Nokia and O2 unveil the 64GB Lumia 1020 in the UK, available late September

Nokia and O2 (Telefonica) today announced the Lumia 1020 in the UK. Both companies utilised the O2 Arena in London, a fitting choice for the smartphone which enables owners to capture important moments in life, including entertainment and live music. O2 strives to continue being Microsoft's most important partner in the UK, offering multiple Windows Phones for consumers.

So what's new with the Lumia 1020 in the UK? You'll be able to get your hands on one from September 25th.

The Lumia 1020 64GB version will be exclusively available on supported Telefonica networks, confirming our earlier report from July on that limited edition. This includes O2 in the UK.

Ronan Dunne, CEO O2 & Telefonica UK, took to the stage, along with Chris Webber from Nokia to unveil the Lumia Windows Phone and what makes the smartphone special compared to competing hardware.

If you're not interested in O2, Three UK have fired up pre-orders for the same device, starting at £69 on contract and £549 unlocked. As well as Europe, we've also started to cover International mobile operators teasing the upcoming release. We'll have more details to follow. Just note that you'll be able to get your hands on one before the month is out.

Vodafone, EE, Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse will also be stocking the device.


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Nokia and O2 unveil the 64GB Lumia 1020 in the UK, available late September


Sorry but i'm from ireland and it'll be another month or more before we even get this phone, why? Nokia Ireland and UK are seperate unlike every other buisness in the world considering london has a larger population than our entire island... The US ALWAYS get the better models and first... I wouldn't mind as much only Nokia is European, and more or less every phone company sells more phones in Europe than the US, think it has something to do with the fact there is 600 million people is the EU (not europe which is 980)...Its also why i look at the Nokia-AT&T deal and see the worst idea ever in the history of ideas... oh and the fact we get bent over about price... EG: an iPhone 64 gig here in Ireland is €899.... right now that $1,195.45............ for a phone.... Nokia is the only one who starts a high end phone here at €550 where the gs4 and one are €650 maybe €600 depending on network... €650 is $864 for a gs4 that you pay $600 for which is €450.... I bought a GS4 in the US and brought it back here and sold it for a profit all under the retail price here(only reason i bought one)... how is that fair... I hate when americans complain about something not going to america... Sorry for the rant... not really aimed at you but, you know.... I just real annoyed at companies, yamaha for example wont let shops sell abroud due to the fact they slap €300 on it.... ESP guitars, m1000 here off ESP was €1800... off ESP america $1100.... ehhh sorry what? bent..... over.....

What part of Ireland are you in? My buddy came to my wedding in the US all the way from Ireland. It seams every time I talk to someone they are from the same town as he is. He lives in Limerick

You're kidding right? When will the US get higher storage Windows Phones? :^(

Lumia 925... 16 GB
Lumia 1020...32 GB all with no expandable storage.

The Lumia 1520 is rumored to come with 32GB AND an microSD slot... according to the leaked images, Nokia finally figured out a nice way to integrate a microSD tray into a unibody design. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Its EE that set ridiculous prices. All the rest will set lower rates to get more customer. O2 will set a decent price.

+920 I'm a EE fella who got the 920 for £35 a month. It's much cheaper now and even more cheaper on other service providers. Guess I was too excited for the 920 :/ 

There was a price on the o2 website earlier that showed the price at £599. It also had the offer for camera grip, tripod, wireless charger and case if you preorder before 25th.

I pre-ordered as an upgrade (I was eligable for an upgrade from today too) from O2 around 2:30pm this afternoon (12th) via the O2 app on my phone.  Yellow, (doesn't mention size so think O2 just doing 64GB), 8GB 4G service on O2 refresh (where phone monthly payments are separate to sim contract) and it stated in order that I'm getting £150 accessories as a gift (reading around I'm guessing that is the accessories back Nokia and 3 network have mentioned).
I had just been on O2 web-site before going into the app and it still said Coming Soon as it did after I completed the pre-order.
Made up I managed to get a deal like this and early too!!

Can i ask what O2 app? What phone do you have? Its still showing as "Coming in September" on website.

Ill be so annoyed (pissed actually) if i miss out on such a deal (ie the extras)

I asked on online chat and was told they don't know as they don't have details or release date (despite Nokia AND O2 being at todays event and announcing availability from 25 Sep).

Can i ask what the pricing is like? I too am eligible for an upgrade and really want a 1020.

