Nokia and T-Mobile bringing 'something exciting' to NYC on Dec. 14

Nokia and T-Mobile event

Nokia and T-Mobile are teaming up for an event Dec. 14 in New York City, and it looks like we might well get our first glimpse of some sweet, sweet Nokia Windows Phone love here in the United States.

As you'll recall, we've already seen the Lumia 710 pass the FCC with its AWS bands intact, so that's a strong bet. Hopefully we'll get the Lumia 800 here as well. We've got our invite in hand. Guess we'll see what's what in a week.

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Nokia and T-Mobile bringing 'something exciting' to NYC on Dec. 14


i was wondering the same thing lol..
it's funny....i just got my Radar from Craigslist for this very reason; I want T-Mobile but didn't want to sign a contract in case something better comes out.  looks my patience paid off...

Yup. Good to see you back here. How did you have time for this when it looks like you've been burning up G+ today too?

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If this is 4G on tmobile, I'm in...have an unlocked Radar on the way to me right now. May wait to open it until the details drop on this.

Its the 710, nothing to get excited about. More importantly it means nothing decent will come to tmobile after that. Fan-bloody-tastic.

I don't know how come many of Windows Phone related blogs missed this news. I saw it few days ago in Windows Phone Network blog.
But according to their post it will be something like Lumia 800 or 900. Maybe Lumia 710 is just a start?
Anywyas, very welcoming and good news!!! :)

I jsut switched to AT&T from T-Mobile for a new windows phone. If Nokie hits T-mObile in a few months with the Nokia 800 or up, I'm gonna go punch somebody

The 710 will most likely be at the show. I will be disapointed if they don't ALSO release something higher end. But, nothing else has passed through the FCC that we know about.