Nokia activates yet another filter for #2InstaWithLove


Nokia is continuing to update its #2InstaWithLove app with more filters. It was only last week when we saw the manufacturer add in the Pureview filter and today we now also have OIS. The effect joins the likes of Smartshot, Lumia, Nightshot and more, offering consumers even more cool ways to edit photos.

You can download #2InstaWithLove from the Windows Phone Store.via: WindowsPhoneApps.es

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Nokia activates yet another filter for #2InstaWithLove


I can't see them updating this app on a regular basis without having Instagram somewhere in the pipeline.. but it's been ages, release it already fgs.

@onysi...Well, #2instawithlove was released long before itsdagram; is Nokia just supposed to stop supporting the app they created just because there are Instagram wannabe apps in the Marketplace?  Should Daniel Gray stop supporting his app once Instagram releases the official Instagram app on the Windows Phone platform?

This isn't Daniel Gray, it's Nokia and the point of this app is to "show love to Instagram", not to be an Instragram client. It's like the MS Xbox app that they released yesterday, it's to view the Xbox event later today, once the event has finished the the point of the app is removed and so should the app be. I think this app has made it's point now so it can be removed. Otherwise it just starts to look silly. Ridiculous even.

and the point of making the #2instawithlove app is not just to show some love to Instagram, but to draw their attention also, isn't it?

Honestly... I've never used Instagram.. but with Nokia adding so many filters, would anyone even need Instagram?
In fact, I'd suggest Nokia release this app in all platforms to compete with Instagram, at least you wont have your photos invaded without your consent!

Adding filters is one of the part of Instagram .. It is famous also because it's a social network in itself where people share pics

All this talk about Instagram, but when you finally get it you don't understand a fucking thing why people moan about it. All my images got likes by complete randoms, I assume people who like-for-like. I prefer smaller communities like EyeEm or even Fhotoroom.

People use it to promote themselves, to be discovered and "liked". If you don't like that stick with FB where you have more privacy.

When this was released many people thought it was just a precursor to an official Instagram client, now 2 months later that is obviously not the case and it's more a plea from Nokia to Instagram. Now there's a few unofficial Instagram clients in the store, is there really any need for this app? There's plenty of apps out there that apply filters that have more features than this, so i'm not sure why people would use this now?
Nokia should do more with this, or just quietly remove it, claim it's job done with Itsdagram, Metrogram, etc in the market. Or open source it and let people add features to it; it'd be a great sample app to demonstrate different aspects of WP.

Yes, I read his comment and it is ridiculous.  As I stated above to onysi, just because there are variants of an app in the Marketplace, but many find an alternate 'variant' that they like more, should the developers of the other variants just remove their app? (it's a rhetorical question)
I suppose when Instagram releases their official Instagram app, the poster will make another ridiculous comment that the developers of the Instagram clones should just "quietly remove" their apps as well.....

I think ridiculous is a bit strong a word here. I take your point, but this is Nokia, not your average developer.
This app was created by Nokia to show Instagram that people have a desire for their services on WP. Now that developers have come in to fill that gap, what point is there in this anymore?
It would be different if Nokia had been trying to build their own Instagram client or alternative, but that isn't the case here.
It would be different if this was a small developer building their own app, I'd expect them to keep supporting it even when an official app came out, but that isn't the case here.
I've seen many ridiculous comments on this website, unrealistic, out-of-touch, biased, crazed, foolhardy and much worse, but that isn't the case here.

It doesn't matter who develops an app or why it was developed - an alternative app arriving on a plafform does not warrant other similar apps to be pulled from the Marketplace.
I still find your suggestion/point of view ridiculous.  My opinion.  Your opinion.

I think Nokia should just give these filters to Daniel Gary to use in Itsdagram if they really care about Instagram on Windows Phone. These filters on Itsdagram would be awesome!

Already paid for itsdagram... so even when an official app is released, I'll likely continue to use it.  Very nice app. :)

Somebody tell Nokia about itsdagram. Id rather use that than an official one now. Sticking it to instagram the lazy bastards.