Nokia Amber update to include Bluetooth 4.0 support for Lumia 720, 620 and 520

Bluetooth 4

The upcoming Nokia Amber update for Windows Phones is also set to include Bluetooth 4.0 support for Lumia 720, 620 and 520 Windows Phones. According to a leaked slide, Nokia will be explicitly introducing low energy capabilities and support for hardware and accessories. This information came to light from a press event in Hong Kong.

Other improvements noted in the Amber update include altering the temperature of photos, focus times, sharpness when zooming and viewing photos in the Pictures Hub, battery life, glance screen and more. It hasn't been confirmed if the Bluetooth improvements will be hitting the Lumia 92x range of Windows Phones, though we can't imagine Nokia leaving out its premium range of customers.

Rumors have been circulating since Windows Phone 8 launched last year that the new hardware supported BT4.0 but the drivers had yet to be written. Evidently, Microsoft had a lot of work to do in bringing Windows Phone from CE to the NT Kernel, and the lack of Bluetooth 4.0 could be a side effect of that transition. With Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) on board, Windows Phone will be able to connect up to smart watches and fitness utilities like our favorite Fitbit.

Source: BlogJack! via: WMPU; Thanks, halamadrid, for the tip!


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Nokia Amber update to include Bluetooth 4.0 support for Lumia 720, 620 and 520


I thought when the 920 was announced, the Nokia product pages stated it did have 4.0, until it was changed to 3.x as WP didn't support it at the time?
[EDIT] Seems they have the capability, the 920/820 were apparently certified with BT 4.0 LE too.
Of course, while the hardware is still apparently there, Nokia could still ignore the capability in the 92X/8XX with Amber, and save it for a future update.

I can't see any mention of 4.0 on that page, all I can see is that the phone is on there because it has bluetooth no matter what version

Miracast would not be a shock, it's been confirmed to be included in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 at the OS level. It would certainly be a nice addition, and would add ammunition to my bid with the wife to get a receiver.

Guessing it's not there for L920. Otherwise they would be marketing the L925 as having Bluetooth 4. It has Amber and GDR 2 updates already.

If anyone knew for certain, i think it would've been in the article. But I have a feeling nube's question still would've been in the comments.

Well no freezing here and i listened to music all weekend though my 8x.
Another thing I've noticed is that you can play wav files now.

Yeah, when I see this: " It hasn't been confirmed if the Bluetooth improvements will be hitting the Lumia 92x range of Windows Phones, though we can't imagine Nokia leaving out its premium range of customers." it says to me that they don't know, so why ask?

Interesting, this event is held in Hong Kong
With reference to wikipedia, the GDP per capita of Hong Kong is higher than that of United States

Me too. I love the 928 and use the fitbit so it would be nice to see it connect to it any other fitness devices.

Yep, agree with you guys. 928 and Fitbit user here, as well. It's gotta be there if it's in those low-end models and the 920.

I don't believe they'll leave the L820 and L920 (and its variants) out.
Unless, perhaps the GDR2 and Amber will NOT come together and Microsoft didn't included the feature for <1Ghz phones for no reason on the GDR2...so Nokia added it on their Amber release for those phones...

What's wrong with helping the elderly "figure it out?" You're no different the "/cry wheres the MAC version?!?!" on every fucking MMO game forum.

Don't whine if you don't have the best. End of discussion. Case closed.

Its a legitimate question idiot. The 810/820/822 variants came out at the same time as the 920. They also have the same Qualcomm chipset. Not everyone cares enough about Bluetooth 4.0 to "upgrade" especially since anyone "upgrading" on a 2 year contract has another year to go. How about you "upgrade" from douche bag to simply jerk.

So idiot, you suppose every single update we have to upgrade to get advanced features of it when those gadgets have the same processors and can support it?

