No Windows Phone 8 release dates revealed, saved for Build 2012?

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While a handful of Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") features were demoed by Joe Belfiore on-stage today, there was little revealed in terms of when we can look to see the next major release of Windows Phone be made available. Could Build 2012 be were Window Phone 8 is shown off completely with dates announced? It's a strong possibility.

With the Build event taking place late October, early November, it slots in with when we'd expect Windows Phone to be released. Samsung's ATIV S, Nokia's Lumia family, as well as whatever HTC unveils at its upcoming presentation, will all be what brings us up to the festive holiday season.

It was a highly anticipated wait for viewers to see what Nokia had up its sleeve, and instead of simply refreshing already released devices, the Finnish manufacturer stepped up its game with brand new features and intuitive accessories. It's a good sign for what's to come if Nokia decides to also head into the tablet race.

Windows Phone Central will be attending and covering the Build 2012 event, so you'll be sure to see the announcements on our front page.


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No Windows Phone 8 release dates revealed, saved for Build 2012?


All this talk of Nokia showing off a "fully-working Windows Phone 8" was pretty deceptive. Pretty underwhelming and now we have to wait another 7+ weeks for more info.

this reveal was choreographed and edited to death.  really a bad demo.  Joe Belfiore just pisses me off the more he comes on stage.  Build 2012 in F-ing november...that's over a month's loss of sales opportunities. 

You'd think that MS would have a bit more sense of urgency, especially with Apple announcing the iFruit 5 next week.  It's all about execution, and the longer you have consumers wait, the less and less momentum you have leading into sales.  That is what pisses me off about MS.

I have to give Apple credit that when they announce products they're available the next day or very soon. That strategy also doesn't kill sales of existing products.

So very dissapointed.  No tablets, no full WP8 features, no jaw dropping new feature.  Now I have to wait 2 months to see the full WP8 features. 

Can't believe MS and Nokia didn't plan around all the Apple rumors.  The iPhone is going to have people lining up around the block very soon and that will be millions of potential customers lost.  Not nearly aggressive enough in this roll out.  That is the only downside for me.  The phone looks awesome.  I've got money in my pocket after selling my iPhone 4 last week and I am ready to buy.  Now I have wait months...unless Apple can tempt me back.  Surface, Lumias, etc all need should be on sale right now. 

bhahahaahha… no microSD ? what? Again? What a joke!
Lame camera with no hump and xenon flash. I dont want stupid ass features like NFC or wireless charging when you have to remove microSD card support… are so stupid Nokia?
Ativ S 64GB is looking better and better for replacing my Zune 80GB: removable battery and 32GB microsd here I come
This 920 is just the Lumia 900 production ready. That is after the beta.
Soon they will release a 8GB Asha phone with microsd support that will have more capacity that their flagship phone.
Stick a fork on these Finns. They are done. and Microsoft get your shit together because if your are back in 3rd / 4 th place you dont launch 2 months after the iPhone. 

so far you managed to troll a few sites with the same exact comment.
-lame camera? if you havd seen the demo you would know it beats the crap out of all the other competitors cameras because of the real innovative tehnology it uses
-no sd suport? well shit man, buy the 820 or go to samsung. but samsung has a sgitty camera and the screen is lagging behind the 920.
it seems you can't have it all

Some people feel superior in saying a huge company is "done". It gives them a feeling of supremacy, commenting from the dark corner of their room.
No matter what jaw-dropping hardware you bring (i.e. the 920) they would still prefer that feeling over being objective and logical.

That's how trolls are made.

Do you literally spend all of your time trolling this site, the verge, and engadget? You are one sad mofugger. I can't only imagine how big of a neckbeard someone has to be to ever agree with anything you say. There is a reason why Android fans aren't taken seriously.

With Apple, Amazon, and other manufacturers announcing new devices in the next couple of weeks, Nokia and Microsoft really needed to convince people. I think they really dropped the ball today.

Men..this phones are really really nice... Price them right,advertised and with the support push of mobile carriers new customers and upgrades will drool over this phones...
$99 $49 920 and 820... Verizon,tmo this will be great news for those people patiently waiting... HTC is yet to come out with a 5 inch wp8..this would likely to be my next purchased...

