Nokia bumps up Extras + Info, Play To apps for their Lumia line

Nokia is certainly running full speed ahead, with the Lumia 925 being released in areas in Europe, the Nokia ‘EOS’ on the brink of announcement and the Lumia 928 evidently selling quite well on Verizon. Then there’s their other eight or nine Windows Phone 8 devices…

Speaking of those, if you have one, you’ll want to think about following our Store links to grab the latest iterations of Extras + Info and Play To.

The former app, Extras + Info, ties into some Nokia services on your phone and features a lot of “under the hood” user improvements. That’s the case with this update as we or Windows Phone Italy have no formal changes to report, but it’s always good to have the latest, which happens to be version found here.

The second app, Play To, is Nokia’s own DLNA app for streaming media to various devices like your TV, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. That app just got updated to version is, which you can now grab via the Nokia Collection. Once again, there is no formal change log.

Find any changes? Certain they are not placebo effects? Sound off in comments and let others know!

QR: Extras + Info

QR: Play To


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Nokia bumps up Extras + Info, Play To apps for their Lumia line


Some people complained that they got their photos, clock functions corrupted (On reviews) when they updated extras + info. I'm hesitated to update this

Yup! .. It is the worst thing I did. For some reason it cashes all the time when trying to go on the internet or even open apps! I don't know if it just me experancing this problem, but its a pain

I can't connect to my 360 with Play To. Has anyone had this problem? DLNA is awesome. It beats hooking up an HDMI cord to my HDTV to view pictures and videos on the big screen.

I hope it is 'just you'.   Just because a list of BUG and or SECURITY fixes are not detailed in a tiny App Store listing, it does not mean they are worthless.

I've went to two Verizon stores recently. The first one had no 928 on display and only one NIB in back. The second store not only didn't have any, two salespeople had to go to the manager to find out whatt he 928 is. Verizon seems to be really into this!

Verizon 'corporate' store or reseller stores? I doubt a corporate 'owned' store is still clueless. (Next time find out, and also contact Verizon, because either a DM or a Verizon Representative that is taking care of the private reseller have really dropped the ball.)

There are a LOT of private stores that are Verizon branded as it is their exclusive carrier, but they are no different than a BestBuy or any other Store that sells various carrier products.

Verizon corporate stores are also fairly rare. For example, the last lookup I did for Reno, Nevada with a few hundred thousand people, there were two (2) actual Verizon stores.

Hey if am not wrong L925 is shipping with gdr2 and you've surely got your hands on one. When can we expect an article listing feature updates/bug fixes/performance improvements implemented by gdr2?

Does Play To actually work with the PS3? I was always under the impression that it did not work with the PS3 and only worked with the Xbox 360, currently (among other DLNA devices).
@Daniel - Unless Nokia forgot to edit the details for Play To, it still doesn't work with PS3. Nokia is quick to call it out in the app details.

The extras and info update let me pin my purity pro headphones to the home screen again after the last accessories update disabled it.

WOW! Dunno if my blood pressure can withstand such intense levels of sarcasm. It's so exhilarating! :p

For one, it now actually saves the Access Point settings on Verizon phones, instead of kicking you back to the settings menu. This should allow you to, finally, use the unlocked SIM slot the way it was intended (MMS/Data/Data Tethering)

I wish there was a way to use the Play To with Roku 3. I thought the Roku supported DLNA too when I bought it.

The update to access point two days ago fixed the app crashing when activating an APN on the Lumia 822. That particular issue has existed on the 822 for the last few versions since the end of April.

the Application Version of what i see on my device is are any here have the same exact version?

I wish to see Play To to be integrated to other media app like TuneIn, Metrotube, YouTube etc. That would be awesome.

After updating Extra's + Info, I am now able to finally automatically upload both my Photos and Videos onto my Sky Drive in full resolution on my Nokia Lumia 920, this option wasn't available before, strangely it was available on my Nokia Lumia 720 from day one though.

The ironic thing is that it works fine on must Sony BluRay and Sony Media Streaming boxes/TVs that support DLNA. Even the $50 Sony Media player at a friends house works like a charm.

(Remember the PS3's support of DLNA is not a 'tried and true' as Sony would like the world to believe, as the Media Server DLNA features were added to the PS3 after launch and I believe even developed by a third party before Sony picked them up.)

Connects to my Samsung SmartTV, Xbox 360 and Jadoo2. Works fine, except there is no quick access to stop sharing if you are already viewing a picture and back out to the apps' main menu. You will have to go back into Pictures, then click on a picture and then hit "stop sharing".