NFL Now video apps finally show up for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

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The National Football League has finally released its new NFL Now video apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, a few weeks after it launched versions of the app for Android and iOS devices.

Both Windows versions of the app will allow pro football fans to access hundreds of new videos every day, including game highlights, analysis, news and more from the NFL. The app can be customized to offer a personalized video stream concentrating on your favorite teams, players and coaches.

While the app is free to download and access, some of the videos will require a paid subscription, including real-time highlights during game days and unlimited, ad-free access to the NFL's video archive. What do you think of this latest official NFL app coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1? Thanks to antonio for the tip!



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NFL Now video apps finally show up for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1


My precious data is going to be challenged with access to such a quality app. I'll have to be careful with this one.:D

Edit: This issue only appeared first time I launched the app. Lumia 1020. Also, it seems that I have to login everytime I open the app. It does not remember my settings as well.

Before all of you get overexcited, the videos can only be watched in portrait and not landscape. Actually, the vidoe is even chopped off the screen and resides at the top in portrait mode.

Dude I just watched Johnny Manziel score his first touchdown in landscape view. Which phone are you using? Is your rotation lock on?

So from my experience with Windows Phone apps, this actually speaks volumes to how easy it is to get on the platform, and how inexcusable it is that there are still many devs with really deep pockets, that haven't released an app. The "few weeks" is literally probably all it took for a single dev to start, develop, test and release. One of the easier platforms to write for I think.

I think the 'Finally' is uncalled for. Spotify has 'finally' updated or Instagram has 'finally' updated would be appropriate but not for an app that's only been released a couple of weeks ago (although I appreciate it missed the start of the season)

Yes! Finally, a company who created ALL three apps instead of just iOS and Android. #mobileequality just may become a reality someday.... GO NFL!!

Another reason NFL is the most popular league in US. They know their audience carries all different kinds of devices and giving them content on all their devices keeps them loyal to them (wake up NBA).

Man, I miss NBA game time... I could watch videos, see schedules and recaps, read articles and access some stats all with that one app. Now I'm gonna need Youtube, some Rss client, some 3rd party app for the recaps/schedules and basketball reference even for basic player stats.

Or maybe it's because Microsoft has a deal going on with them considering every commericial you see for NFL apps has a Windows device featuring it, and not to mention Xbox has close ties with NFL now. Also they have Surface on the sidelines for reviewing plays.

Its the least they can do. Microsoft is the official computer vendor for the sides with their surface products. The Microsoft version should have been first

I spoke with someone via email at NFL mobile recently when I ran into an issue and they stated that the NFL Game Rewind app will be available around week 4 of the regular season for mobile, including Windows Phone, in case anyone is waiting on that as well. Still have a month or so before we should expect a release.

I'm disappointed it arrived after other platforms. However, I'm relieved that it arrived before opening game day.

Installing this seems to have broken their other app NFL Mobile. Uninstalling and reinstall does not seem fix. Damn it

This is "still" not the NFL Sunday Ticket app!  Windows Phones may be the only devices on the planet that still doesn't have the NFL Sunday Ticket app, which is far better than anything else for those who have the Sunday Ticket...full games, live, every Sunday!  C'mon Microsoft, get your s__t together!   (Hell, even old Windows Mobile had the Sunday Ticket app!)

Microsoft doesn't make the app, you know. I'm not sure what s__t you expect them to get together that would force DirecTV to make the app. Why not taking your complaint to the source that can do something about it?

I seem to have an issue with low volume in this app, both on speaker and Bluetooth. Volume level is set to max but it is still at very low volume. Anybody have this issue? (Nokia Lumia 830)