Nokia acknowledges data connectivity bug in some Lumia 900s, giving everyone $100 for their troubles

Nokia Lumia 900

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a win-win. See, there's been this little bug in the Lumia 900 (by the way, you've read our Lumia 900 review, right?) that has been causing some early adopters -- regular consumers as well as reviewers -- to lose all data connectivity. As in, the phone kinda forgets the fact that, in fact, it is a phone. Not good, to say the least.

Nokia, in a blog post this evening, starts off on a positive note. "Award-winning CES product" blah blah blah. "Stars aligned for a successful sales start on AT&T" blah blah blah."Very positive response on Day 1" blah blah blah.

Oh, and, yeah. A "memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity." That's kinda a biggie. The good news is that Nokia's found the issue. Here's what's going to happen next:

  • On or around April 16 (that's next Monday), an update will be made available via Zune. That should fix all this nonsense.
  • Or, you can swap your current phone for a new one that will already have the updated software.

And Nokia's doing even one better. If you've already bought a Lumia 900, you're getting a $100 credit on your AT&T bill. If you're going to buy a Lumia 900, do it before April 21. Because you'll also get a $100 credit on your bill. That covers the cost of the phone on contract. So, you're basically getting a free Lumia 900 for your troubles. Or for trouble you might have had. Either way. It's a sweet deal.

And good on Nokia for making it right. But that doesn't change the fact that black eyes do sting for a little while. Read more on the issue and join the discussion in our Lumia 900 forum.

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Nokia acknowledges data connectivity bug in some Lumia 900s, giving everyone $100 for their troubles


So is Att pushing the update on Monday or Microsoft? I would love if they could just piggyback the 8107 update on there.

why would they piggyback an update for all wp7's to the Lumia900 to fix radio software when the lumia 900 is already running more recent fw than the 8107 update (if I am not mistaken it is anyway) I do not have the 900 got one for wifey so I can't check what fw version it has right now but believed it was higher then 8107.
Anyway, I have not seen or heard her tell me that she has had any data connectivity problems nor have I seen any connectivity problems over 4G or Wifi and I used it quite a bit when we first got it for her last Friday getting it set up, music on there etc etc. (had to test drive it first!!!)

Well no new phone comes out without at least some problems. At least Nokia got on it right away and gives you a little something for your trouble.

Agreed. They're doing it the right way. Owning up to it, fixing it promptly, & giving back. Nokia is always going to have my business because of this.

I've not had any connectivity issues, however, my wife's 900 's Bing button does not work.  It vibrates when pressed, but Bing does not come up.  I ran Nokia's diagnostics utility and says the button hardware is working.....I'll be heading to the ATT store later today for a replacement....

I bought two yesterday.. I am indeed affected by this issue nonetheless.
I wonder if I'll get the $100 credit twice lol :D

I really respect Nokia's goodwill.  This is THE company that will always get my financial support for their products.  
Nokia fo' life!

Not even taking into account their superior hardware, services ect ect ect....
One of the biggest reasons I recommend Nokia is they are behind WP 100%.  This is the ONLY OEM you will get "serious" support from.
This is excellent news.

This is great great news. How would we get it replaced? Just take it to at&t or is Nokia doing their own replacement? I haven't had the issue yet, not I'm leaving the country on Friday and want to know where to take it if I need to before then.

It says a software fix is coming Monday what part of that made you feel there was a need to get a replacement phone?

Wonder how do they know which ones have the bug? Unless they knew about this problem weeks or months ago (and took a chance and launched anyway) there is no way good replacements are here already..

Actually its idoitic to think like that. Since its a simple software bug, AT&T can do the update for customers when they walk in ;) No need to spoil the customer with replacements :D

Yea, replacements that might not work either...
Simple software bug like the disappearing keyboard lol..
I commend Nokia 1000% for getting right on it but still seems fishy..

From what I read in another article, Nokia already has the fix implemented and is shipping new phones out to AT&T stores over the next couple of days.

I love Nokia. They have definitely earned so much respect.

I haven't had an issue with my phone so far though. So I'm glad. Even if the issue starts up, I can wait to April 16.

I had data connectivity issues, but after talking to a Nokia person in the ATT store, he told that they were having trouble with a small number of phones, and that I could just go back to the Microsoft store and exchange it. I did spend a good hour and a half trying to fix the problem with ATT customer support.
I exchanged the phone, and now it works perfectly. I was not going to complain though, as an early adopter, I know what I'm getting myself into.
But this move by Nokia is great. I'm glad they did it, this might hurt their profits a little bit in the short run, but it will create great goodwill and will help the company in the future.

Here are the bestbuy.com sales rankings for today. The Lumia 900 is off to a good start since new phones on bestbuy.com never rank high in their first week. Next week we'll see how it's really doing.

AT&T (69 phones offered)
28. Samsung Focus Flash (27. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
34. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (not available a week ago)
45. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (not available a week ago)
53. HTC Titan (35. a week ago, 33. a month ago)
54. Samsung Focus S (54. a week ago, 52. a month ago)
63. HTC HD7S (62. a week ago, 60. a month ago)
65. HTC Surround (65. a week ago, 62. a month ago)

T-Mobile (27 phones offered)
4. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (3. a week ago, 5. a month ago)
5. Nokia Lumia 710 White (4. a week ago, 6. a month ago)
7. HTC Radar (6. a week ago, 9. a month ago)

Verizon (56 phones offered)
52. HTC Trophy (36. a week ago, 53. a month ago)

Sprint (46 phones offered)
28. HTC Arrive (39. a week ago, 30. a month ago)

This is why I got the 900...i never saw an update from HTC or Samsung for the S or Titan with their issues or even just an acknowledgement that there were issues.

that's exactly why I will stay away from HTC and Sammy, moving forward...the Titan was the buggiest phone i've ever used and each issue I had could have been solved with updates that never came

I was wondering this too. I purchased mine last night from amazon for the full price, not sure if I'll get the rebate

So losing data connectivity is critical, but having a keyboard disappear so you can't type isn't.  I see ATT....it is only critical when people can't get on your network, you could give a damn if the actual device worked or not....just as long as it can connect to the network.  You crooks.

technically no other carriers have released a fix yet either. So it's not fair to single out ATT

T-Mobile has and Verizon has announced they will. Plenty of international carriers have rolled out 8107. It is fair to lambast AT&T for the lack of updates.

