Nokia announces New Purity Pro Wireless headset refresh

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The new wireless Purity Pro headset

Along with the new PlayUp mobile speaker from JBL-Nokia, it looks like those Purity headphones (over the ear) from Monster will also be getting a slight makeover.

The new version, which should be available later this year are not cheap: €299 or about $376. Last we checked, that’s a lot of money for some headphones.

The good news is you’re getting some neat technology this time around as Nokia has made these wireless with NFC pairing and Bluetooth streaming (you can also pair via BT).

The headphones come in four colors including black, red, yellow and white. Sadly, no cyan just yet but that yellow color seem to be the big new color for the Lumia line this year.

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Nokia announces New Purity Pro Wireless headset refresh


Should be really really good! I have both the Purity in-ears and on-ears. The in-ears are a bit over bassy, but there are great mids and highs with them, the on ears are fantastic though, they sound exactly like the music should sound with crisp highs, very very clear mids and tight bass thats not stupid and over-powering. The only issue with them I guess is a lot of people have been listening to music on stuff like Beats, which artificially increase bass and pretty much IMO ruin the actual sound (The ammount of people I know who now listen to music like this is so anoying, the first thing they do with eqaulizers is bass up, treble up...) they then hear this and think they dont sound right. If you want to listen to music as it was intented, the Purity on ear headphones are fanastic.

That is interesting. Mine were the complete opposite. Now granted I am used to using higher end cans ( Beyerdynamic dt990 600 ohm w/ a headphone amp ). I will say that the Purity cans did exhibit an odd change in sound when I would adjust them. Almost like there was an issue with the internal wiring or drivers were not functioning properly. I might have to give them another go to compare.

I would say the for me the sound quality isnt far off what I get from my home set up with a Yamaha RX-V765 and Monitor Audio Gold speaker set up.

For NFC, Bluetooth and the word Pro, these new additions are not wort 176 more dollars. Guess you pay for the convenience of not having your wire fall out all the time and getting a short in it!

They seem to be about 100e more expensive than the old ones. Never translate the euro prices directly to dollars. Doesn't work that way. 
Also the old where 40 euros cheaper on the shops than the estimated price.

for me wireless vs. wired is worth the price difference (if quality remains top notch). only reason I didn't get the old ones was the lack of wireless options (I hate wires). looking forward to checking these out in MSFT Stores.

I'm glad it looks like they are going with red rather than the magenta they have been using previously. I hope they have a nice red phone on Verizon.

I wouldn't mind getting these if they have optional cable with them too for long flights. Also depends on battery life. I haven't had good headphones for a few years now.

I wonder if the Skip/Reverse double/triple click button will work under the lock screen. Even with the tango update the controls don't work consistently.

Does the Bluetooth streaming consistently work without skipping? My lumia 900 always wants to skip when paired with my car unless I have soft reset first and dont have any other apps running. My HTC HD7s was the same way.

I can almost guarantee these won't be worth the money. The amount of good headphones for much less is staggering, but if you have to have the wireless and flashy looks then I guess these are for you...

Why the heck is it so expensive? For half the money you can get amazing hi-end wired headphones from Sennheiser or Bose...

To be honest I have no idea about Bose - I just thought this is a high-end brand.
All Sennheiser headphones I tried however are great! My favourite ones lasted for 4.5 years so far with next to no wear and tear (not to mention amazing frequency range).

Sennheiser FTW! IMO, it's unfortunate that they teamed up with Monster being that they are overpriced and a tad overrated, oh well.

Unfortunately, half of my head phone use is spent watching movies and tv shows. And instill can't get Bluetooth to play audio from the phones video sources, so it is all still unusable for me. Hoping this gets fixed soon...but who knows.

My AKG 420 sound better then any bet headphones I tested. And a 3rd the price.They are a muddy mess. Have to recuperate your money some how when paying so many superstars to were them.

So the beats headphones get canned to death on here but yet these Nokia headphones are must have which by the way are made by the same company. If this isn't racism or extreme obsession with Nokia than I don't know what is.

LOL.. So who will buy these knowing they will only become 'free' after initial adopters as part of some marketing scheme. This is what will happen, WP8 will go live, present WP adopters with half a brain cell will jump to the iPhone 5, WP8 will be smashed by Apple's latest and greatest forcing the hand of Nokia to promotional deals making any early adopters suffer with phone / new OS flaws whilst not getting ANY extras. It's like a story already told except this time Nokia has blotted their pages.

Nobody said the Nokia headphones were any better.
Do not hold you breath that I Phone 5 will be able to use LTE technology. Not to mention you never own any of there music you are buying the right to listen to the music only.