Nokia bumps Extras + Info, hopefully fixes some Storage Check issues

We’ll keep this one short, as always, as Nokia has bumped up their Extras + Info app for their Lumia line to version with no Changelog noted, except the normal “under-the-hood improvements to fine tune your Nokia Lumia experience”.

We should mention that some reviews were complaining that Storage Check was failing to open with the previous version. We hadn’t personally noticed it but with all the different Lumias out there with varying firmwares, we’re not too surprised if accurate. Assuming that was a problem, we’re betting this update will probably fix it.

Wanna give it a go? Head here to the Windows Phone Store to pick up the updated Extras + Info app for Nokia Lumias. Thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!

QR: Extras + Info


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Nokia bumps Extras + Info, hopefully fixes some Storage Check issues


Storage check beta has been available from Betalabs for a while, fixing some issue and adding code to identify others. The beta also adds the option to store maps on SD card instead of internal storage. The maps option does not show on the update mentioned above (Storage check beta is a 'normal' app and not in settings). 

Need serious improvement on storage clean up. The current one cleaned 1GB by "letting me know which apps to uninstall" on a 820. 0 games installed. Media files all on SD. Nearly 5GB taken on Other storage and 2GB on system. I've got an extra 1GB now after cleaning (uninstalling apps). I'm running out of options. Yes I tried shrink storage too. Cleaned up 200mb max. I'm basically paranoid to install apps now. How can this be?

If you have maps installed. Try deleting those. My 822 came with preloaded USA maps and once I deleted those it freed up 2.5GBs.

Try clearing your IE history too and see how much that clears.  Probably not GBs, but might be a decent chunk of MBs.

Mine cleared over 2GB of other out of the 4GB i had on my 820 when i ran it, maybe try installing the beta version mentioned above?

Shrink storage don't clean nothing if you do it just couple times, I did it over 6 times in a row, told me its full I just open app again and again, then cleaned it, and it took off 6 out of 7gb, try it again

Thanks for all the tips. I've done everything actually but I'll keep trying. I'll try more with shrink storage and beta ver.

And once again wpc informs me about updates, and Store is not... It's about time Microsoft fix the bug.... A million thanx to wpc :-)

Not sure if it's a bug, I was reading that the store looks for updates once a day, so maybe it just hadn't searched just yet, or the update came out after it ran.

Oh yes, it's a bug. Many WP users have the same problem. And my Store haven't informed me about updates in several months now...

And once again wpc informs me about updates, and Store is not... It's about time Microsoft fix the bug.... A million thanx to wpc :-)

Storage Check has never worked on my Lumia 920 (purchased through AT&T).  I assumed AT&T was blocking it.  It's good to know that there is an actual issue that Nokia is trying to resolve.

Nope, still not working on my 920 CV DE black version after updating. Haven't been able to use it at all, it just keeps spinning like there's no tomorrow, no error msg, nothing.

Storage check worked fine for me before but after I transferred some zip file (which is currently unsupported for wp8) using bluetooth, it's not working anymore, it just keep loading and never stop. I updated extras+info right after read wpcentral but it still doesn't fix it.

I'm using an unlocked apac version of Lumia 920 from Phils. Storage check has never worked. Just installed this new update of Extras, but Storage check still not working. Anxiously awaiting firmware 1308. Hopefully this will fix this and my other issues - camera button and camera app don't work (luckily proshot can access the camera hardware and work), unit won't rotate to landscape mode. All this after a hard reset needed because I was having the screen freeze issues. On top of it all, I haven't been able to purchase any app through windows store for two weeks. Microsoft support has been terrible and after 4 chats and numerous emails, still can't figure it out. Time to consider a switch.

I update some apps and now i have that ugly alphabet categories in menu. How can I remove that? I already unistall some apps but alphabet it's not gone :(