know). There is a HUGE market for football in Europe.