No, the Nokia Lumia 920 does not have a problem with accidental display activations

Lumia 920

Playing Angry Birds with a banana. (Image via @nokia)

A little faux controversy was brought up over the weekend about the Super Sensitive Touch display of the Lumia 920 with PureMotion HD+ (and 820). The concern was that with the phone in your pocket (or bag) jostling around, it might turn on and then start a vicious cycle of staying on since objects are making contact with the screen. Result? Battery drain.

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We thought the story was odd only because Nokia surely would have thought of this when designing and testing the Lumia 920? It’s not exactly a crazy situation to think of, in fact a lot of people “wondered” about it. So it seemed to us like an obvious flaw that Nokia would have worked around—after all, even the Camera button can be disabled when in the pocket (see under your Settings).

As it turns out, yes Nokia has thought of this and evidently have had no issues with mysterious battery drainage. As posted to My Nokia Blog:

“While the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 both enjoy super sensitive touch, the firmware has been configured to avoid accidental activation of the display.  In testing this has not proven to be an issue or to cause unwanted battery drainage.

What has been configured to stop it happening?

The firmware requires a ‘landing event’ to move into active mode and without a repeat of that landing event will eventually return into sleep mode.”

Personally, we’re okay with actually waiting to the phone is in our hands before we start raising problems—shoot, we could come up with half a dozen “But what if…!” situations in our head for the flagship phone, but wouldn’t it be easier to just wait and see instead of ginning up theoretical problems? We think so.


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No, the Nokia Lumia 920 does not have a problem with accidental display activations


I hope the screen can be turned off when on Standby
My HTC trophy turns on when it'smy pocket... I need to disable the screen when in standby as I keep my phone in my pocket. Is this going to be an issue with the 920 ?

When the display is off, it's off. People were worried that something would bump the power button on (unlikely?) and then items in your pocket would press the screen, keeping it on until the battery drains.

Seemed highly unlikely to us but it looks like Nokia thought of it too and require a "smart touch" before it stays on e.g. "landing event", which probably refers to the Lock screen and sliding it up.

You would be schocked on how often I hit my power button on my trophy wile it's in my pocket by itself (one pocket for my phone and the other for everything else). Other times I find my phone off and that would be by holding the power button down (maybe when I am sitting just right it happens).
The Trophy's power button is inset a little too...
Looking over the 920 seeing how the power button is on it's side, I am wondering if that will be more of an issue but, I wont know till I have and use one.

Actually I have a Trophy as well and the biggest issue is when sitting down, the top of the phone presses against your body and activates sometimes.  With it on the side I think it would be less likely to be pressed actually.

That's what the proximity sensor is for.  I have NEVER had this problem with the Focus, Focus 2 or my Lumia 900.

I have a Focus and this happens to me occasionally - the phone gets turned on OR it gets turned completely off while in my pocket.  It's not a big deal, but it can be annoying when I miss a call or text message.

Trophy too..wow, i thought I was imagining it. I've been sure the screen has felt warm, battery drained. Camera wakeup under lock always when I crouch in a certain pair of shorts!

I've got an L900 with the same button layout, and I've not had any issues with it turning on or draining battery due to screen activity whilst in my pocket.  Assuming you don't have too many other things in your pocket along with your phone, the power button design of the L900 (which looks to be about the same as the 920 and 820) should not be an issue even with tighter jeans or pants.

As others have stated, the Lumia 900 had been designed where it isn't a problem, and the Lumia 920 takes after the Dane L900 design.

Exactly what I was thinking too, and if anyone has noticed, the lock screen slide takes more than just a casual nudge to make it fully trigger. So they're saying if something has to tap AND slide (based on certain proximity sensor readings), they ignore it under conditions that aren't explicitly defined. I think it makes a lot of sense.

Never had this issue with my Trophy. Although I was wondering about the super sensitive on the Nokia. Question answered.

Why not just disable everything but the power button while itd in the pocket? (ambient light sensor playing the part)

It kind of already is like that. Ever get a notification with the phone in your pocket? The screen doesn't come on. It only turns on when you pull it out of your pocket. So no chance there.

It isn't quite the same thing.  Currently, if you press the power button, the screen will turn on regardless of the proximity sensor's readings. Sure, the notifications won't turn your screen on while in your pocket, and yes, I love that feature, but currently the power button still overrides the proximity sensor. I am not sure that it'd be as big of a problem with the Lumia line, though.  The power button is in the middle of the phone, between the camera button and volume rocker. Surely that isn't as bad as being on the end of the phone, like with my Trophy, which I've actually restarted in my pocket because the power button was being pressed for so long.

