Nokia Mix Party

Having a 4th of July party? Nokia and Internet Explorer team up to power your party’s music

In just two days the United States will be celebrating her independence. To celebrate, Nokia and Internet Explorer are teaming up to solve a problem a lot of parties encounter – what music to play. And their solution looks awesome. Nokia Mix Party is a new way for groups of people to work together on choosing what music to listen to. How does it work? What do you need?

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Remember PhotoBeamer? It was that really cool app from Nokia that allowed you to effortlessly share pictures from your Lumia to basically any screen that has a web browser. Nokia Mix Party is an extension of some ideas from that project. All you need is an Xbox, some smartphones, a party, and friends.

  1. Open with Internet Explorer from your Xbox 360;">
  2. Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  3. Vote with your phone what artists you want to hear next

Nokia Mix Party seems like a pretty kickass way to source what music the party has by using the very guests that will be enjoying it. One thing Nokia Mix Party doesn’t solve is how to get invited to parties in the first place. You’re on your own there. Music looks like it comes from Nokia Music

Source: Nokia Mix Party, Via: Reddit


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Having a 4th of July party? Nokia and Internet Explorer team up to power your party’s music


Yeah. Honestly, it'd be nice if they attempted to promote their products with to people outside of the U.S a bit more.

you can use "Chrome UA spoofer"app if you use chrome browser.....
the user agent string of xbox ie is 
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident 5.0; Xbox)

It's a promotional thing. All it would take is a few tweaks from them and it should work with any browser. Maybe after a few days they'll open it to any machine.

If you like this idea then you should check out Hurl. It is very similar and is available on all platforms for any browser.

a little off-topic:
for a non-American: Do kids (or students or someone else) celebrate an independence day tasted party with American flags? :D
Sorry, I can't imagine, that's why I'm asking.
In Germany at Reunification Day you drink beer in a park, (especcially I would go clubbing the day before) because there is a free day ;)

When I lived in Switzerland I celebrated it. July 4 there was a huge party in Zurich where all the expats got together and had fireworks and American flags. It was awesome. Except for the part where 8 year old same nearly blew his hand off with a bag of fireworks.

It's actually a cool idea and works as advertised but it feels like this could be a much bigger thing than some novelty at a party. 

I'm a pc gamer. I use my Xbox only to Play offline games (exclusive games) since in my pc I dont need to be Gold to Play a multiplayer match.

I just tried this with my 8X and my wife's iphone and it works flawlessly!  This is a great idea (yes like hurl but with music instead of youtube videos).  Very good execution by IE and Nokia!

This is awesome! To echo above... I just tried it too and it does work across platforms. Now I will be the life of my next party. What a cool idea!

since one fucking update i cant use Nokia Music anymore because the option for mix radio was removed

It works quite well for me on chrome using UA Spoofer, and a lumia 920. I just wish I had any idea who these artists were. The ability to search artists on your phone would be great but I know they partnered with certain groups I would guess.

1. This looks like a pretty cool idea and I really want to try it out.
2. This ad is pretty hilarious.
3. I just need some friends to come over. :'(

I used Nokia Music for my pool party the other day! Love the pre-made mixes. I streamed to a bluetooth speaker from my NL920, though, and not xbox. Keep the goodies coming, Nokia!

Cool idea, if you have an Xbox. I would have bought one if it dualed as a blu-ray player, but....

Cool, if you have both a Xbox - which none of my friends nor I self have - and a Nokia - at which I'm the only one between all my friends.
Why only on Xbox? I have a great Windows PC with a great webbrowser, coupled to a great sounds system.
Actually, since I have my lybraries on my notebook I'm waiting for a long time for a Windows 8 music app that can be remote controlled with my phone. I hope that would be Windows' next step. I guess I'm one of a great amount of PC users that uses his PC as media centre?

use your PC for this then. change ur user agent string to Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident 5.0; Xbox) .

as i was writing this i deleted "why are you complaining," "How hard is it to" but then thought i should calm down and not be rude. :-S

I guess that was a right decision of yours, since Nokia & Xbox' solution as described, doesn't look much like a full music player.