O2 app called "My O2" on my Nexus 4.  I had been on O2 online chat moments earlier and just been told that they could only tell me it wasn't out with them today (I thought it came out today after reading such on BBC).  She went on to say I should just look at web-site for further info and wait for pre-order to become available in future.  Acted like I wasn't eligable for upgrade so I logged into O2 web-site and it shows I'm able to get upgrade from today.
Suprised by the timing, I thought I'd check if my app stated upgrade eligable date, it had a link to O2 shop inside the app and it showed up as available to pre-order already - maybe it is some way linked to priority moments / existing customer upgrading?  It all went through and I've had the confirmation emails seconds later confirming my order.
My existing contract was costing me around £50 a month and was an iPhone contract that included 500MB data.  My new contract is £31 but the phone cost ranges from £25 per month (to get it free) to I think it was £299 now and no monthly cost.  This is all part of O2's new O2 Refresh scheme where you can pay off the phone at any time so you can upgrade your phone again whenever you want without affecting the sim/network contract.
Guaranteed delivery on day of release.  My only concern was it didn't list the details of the Accessories bundle, I've read what it includes elsewhere and therefore I'm hoping they colour code the Camera Grip and wireless charging with my choice of phone colour (yellow) - in other words, be a bit miffed if I get a black or white grip or backing plate/cover for wireless charging.  I'm sure O2 will give same colour accessories though.  Also doesn't state a size option so it looks like O2 simply will only do the 64GB version, no options to pick 32/64, not that it makes any sense to go for the 32GB version if you've the option to get the 64GB one.

Just checked the O2 Mobile site and both the Black and Yellow handset are listed as Out Of Stock (im pretty sure they said coming soon earlier, although i cant be certain). I too chose the Upgrade option on the MyO2 section of their mobile site.

Yeah, i don't get how 3 the smallest network gets preorders up on day of announcement, yet O2, the second largest (by customer base) who has a deal with Microsoft to promote Windows Phone, and who was on stage at the Nokia UK launch event, cannot!!

Yeah, i think O2 is only going the 64GB model, at least based on the Lumia 1020 product codes that were listed here on WPC.

When I was on the web-site and looked via the browser in MyO2 section I could see it coming soon, but when I logged into the separate O2 app called MyO2 then I got a different look of the O2 shop with the 1020 listed in Pre-Order on main page rather than under the Coming Soon section.  I'm glad I happened across it and had the time to do something about it then.
Usually I hear about other people finding ways to pre-order early or somehow manage to arrive later and get one (horrid flashback's to Google's horrendous launch of Nexus 4 a year ago).
I'm excited to be getting to go back to having a Nokia phone and also finally getting my hands on Windows Mobile that I've fancied since Windows 7 mobile introduced that metro tile look.

Well, thanks to the pointless MyO2 app on Windows Phone, that trick doesn't work.

I might have to try finding an Android phone to use for this purpose ;-)

Maybe I got even luckier than I thought, if they weren't supposed to be offering the pre-order yet, they'd likely honor my order (being that they credit check, get digital agreement on contracts etc) but take it down before they get hammered with orders...  They putting a lot on their plate with iPhone 5C / 5S pre-orders starting tomorrow too!  Can't see order processing servers staying up for long - unless their stability has improved or I'm over estimating the drawing power of a new iP to the iP loyalists.

So you suspect pre-orders may go up tomorrow? That though has crossed my kind as well.

I don't think you're underestimating the draw of the iPhone among iP loyalists, just have a look at O2s twitter profile. Just about every tweet is in reply to people asking about iPhone (thus everyone else, like us, get ignored lol). That's also why im eager to get mine ordered asap and am checking now, i know once orders go up, demand will be crazy and the site might crash. And i certainly don't want to miss pre-orders especially if it includes everything that is rumoured.

It certainly says the bundle value on my receipt is £150 and this information confirms to my mind it is the same deal...
Nokia have been finalising an accessory bundle for the UK market including the Wireless Charging Cover (CC-3066), Wireless Charging Pad (DT-900), Camera Grip (PD-95G) and a new Tripod (KVRM90). Separately, the whole bundle is worth about £150 retail value and is pretty much everything you need to make the most of a new Lumia 1020
Hopefully now all I need to be reassured of is it being colour matching, otherwise I'll be selling them on in order to get them in the matching yellow colour.

Received an email from Microsoft UK about the Lumia 1020 this morning, confirming the launch with included bundle when ordering between today and 25 September. Clinking on the link in the email takes you to...O2 Shop online.

So, i guess pre-orders should be up today.