Now that I think about, if it were to block the power button. What happens if the user is in a pitch dark room O.o

Yea, but this is a bad time of year to buy them because of their release schedule.  The price more than doubles...

It's all over... lots of nay-sayers are all over it. But doesn't anyone find it curious that every piece of criticism about the Lumia gets easily refuted, and all the iPhone stuff just gets confirmations and apologies?

Doesn't surprise me - Not that I visited often, but I haven't visited that site in months primarily due to Surur's 'Nokia Antics'.

HOLY TOLEDO! That was EXACTLY the type of stylus I needed on Level 42 of Angry Birds!! It took me forever to beat because I was just using the wrong tool! If only I'd have had my 920 and a banana, I could have done it the first time through! :giggle:

I really hope the 920 does not have the bugs like the 900 had. This just made me think of all the little issues that the 900 had, and I hope they really tested the hell out of this phone before releasing it...

Meh, I hope not too, BUT if it happens, at least Nokia will acknowledge AND fix it within a few days rather than saying sorry... go use something else!

Off topic but kind of the same: Every button (camera, power and volume buttons) turns volume off when it's ringing, resulting in alot of missed calls for me. Is there a fix for that?

On the topic of missing calls... There are some really frustrating things in WP like when the phone is set on silent/vibrate and you are listening to music via headphones and suddenly a call comes... The music should pause at that time no? But it doesn't... I miss many calls as you can't feel the vibration every time especially when you are walking and the music keeps on playing...

If it was an iPhone, Apple would just tell you not to push the buttons when you fish it out of your pocket or purse.  Other than this dumb comment, I'm of no help to you.

This is a feature and designed as intended. If you need to quickly turn off the volume in a theatre for example because you forgot to set it to vibrate. If you are looking for an option to disable this feature, then you should say so. But it's not a fix because nothing is broken in this case.

It's a feature. Say you forget to silence your phone prior to a meeting or something and it rings. Easier than pulling it out to hit the mute. Would be nice to have an option to disable it though...

What about when playing a game or something ad accidentally hitting the back button or similar thus exiting you from the game.

The capacitive buttons already do that. Samsung released a software fix that reduced the problem tremendously. I would assume Nokia has a similar competency.

I don't have any problems with any of this you guys are bored as hell and looking for something to say about nothing. Nokia says there no problem so what the hell you talking about. The answer is no! Not with my titan, hd7 or hd2.. NO NO NO

I got the same impression about boredom. When there is no news people toss a topic on the fire for the sake of discussion.

Yawn...slow day folks. =D

Probably pretty easy to do, right now when you put the phone close to your head the screen is shut off when in phone mode. It's not a huge leap to do that all the time, they wouldn't be much of an engineer if it wasn't thought of... :-)

So in Nokia world, if the tree in the forest falls, and no one is there to hear it, it doesn't make a sound.  I can live with that!

If Nokia Maps looked like some janky nasty 1980 Wolfenstein "3D" map, then I would say yes, they brought in Apple people. BOOM! lol.

Recently got Lumia 900 and this happens sometimes even if nothing is touching it. The lock screen bounces every 15 or so seconds and that causes the light to stay on. It's happened twice that I noticed in less than a week

You could always enable the screen lock password if you are that paranoid. I use it at work, but of course my hd7 doesn't have a super sensitive screen like the 920 will have.

I got to say, I posted my concerns in the forum about the "Super Sensitive Display" and it's potential issues.  Like I said their I "Butt" called my sister in-law very late in the evening on my current G2 while shoveling snow.  So now I'm always cautious late at night when I have my phone on me.  This is a valid concern for anyone.  Hopefully, the L920 has addressed this issue and it won't be a problem.

Oh no. The story has spread to wpcentral.  Waiting for Surur to start a story about how the wireless charger allows hackers to steal banking info from the 920. It's coming.

I think Nokia is hands tied here, since they can't change the power button behavior which is hard coded into Windows Phone. That's why they are putting up that "landing event" in the touch screen firmware(which for me is still not bullet proof since a slide gesture can still be randomly reproduced, just a few cms of vertical sliding will unlock)
Because the easiest would simply be to replicate the "Prevent accidental camera launch when phone locked" which works flawlessly for the Camera button. But misteriuosly it won't be like that...

Why these illiterate bloggers blog on an unknown topic.
They must read that a company release a technology after a full justified examination of it.
Foolish bloggers..!!!

I'd like to point out that this "problem" had been tackled quite literally 10 years ago... Because you know, RESISTIVE SCREENS WERE A THING FOR A WHILE.

God damn people are stupid.