NHL 15 now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One

NHL 15

The 2014 NHL season doesn't start until October 8, but you can snag NHL 15 for your Xbox One before that to start your own. Starting today you're also able to download digitally pre-order and pre-download NHL 15 on your Xbox One.

There are two version of NHL 15 you can pre-order for your Xbox One. There's the regular NHL 15 or NHL 15 Ultimate Edition. Here's what you get with them:

  • Xbox One NHL 15 Pre-Order, available starting today for $59.99, includes the standard game, plus $15 of Hockey Ultimate Team content.
  • Xbox One NHL 15 Ultimate Edition, available starting today for $69.99, includes the standard game, plus over $40 added value of exclusive content.

Signed up for EA Access? You get 10 percent off your purchase and get an exclusive trial five days before the release date.

Anyone grabbing NHL 15 for their Xbox One? The launches next Tuesday, September 9. Be sure to snag the demo that's now available to check the game out!

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NHL 15 now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One


The man is the defintion of a hockey player! Played with a broken rib, torn rib cartilage, dislocated shoulder and a puncture in his lung! I'm not even a Bruins fan, but any fan of hockey should appreciate the toughness and the talent he has!

Doughty is talented no doubt, but he doesn't have that type of character

Was waiting on this news, wanted to know what to expect with FIFA 15 Ultimate Digital Preorder/Downloading.
Looking forward to this then.

Yes. Last year I contacted their customer support and they told me the NHL game enter Xbox one app would not come until the start of 2014 season. So here's hoping they pull thru.

When I asked why ps4 got the app last year, they told me it was not supposed to launch it was a closes beta version that Sony released without their permission.

I'm still frustrated over EA's decision to prefer flapping jerseys and fans taking selfies over making sure EASHL makes it to nextgen as well. Oh well, it's going to be a long year of BaP for me (unless they took it out as well).

Get the free demo. Graphics are okay at best and the gameplay is the same as other years. Still fun tho and addicting...