NFL for Windows and Xbox now available for the 2014 NFL Season

NFL for Windows

Are you ready for some football? You should be with the new NFL for Windows and Xbox app. This Thursday the Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers to kick off the new season. The new app for Windows and Xbox will help give you a more immersive and interactive way of experience this football season.

Here are some of the features you'll get with NFL for Windows and Xbox

  • Latest NFL News
  • Video highlights
  • Around-the-clock stories
  • Keep tabs on live stats and scores from around the league
  • Personalize your experience and follow your favorite team
  • NFL, ESPN and CBS Sports fantasy league integration
  • Touchdown notifications from favorite teams and those around the league

NFL for Windows

Using the app on your Xbox One? You can watch every game live with your cable or satellite provider and by using the HDMI-in port. Those with a DirectTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max can watch games directly within the app.

Overall, this seems like a killer app for NFL fans. Grab it today for your Xbox One and Windows 8.1 machine. Search for 'NFL' on your Xbox One to find the app, hit the download link below to grab it on Windows.

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Reader comments

NFL for Windows and Xbox now available for the 2014 NFL Season


Awesome! The fact that they support all the major Fantasy Football Leagues is just awesome. For once the NFL doesn't stand for No Fun League!

Too bad there's no Yahoo Fantasy support! That would have made it killer. Played with the app on Windows 8.1, like it so far!

Do yahoo! And Microsoft have some bad blood still? I know everyone screams for google apps. I just want an official Flickr and fantasy football app.

The ESPN fantasy integration was mentioned in the press release by Microsoft. I don't play ESPN Fantasy, but will let you know where I see it in the app.

I looked over the press release and from what I can tell it looks like the NFL app is only CBS and NFL.com fantasy, the ESPN app now has ESPN fantasy integration.

Kind of a bummer if that's true, I use the NFL app a lot and my main fantasy league is a ESPN league.

"the new NFL for Windows and Xbox app". Do you mean there was an update to the old NFL app I already have, or do you mean it's a brand new app and I need to download it?

The lack of Yahoo integration is kind of annoying. Aren't they the biggest fantasy service by far? I don't know a single person using any of the others.

I want something that I can watch any game that airs on regular TV. My favorite team is in another state and I hate when the game doesn't play where I'm at.

Only if you qualify. I've looked into it. Unfortunately, I don't qualify for just subscribing to Sunday Ticket because of where I live.

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Sorry to be somewhat off topic but somewhat related...


Still no Updated to the ESPN app on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One to wtach the SEC Network.

Next do an article comparing and contrasting the 4 official apps for Windows from the NFL.  It is getting damn confusing. 

Same reason I like watching BBC shows here in the USA! It's entertaining regardless of your own whereabouts.

Do you need Xbox Live to download the app? I keep getting a purchase error because my pc may not meet the requirements. Happens both on my desktop and surface