Nokia to aggressively target U.S. and competitors

Nokia has a not-so-now secret plan, which they aim to stick to when battling it out against Apple and Google's Android. We've witnessed the opening page of this design in the past few weeks with the scale of the advertising and how the two first handsets are priced. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Stephen Elop had a quick interview with Reuters.

"In the early days our first competitors are the other ecosystems. You see us pricing the devices so that that we can get what we think will be a good volume."

The Lumia 710 is being priced at €270, while the 800 is available at €420 (and was released today in Europe). With giving away 25,000 devices to developers, the manufacturer hopes the attractive prices and relationship building will pay off with sales. It's always been about volume with 2012 being the year when Nokia opens up the flood gates for Windows Phone. Elop moved onto explain that both high and low priced handsets will be brought to the table to combat other platforms.

"Our intent is to go very aggressively to the U.S. market."

Good news for our U.S. friends, Nokia will be hitting the shores hard, and if what they've done in the UK is anything to go by, there should be some exciting devices on the way. Also, Elop mentioned they have no plans for any Windows 8 tablets, but do find the prospect interesting.

Source: Reuters


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Nokia to aggressively target U.S. and competitors


2012 should prove to be very interesting.Looks as though Microsoft made a very great decision inking this deal with Nokia.

I wonder how their stock value is doing. It looks like they are hitting all the right notes. However Microsoft is doing the same, but their stock is still is practically moving horizontally.

Nokia stock is down a little today to $6.56 per share that down 0.02 per share or for the week .056 per share. stock symbol is NOK

I just hope they don't go AT&T exclusively. Espicially since T-Mobile has been thier biggest supporter in the states for years.

T-Mobile can have the Lumia 710, and perhaps the 7## series of phones. The premium devices should be on the top 2 U.S. carriers (AT&T and Verizon).

Dont see why this should be the case for WP7 handsets, tmo doesnt seem to have a problem stocking the top android devices.

Well, Nokia's aim is to make a grand entrance back into the U.S. with high end, LTE devices - AT&T, and even Verizon, are the networks to do that with, not to mention that they have larger customer bases. Plus, ATT has been the only carrier to carry more than 3 WP devices - because they wanted to; T-Mobile, not so much. From a Nokia standpoint, I can see why they would want to *court* ATT given that they have supported WP, at least with device offerings, moreso than any other U.S. network.

I'm not a T-Mo customer, yet I'm happy that you're not the one who'll be making the decision as to which carrier gets which phone. Can't believe you're actually arguing for Win Phone devices to be exclusive to any carrier; can't believe your lack of empathy for customers on other carriers either.

If I were making the decisions for T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon, WP customers and fans would have more than 1 device to choose from :)Since those three carriers have chosen not to support WP in a more significant way, if I were Nokia, I'd would simply court the carrier that would give my devices and brand name the most significant exposure and chances for selling lots of devices - and for now, that is ATT.Folks have freedom to choose which carrier they give their money too - if the device you want is not carried by your current carrier, leave. It's simple!

Cool, as long as MS don't allow them to do any underhanded things, it's cool. If they do, keep away from the US.

I agree but AT&T is talking nokia. I have this gut feeling that T-M0 will end up with all the low-end devices. wich sucks because there is nothing to upgrade my HD7 to. and seeing how i'm stuck on T-MO for a while.. it sucks.

Nokia having exclusive games is underhanded how? If Nokia is paying for exclusivity for a certain period of time, and EA agrees, so what? Samsung and HTC both have money - they can do the same for their WP customers as well, but they haven't even attempted to add value or tried to offer incentives for consumers to choice their WP devices over another WP device or OS.Nokia cares about their consumers, and want to sell more handsets - there is nothing wrong with this.


As long as you can get some of your great Windows Phones on Sprint, I'm happy.Better come with a QWERTY keyboard though Elop, or I'm not buying.

Alright, Nokia. Enough foreplay. Release some dam hardware in the U.S. and quit talking about how great its going to be. And lets get some CDMA action.

Word on the street is that the Nokia Ace could have a physical keyboard. That would be a nice professional-oriented device.

You know, this is believable, and it just makes sense. Hopefully, they will use the N950 shell (which is basically the N9 with a physical keyboard) - they only produced about a few hundred of the N950 for developers, so they may as well put that shell to good use by putting WP in it :) I believe it has a 4" screen as well.

Man I love Nokia, but sorry dudes you are taking forever. My Titan should arrive in a few days. Nokia will have to be my next one.

I love the nokia windows deal. Was an inspired move on both parts to be honest. i also see this opening up new avenues for Nokia, and that is tablets. I have read that confirmation has been leaked that Nokia will release a Windows 8 tablet device, no doubt it will look and feel awsome!
An area that is often overlooked is business users and needs. Android is a no go in this area, and though some have adopted the iPhone and many more blackberry devices, pretty much all the businesses I have spoken to wish they could move back to Nokia devices (why, because they do just work, the build quality is second to none and they always work in their primary function, that of a phone!). I think the deal with Microsoft makes Nokia viable for business again, couple this with Office and Sharepoint on your mobile and its the most obvious choice. Throw into the mix Windows 8 tablets from Nokia and I can see enterprise wide agreements being struck early 2012 for Nokia supplying Windows Phones and Tablets....
Fingers crossed....