I'm with the rest of you, with Apple and others announcing their flagship--and highly awaited--offerings within days, Microsoft had to show a bit more support for Nokia today besides telling a bunch of press people (presumably iPhone and Android users) that Windows Phone can finally screenshot...seriously? I and other WP users have been waiting for screenshot support...BUT you don't use it as a highlighting feature in front of the media! I don't know how many more Joe Belfiore stage presences I can handle...

Microsoft is determined to lose to Apple by continuing this nonsense of not announcing release dates. Guess what, Apple will say "here is the iPhone now with LTE and go get it next week or preorder today" and 5 million sold in a day. Microsoft and Nokia have failed miserably because they seem to think everyone is a geek who will wait months for a phone.

The good news is that not everyone will be able to buy an iPhone 5 right away but you are correct: The iPhone 5 will be announced and people will line up. Plus, the media is in love with Apple and Apple will get FREE advertisement in local and national TV news like they always do. Imagine this: News channels tell millions of viewers "Apple announced the iPhone 5 today. The new iPhone has blah blah blah and will be available on (insert date)." <======= The aforementioned would cost countless millions to advertise otherwise.
WTF can news channels tell the viewers about the 920/820?  Not much other than the features, but they'll probably skip the story because they can't say when it will be available, on which carriers, nor the price. Plus, when the 820/920 come out, there won't be a press conference so Nokia has to rely on their marketing, which is good, but not as impacting as a press conference + marketing combo delivered in a couple of weeks insteaed of a couple of months.

That's NOT good news, actually, because it means that customers who are considering iPhone 5 and Nokia 920 as possible next devices will LEAP to get on a iPhone 5 preorder or waiting list. They will see the iPhone 5 consumer excitement and hype and be engaged with that.
With today's announcement DEFLATING Windows Phone 8 hype (even the stock is dropping), no one will wait FOR Windows Phone 8. They may buy a few if they haven't already made a choice among the heavyweights for this holiday season. 
What's the point in rushing an event before iPhone 5 if you don't have much to show?

Saying no one will wait for WP8 is an exaggeration. A lot of people will wait for the holidays to get new phones. Yes, iPhone 5 will sell like hotcakes but most people that are set on the iPhone 5 will get it no matter what. By the time we get to the critical holiday period, Nokia should have a good marketing campaign up an running plus the phones will be available.
Motorola just announced 3 phones and the two high-end ones will be available "before the holidays." No date set.
It'll be an interesting holiday period. I'm looking forward to it.

Why can't they just stop teasing and show us products with release dates and carriers and all that in one HUGE event, as opposed to having several ones without even telling us what to expect. I'm a little dissapointed :/

I'm very impressed with the 920 but have to agree with the above comments regarding the timing of WP8's release. One to two months before we find out about ALL the features of WP8? I sure hope the OS is consumer-ready when released!
I recall Stephen Elop saying that Nokia wanted to move to a rotation where they would announce a product and it will be available to consumer in weeks. I didn't know he meant 10+ weeks when he said "weeks", LOL!  I understand they are not Apple and that WP8 is not ready, but why announce this so GD early??

Pure garbage from MS and Nokia. This lack of urgency and lack of clout to launch across carriers with a standardized offering is just amateur hour. 

Essentially, you REALLY have to be dedicated to Windows Phone to wait out iPhone 5, the Galaxy S3, and whatever else to finally see these WP8 devices in the flesh. Why create that obstacle? This is the most important launch of this platform yet, and they keep scheduling events that tell us very little. 

I expect this to be an afterthought to Samsung and HTC. I expected a lot more from Nokia and Microsoft, and I'm not seeing it. No wonder carriers aren't on fire for this platform....Nokia and Microsoft themselves don't seem to be on fire about it either. 

How can they seriously claim it's the most innovative smartphone in the world when the software is unfinished, and they can't even pin down pricing or availability?

I love it, and I am going to wait.  To be honest with you, I have no interest in the other phones you mentioned.  Also, your statement makes you sound like a douche that thinks he knows everything and how everyone else should think.  Sorry, your opinion is for you and you only, please don't force it on the rest of us.  We're just trying to enjoy the good news.  There's always somebody entering the room and spilling red wine on the white carpets. (Metaphor)
Chill a bit, it's okay if you don't like their approach, just don't be so damn whinny!  :)

It really is a let down to not even have a release date,there are a lot of people like myself that have upgrades do that have been waiting and waiting for these phones from Nokia that are probably going to go with sammy or HTC now or maybe even leave windowsphone all together.I think I phone is gonna have another HUGE release partly thanks to nokia and micro"SOFT" dropping the ball.