This issue is recognised as the "many users reported serious Bluetooth car speaker issues", and none of the affected parties give a royal sh*t to fix this.
I feel its more a WP8/Nokia bug, than a car audio system bug. For example, when I turn ON the bluetooth radio on my 920 (I usually switch BT off to conserve battery power, as the 920 is not that great on battery life anyway), it tries to connect to my car via paired connection. When this happens, I have to accept the 920 connection attempt for the BT music share on my car audio system (actually I configured my car not to automatically allow the 920 to start playing music when the BT session is established, you will soon understand the reason). After I grant access the music share for the 920, the 920 starts playing music automatically, without me asking first to do that. Does anyone know why the 920 wants to start playing random music automatically, without me going into the crappy xbox music app to actually select SOMETHING to listen to? That is the reason, why I enforce the acceptance of the "Music share" on my car system, so I can select rejecting the music share, in which case the phone wont start playing music randomly.
But the main point of my post comes just now: when I ACCEPT the music share on my car display, the 920 seems to go unresponsive for approx. 10-15 seconds, before starting random music playing. During this 10-15 seconds, I cannot do anythin on the 920, it does not respond to the touch screen. I think that behavior is the fault of the phone, and not my car speaker system.

I have a 822, and the Bluetooth works great in my car. My radio doesn't have Bluetooth built in and I have to use a cheap, wireless adapter that connects to the AUX input though. So there aren't really any settings, I just turn on the adapter and it's ready to go. Never had music start playing automatically.

Seeing HTC's history, your HTC 8X would probably never get an update. HTC is the worst company. I used to own HTC TITAN, which was WP 7.5 flagship device and I rarely got any update from HTC. Promise yourself that you would never buy HTC again. 

My last WP was (got 920 now) a HTC Radar. Really liked it, but...........
Brother in law is borrowing it now, still no sign of upgrade, update, whatever...
Same with my last two Androids (yak) no sign of any support whatsoever :( Sell and forget...
That's why I now have a beautiful, shiny yellow Nokia Lumia 920 :)
HTC, Samsung, Android.... never again!!

More interested in the picture related stuff. Don't use Bluetooth that often ( I do have one though). Also want to to try the color profile thing.

They didn't mention the 920 or the 820 or the 810 variant but its guaranteed that Nokia would not upgrade their budget handsets and forget about their flagships and higher end devices like the 810, 820, and of course the 920. I'm sure even the 928 will be taken care of cause that's a flagship on Verizon. The 810 is biggest concern as it was tmobiles flagship till the 925 then it was dropped like it never existed from TMobile and I use a 810 and absolutely love the device.

Ah WP8 stuff. I think the whatsapp overhaul is the only thing we WP7.8 folks can look forward to.
Good to know there's so much you WP8 kids can look forward to.
The WP7.8 veterans will just sit on the sidelines cheering and egging you guys on ;)

And hoping that one day you'll maybe have enough money for L520 and buy it ;)
Nahh, just kidding. Still it's WP8>WP7.8

Btw, where is that whatsapp update???

Haha! Well, I'm just hanging on because it's still not been an year with my 610 and there's something curiously charming about it and I can't seem to tear myself away from it :) Will give WP8 some more time and then dive right into it (something more than an entry level model this time) :D
Also, I hear the Whatsapp update might come out soon. sometime early July 2015  -_-   :P

Getting there, Getting there :) Took a nasty hit when WP7.x suddenly went "legacy" a few months after i bought it. Will recover in some time and catch up ;)
Till then I'll just keep reiterating my love for WP7.x :P

That is not normal. I have five different Bluetooth devices paired to my 920, bt is used every day and only one lockup since I bought the phone on release day. Sounds like whatever you're paired to might have issues to me. I use Monster, Plantronics, and Nokia headphones / speakers, and a Honda Odyssey van.

Whatever he's paired to, if it makes the phone lock up that's a problem with the phone.  At worst it should just disconnect.

Yes it isnt normal but it happens. Nokia is aware and working on the issue but i have my own opinions on Ñokia quality.

While this article mentions improved battery life, the Chinese article says they have yet to look at battery life.  Unless I'm missing something.

These "well informed" news portals just cross-steal the articles from each other, replace the name at the bottom (replace from Chin-Chan-Chung to John Smith) and press the "Publish" button. Dont expect added value, these are just for "page hits" and more advertisements to display. I think its approx. 2-3 articles per week what contains useful information, the rest of the articles are just digital noise. For example: posting separate articles for every single new feature of Windows 8.1, instead of writing a single unified article. More articles, more page visits, more income from the google ads.

Yeah i am just hoping they update the poor ignored little (but awesome) 810. I don't want to have a dead end device just a few months after purchase...

If amber brings Bluetooth 4.0shouldnt it be present on the 925?which I was under the impression had that update already? If so how has it been missed in reviews?

I bet that when Nokia says Amber update they mean GDR2 and Amber update. I do wonder if Amber will come in different stages. Amber may be version 2 of fimware but if may be 2.0 and then 2.1 and so on.

