No new Xbox Live game on August 24

While Microsoft recently announced 12-ish new games coming to Xbox Live, it looks like those titles may not be ready for release just yet. Prepare yourselves, Windows Phone gamers: there will be no new Xbox Live release next week.

I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t an Xbox Live release in the US. Sadly, our European readers already know what it’s like to not see a new game on their Marketplace. When Sudoku and Minesweeper came out for free last week, everybody was surprised that they were only released in the US.

I’m just shocked at this hole in the release schedule, as the last two Game Room retro games, Time Pilot and Shao-Lin’s Road, have almost certainly been complete for a long while. Hopefully the negative reaction to previous Game Room games (stemming largely from the ancientness of some of those games and releasing them all in a very short time span) hasn’t resulted in their cancellation. Some of us want those Achievements!

There will, of course, be an Xbox Live Deal of the Week, so many gamers will still have a reason to pick up a game they didn’t own before. Check back here on Wednesday and we’ll let you know what game is on sale.


Reader comments

No new Xbox Live game on August 24


I think you are right and the new games are obviously designed for Mango. And more speculation - perhaps Microsoft is stockpiling some games for Mango launch? ;-)

"I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t an Xbox Live release in the US"The week everyone got nothing because the Twin Blades update was getting a sodding week of it's own.

Yeah, I remember being pretty annoyed over that one... How they justified a re-release as an actual release was just sad.

Bizzare. There's really no reason why they shouldn't have something to throw out there next week. Personally, I just grabbed IonBallEX and Tiki Towers, so I'm good. I guess I get to save $5 next week. Still... I'd rather have had a game anyways :/.

Speaking of DoTW, I'm hoping it's one of the five quid games reduced, I'm still missing Castlevania, PacmanCEDX and Sonic from my collection.*crosses fingers* (I realise Sonic's still quite new so I'm not holding my breath there... )

Not really interested in Sonic, but id quite happily snap up Castlevania or Pacman CEDX if they were the deal of the week.

You get used to such things. At least if you're German. ;) Honestly, Sudoko and Minesweeper were US only. IonBallEX hasn't been released in Germany so far as well. Nor did Oregon Trail (which was said to be **** anyways).

IM a little disappointed. I really expected MS to pave the way with atleast 2 or 3 high profile games for WP by now, even if not big title names, atleast some well designed WP exclusives. Really hope they step up to the plate once Mango hits and provide atleast a couple of titles and show what WP7 can really do.