I was really really hoping to get solid info on a release date for the 920. I recently became eligible for a corporate phone through my company, but I need to get the ball rolling on what device and carrier it will be.

I'm fine with the way this announcement went. I think having several smaller events spread out is better than one big event. If Nokia would have launched this phone in a week, it would have been completely lost in the iPhone announcement. At least this way they have the phone out there so people know about it, and have an opportunity after the iPhone to rebuild momentum. And for everyone that says they should have just waited till November to announce, then everyone would be complaining about not hearing anything about new phones for so long. It's a lose lose for Nokia. It's tempting to go to Android just so I don't have to listen to people bitch over the tiniest things all the time. First with webOS, now with WP. If you are so damned disappointed, go somewhere else.

sorry, the average iLemming has the attention span of a few days.  They will be gaga and talk about it this week, then simply fall in line in a few weeks and buy the iThing and maybe an iThing2.  Nokia needed devices to put in people's hands this week.
What is obvious about all of this is that Microsoft has no idea how to manage its partners.  That was evidenced by the Samsung jab last week and now this overly edited Nokia presentation.  Really, they spent about an hour talking about the camera.  Joe Belfiore just gave a rehashed 8 presentation.  Microsoft being there almost felt as if they had to be there contractually.  It was pretty uncomfortable to watch.

I doubt that the Build event will be the premier presentation for Windows Phone. Not only is it very late (the holiday releases would be mostly sold out) and the release of Windows 8 is also a bit earlier. I'm hoping that they schedule a separate event for Windows Phone to get all the latest news and devices into the tv news on its own.
I also hope this because i need to renew my phone around the time of the event, so it seems very unlikely that i will be able to do it if it arrives that late.

They didnt show much more of wp8 because that's all there is to show really all wp8 is..is wp7 with a new start screen and small tweaks made for new hardware I may just stay with 7.8 until my upgrade comes hopefully the ativ s will be on sprint not that im crossing my fingers or anything damnn sprint

Oh. Do you have insider news about WP8 that we don't?
They won't let people turn on phones to demo WP8, you think, because it's ready and is actually WP7 with a new start screen? Or is it that either the OS isn't ready yet, or there is stuff in there they are keeping for their big presentation?
Which one seems more likely?

There's a heap of stuff - admittedly mainly dev features so far, but they will translate into consumer features pretty quickly. For example there is the voice platform (allowing app developers to use the tellme voice service), the wallet platform, the lenses platform and a few others that allow devs to plug into the OS, implying a level of integration between OS and apps far beyond wp7.5. That has huge implications for user experience.

They also need to announce carriers. For Windows Phone to take off in the U.S. they need some outstanding phones on Verizon, the biggest carrier, and them to actually promote it. Unlike what they did with the Trophy.

What a...wow Waited all this time for this? WP8 needs to hit the street like yesterday after Iphone5 comes out it's game over they had the chance to make an impact mind blowing 2 devices all this hype for one device thats sub=par the other and avergae smart phone.wow,

something really bad is going on behind the scenes....none of us know what it is but it is pure suicide to announce a device a week before iPhone5 and have nothing to answer it when that device ships.....FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS.
What is going on at Microsoft?  Nokia said today they have WORKING devices! 
It is hard to stand by and watch this train wreck with morbid curiosity.  It is even worse when you are set on wanting them succeed and have some skin in it.

I'm a very hard core Windows Phone fan and will stick up and make excuses for anything MS do but i have to say I'm hugely disappointed release is looking months away. How could they not work out that releasing it now is probably their only shot at taking on apple and android? Yeah I will wait but the million others won't and I've already told people previously to hold out lumia 800 and 900 and I'm not going to tell them to wait again 920. When someone can get a new phone they don't like to wait.

What the Fuck is Microsoft waiting for. It's been a year since mango. I know they redesigned the code but they're already so behind they should have put more resources to release it in September

Windows hone 8 will be released righ around the same time as Windows 8 guys, nopoint in bitching and complaining about it. Apple can release what they want beause hey they have one device with pretty much the same os that they have had for quite a few years now and they have the carriers by the balls. There is quite a bit more behind the scenes stuff that goes on with WP that they can njot just say heres the 920 and you can buy it tmo. All launch prtners have to be ready to go and all carriers have to be ready to go