Way off topic-> When is the WhatsApp team going to update WhatsApp?? Its way past the starting of June expected release.. I'm exhausted now....

The SDK most likely won't have support for it until 8.1 same as Windows 8.1. They just added the low power SDK in 8.1 preview.

Is amber coming only for RM-820 or RM-821 as well.Nokia and Msft have habit of launching first in US which is 820, then releasing after 2 months for 821. Its just stupidity. So basically if its coming for RM-821,users ols expect it in,Oct or Nov 2013.

Yes develop for the 20% that use BT devices with their phones, instead give us good file transfer.

I think MS only advertises new features in their press materials. They cannot put there details like: "...and by the way we fixed a lot of software issues, because our stupid indian programmers dont know how to code, they just finished their 24hrs how to code in C# training last week".
So I think these kind of fixes will be mentioned as the usual bullsh*t sentence MS is using recently: "An update is available that improves the compatibility, reliability, and stability of product XYZ blablabla bullsh*t bullsh*t blablabla.
This sentence can mean anything, so its the ideal jolly joker statement, you cannot get a grab on it because it does what it does.

Please. Please let it be so.
I used an iPhone (I know, sacrilege) yesterday and caught myself loving it's feature of not accumulating confusing storage as I use the phone. Craziness.

"Battery improvements" what a joke. Always gets a mention in any update and never improves. Still rubbish, major 920 drawback and such a shame.

Also please switch off the GSM radio, activate airplane mode, turn off the display and never touch it. Congratulations, you now have a 950$ paperweight! (in one of those European countries with not so lucky history, I bought it around that price unbranded). Thats not the way a smartphone has to be used in order to survive for 1 day at least.

Seriously? Thanks but those are THE most basic tips out there. I have done EVERYTHING in EVERY tips forum there is and nothing makes a difference. This is an issue for many of us 920 owners who suffer dreadful battery life and there is WAY more to it than switching those functions off, look around. If i switched off any more features I'd only be able to take calls!

When you notice a sudden drop of charge, give this procedure a try:
0) first of all, dont connect the phone to the charger
1) write down to a piece of paper the current battery charge level
2) press and hold the power button for 5-6 seconds, until the switch off screen appears
3) swipe down the shutdown text so the phone shuts down completely
4) turn the phone on again, and wait until it finishes to boot completely
5) go back to the battery charge in the settings menu, and see whats the current charge level
6) Is it actually BIGGER than it was before the shutdown-startup process? If the answer is yes, you are facing the same bug that annoys me every 2-3 times I charge my phone: it misreports the charge level. In fact, there is way more charge in the battery, it just gets crazy and reports a much lower value. So no need to plug into the charger, it may even damage the battery if you overcharge it.

I made no such claim about 3 months.
I did, however, refute your claims. To which you got angered, resorted to name calling and made more unsubstantiated claims. Then when I asked for a link to back up your claims, you deleted at least three of your posts.
I'm sorry that you get agitated when someone points out your false statements, but making such statements serves no one.

LOL ... and now, even the post I was responding too has been deleted. At least now we know that the posts of "fndlumia" are not worth reading.

He got really mad too. Did you see any of the things he said before deleting his own comments?
I mean don't make outlandish comments that you can't back up... and then don't start crying when someone calls you on it.
I didn't make any condescending remarks toward him and from his first reply he started name calling - while not making one point to back up his claims.

I didn't, I just saw copies of what he said as a response to my post, he seems very bitter about Nokia and Microsoft, even though he owns a 920 and 92.

where is it already? they announced in in May, how long do they think people should wait for a freaking update? Yeah, I'm getting annoyed over waiting for an update + kinda interested in trying that Hipstamatic app. 


Does it include the adjustment of Volume Control.
Currently Windows 8 does not allow to adjust the seperate volume for Ringtone, Music Player and Video Player.
It is very pethetic!

If this is to come out for the 92X devices, why has it not been mentioned in any 925 reviews which was/is released with the Amber update?

I trust Nokia is not just going to let customers of their highest end (920!) phone stand in the cold. Customers that purchase (and pay) the premium expect premium  support. Otherwsie the message Nokia gives is "only buy the cheaper phones".

I just bought the Lumia 520 and the Bluetooth is not being picked up by my car or my friend's galaxy s4. Is there a reason why.??? Help!!!!