Yeah. Still disappointed i didn't get the Wireless Charging cover & plate with my Lumia 820 on O2 (although they did refund me the value of the goods as a "good will gesture"), so hope to get it all "in the box" this time round

I'm all ordered and ready for the Lumia 1020.
£150 worth of accessories, plus a bit of a discount on the Airtime (excl Data) portion of the monthly fee) through my employer even better :)

I just get a vague feeling, one quite disturbing at that, that MS and Nokia are currently not going to get much success with these GDR2 devices even within Nokia and WP enthusiasts, now that everyone has gotten a hint of what kind of devices one could expect if one waited just a little longer. Look personally, I dig the L1020 and probably get it, but then again I get second thoughts when I see the image of that black 41MP hump on a 4.7' 1080p, quad core Lumia flashing in my imagination. With WP8.1, of course. Believe me, it is quite a conundrum. :/

Yeah same here. I think a quad core 1080p lumia 1025 is at least another 8 months away, and it will probably be Microsoft branded.
The Clove.co.uk deal which includes free camera grip, charging cover and charging plate plus tripod, is bit hard to resist so I ordered one.

Also am pretty sure the 1020 will be upgradable to WP8.1, if not I will be super annoyed.

That's right, but I am not holding my breath for that. I think this lesson in patience is not worth it. GDR2 has not come yet to, I guess, almost 80% of L920 owners. Picking up a phone with 8.1 pre-installed is considerably much less pain.

Nokia said end of September for the rollout to complete, lets wait till then before declaring what future updates won't come. And really, two months seems to be the standard rollout timeframe for WP updates, Mango was about the same so there's really no need for all the doom and gloom that's being thrown around, by att users mostly.

i very much doubt we will see a direct sucessor to the 1020 next month as the 1020 hasn't even been rolled out worldwide yet

Well, well, congratulations to you then. This will take another two months to land in India. So, a long wait awaits.

Yes, but  not on 4G LTE, ATT uses specific bands for LTE not supported in the Global variant.

Suck that American guys!!! You always get things first, for a low price, with certain exclusivities, with more options, with more services available on board...
Now just give the rest of the world a little bit more. :)

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(brag alert) my mate who works in o2 messaged me saying he can get me the yellow 1020 for a discounted £31 a month (no upfront fee) if i slap a returnable £50 deposit, and i get £150 worth of accessories!!! This includes wireless charging plate and cover, tripod and the grip!! What im trying to say is that i am the best at Lumia and rule all at being WP fan extraordinaire 2000 :D

(brag alert back) I got the yellow 1020 ordered at lunch time via O2 app for the 4G contract £31, £150 accessories free without any up front payments or the £50 deposit either.  :D :D

That is great! Really hope the 64 GB becomes the new standard in the US too. 32 GB is plenty but it's an amount that can realistically get filled up quickly in a year when taking a ton of pictures and videos and that's what many are doing with their phones, espeically Nokias.

This isn't any different then T-Mobile wanting a 16gb 925 and the UK getting a 32gb version I guess one solution could be for Microsoft to sell the higher memory versions there self

They should have this option at day one.  32GB at $199 and 64GB at $299.  L925 should have 32GB and no 16GB option.  L1520 should be 5.5" instead of 6".  Nokia RT tablet should never happen.  L7xx should be discontinued......

My next upgrade would be the next lumia after 1020, probably with quad cores & 64GB storage, right now i am saving so that by the time they release it i would have saved enough, currently i i have to stick with my L920

Mixed feelings about this.
It's great that a 64GB 1020 will hit the UK, just a shame it's part of an exclusive.
Another shame that O2 don't sell sim-free phones, otherwise I'm sure lots of people will go for a 64GB 1020 then get them unlocked for other networks.
Really hope the 64GB model gets a national roll out at some point.

Btw, if the O2 Refresh price listed for the "Out Of Stock" is correct (ie £0-£639), they have the "budget" 16GB iPhone 5C for the same price as the 64GB Lumia 1020.
Apple are nuts for pricing what is essentially an iPhone 5 is colour so high.

Ok. I'm looking at O2 deals.
I don't need more than 600 mins and some data...
Best I can find is:
1) 3g, 600 mins, 750MB = £12/month
2) Refresh contract = £99 now + £480 (24X15) = £579
3) Plus cashback of around £50 from quidco/topcashback for a new contract.
So basically £529 for handset (+ accesssories), and £12/month for 600 mins and poorish data.
Anyone care to suggest how they've done better?