1 out of 4 is a bad ratio. lol
I had sprint before, they didn't release it for the Arrive

No doubt, the whole 8107 fiasco (with the carriers) was/is unbelievable... I'm just glad that of the 4, my carrier actually pushed it thru... It only affected my wife and mine's phone here and there, but it was HUGELY annoying, and you can't help but blame (and blame HARD) those that are preventing u from having it corrected... I went to xda almost immediately, because I couldn't stand it... My wife waited for official update, but said she only had it happen a few more times... When it happened to me it was 3 or more times per word, and about 4 times per sentence... SUUUUUCKED!!! Just giving some appreciation to the ONLY carrier that thought it was in their best interest (cuz it probably wasn't their huge concern for customer experience, but WAS for customer retention & gain) haha... Now, if they would only enhance/legitimize that theory by bringing some newer and higher-spec devices I think I could be a little less envious of some of the other carriers' consumers (as far as hardware goes)... ;)

So if I work this right, I sell my iPhone for 300, buy the Lumia 900 for 450, get 100 credit and end up only paying $50 for it. Not a bad deal at all.

All in all probably not good that this happened even though there making good on it. Just one more thing for the critics to hammer wp7 on. The biggest launch for a WP7 device yet and it doesn't connect to the network

Yeah my dad got a 900 yesterday on Rogers and his phone randomly and regularly loses data for minutes.

Awesome!! I went through two sim cards already and no good. I will look for that update!
Oh, and the $100 credit!!

That's straight gangsta.

It's almost too nice. I mean.. every product has initial bugs.. And the fact that they have a fix out Monday is awesome.

My phone has the issue and I've been on the phone with att as well.

I was just going to exchange my phone tomorrow but now I may just wait.

Good on Nokia for going above and beyond

Nokia will credit all who purchased the device and who will purchase the device through April 21st! Contract or off contract purchases, at&t or amazon! Only a company like Nokia can back their product like this. Love it

WOW! Nokia is awesome, you know what Samsung did for me as an early adopter of the Galaxy S with all the GPS issues? SQUAT!

You're not the only one has problem with Samsung. When I purchase my Samsung Vibrant i did not test the GPS and when I need it, it did not work. Then I found out in the forum people having the same issues. TMobile gave me a replacement, for a while it's working and then the problem came back again, and I said good bye. Hello WP and i'm happy camper.

Definitely seeing odd data issues and only after 2 or 3 reboots it goes back to normal.  Weird stalls, can't contact the Windows Live service for no reason, have 4 or 5 signal bars all the time.  Phone is great otherwise!
Kudos to them for 1. fixing it promptly before it's a big scandal, and 2. the $100 compensation keeps the ecosysm extra happy (although the update itself should be enough). 
I do hope this is a sign of "standard operating procedure" for the future and that AT&T doesn't get in the way to much.

This is awesome news, I personally haven't had a problem with data connection, but ill take the credit, lol! I did have a weird problem when I restarted my phone yesterday and it didn't want to start up and kept telling me low battery on a full battery, weird!

Thank you Nokia for a finding the problem, stepping up and taking ownership for issue and for doing the right. You provided affirmation I picked the right pony to ride the after ditching my iPhone! I love this phone and can't wait to get it working outside of my wireless...

If this was an iPhone, Steve Jobs would tell us we were holding the phone wrong. By the way $100 credit for the phone, and $50 Amazon gift card. I'm pretty far ahead of the game.

Well I've had connectivity issues with the lumia 710 now I seriously starting to wonder if its more than just a t-mobile problem because my phone says it has 4 bars yet I sometimes can't connect.

Hmmm... Where's my Update and $100 for the disappearing keyboard on my Titan? HTC+MSoft+AT&T= FAIL. Looks like I might just get myself a 900 for $350 off contract. I like my HTC phones but if only Nokia can get necessary updates out of AT&T, well, adios amigos!

Have not had any issues with mine. Glad to see though if I were to have any problems that Nokia stands behind its products unlike the competition including Apple...yes Apple.

I just called at&t and spoke with a CSR. She did not know about this but does now. She stated that her supervisors would notify all the other employees to be on the lookout for calls for this issue.
She gave me a $100 credit towards my at&t.
on the Windows Marketplace now looking to spend a few bucks...
Number I called was 1-800-331-0500..

Spoke to a csr who was also unaware. After I showed him the link he spoke with his supervisor who said Nokia will be putting in the credit automatically within this billing cycle.

I have called my local ATT store, and every other number for ATT that I can find. And they are all denying that the $100 credit is being offered to new customers unti April 21. Does anywone know where this offer can be found on the ATT website??

The thing that looks huge to me is that according to Nokia's press release, the update is being pushed via Zune, not (apparently) over-the-air.   Same way that Apple updates iPhones, and the way that does the most to break the carrier stranglehold on phone updates!
I get the major sense of rocks and hard places crashing against each other inside the Microsoft-Nokia-AT&T alliance.  Hopefully to the future benefit of we, the phone-using customers.