Nokia Camera beta gets minor bug fixing update this morning

For those who like to live on the edge of their seats with beta apps, you will want to check Nokia Camera beta, which is now up to version Is there x-ray vision? Automatic refocusing days later? Jokes aside, unfortunately, no, as this update for Nokia Camera beta brings some "bug fixes and improvements" to the table.

If we hazard a guess, this update probably works a bit better with those on Lumia Cyan or running Windows Phone 8.1 Update, as those OS refreshes tend to bring some new quirks when tested by the masses. Interestingly, the name still has not changed from Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera, which is something expected to happen at some point. Regardless, you can now download from the Store and take it for a spin.

Side tipDo you want to make the camera app faster? If you have the option on newer hardware, disable taking Living Images under Settings, as it will make saving the photo a smidgen faster.

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Nokia Camera beta gets minor bug fixing update this morning


That remark is of no help at all.

Currently there is Nokia Camera in the store showing up but no Nokia Camera Beta. So what is the difference?

With Nokia Lumia 930 and Cyan. Region is US to enable Cortana.

One is a newer beta version, the other is a stable version.
There's a download link in the article and through the wpcentral app.

My girls were born in Friday and I love that living images feature. Makes all the pictures taken that much more "magical". I've got 1520 so I'm guessing extra horsepower helps with any extra lag.

What's wrong with Nokia Camera/Nokia Camera Beta? I recorded multiple videos and the app doesn't do anything. The videos are not in Camera Roll:| I have this problem for about 2 weeks... The built in camera works okay!

Nice update and yes 'its seems faster' besides this any news on bitlocker issue fix from MS?I'm holding on with Preview for developers!?

I also want 4S shutter speed and living image for lower devices. I was waiting for this update but, this update bring nothing !

Don't see any improvements besides the vague ' seems faster' & looks like the annoying buzzing while using the app hasn't been fixed yet

Both Nokia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta are waging after shooting the photos and the camera lens of my 1020 remains open and back to close only when restarted the device. This happens since I installed the 8.1 Update 1

I have Nokia Camera on my 1520. Do I need Nokia Camera Beta? I read some where that the beta was for non-purview phones.

I've been a bit disappointed with the video recording lately. It hasn't been focusing well in low light which has been making my videos of recording in clubs or performance events.

Does anyone else notice that pictures taken on Nokia camera or camera beta are a little grainy. Especially in darker settings, compared to the default camera app.

I'm using a Lumia 920, so it does have a good camera.

Yeah, definitely! It's like that since a couple of updates.
Also they didn't fix two bugs (one maybe it's only mine, but before was working perfectly):
- opening the app and using flash with manual focus, pictures get burned. Setting auto focus reset it, but still a little brighter than opening the app and using autofocus.

- using camera button to focus and taking the picture results in a little, but noticeable, out of focus versus pressing the on screen button.

I have the 1020, I have the beta installed and Im on cyan.. I did the defaut settings trick and I still get no living images.. should I uninstall both the regular camera app and the beta then just install the beta?  any other ideas?

Still way to slow. It takes more than 5 seconds to take the first pic when phone is locked. And its not a midranger, it's the lumia 930.
Video focusing still crap, constantly refocusing without any need. Far far away from android flagships like s5, g3 and z2.

Damn, was hoping the yellow-ish tint would be remedied at least a tad, guess it's completely a firmware issue rather than an app issue (though the Beta's tint is less pronounced than the built-in app). I thought Cyan was supposed to fix this issue? Photos look embarassing on the 925.

I'm waiting for that yellowish big to go. Even the front cam has the same yellowish bug on my 720. Microsoft isn't responding as fast as nokia was b4.

My guess is on apps they might fudge-up (I'm looking at you Nokia creative studio) they leave the association and brand image with Nokia so as to not leave a bad taste in the mouth of the under educated consumer for when it does switch to the name MS will keep using in the future.

If any one from MS app team does read this for the love of god man change creative studio back until your upgrade is fully baked and will wow with innovation rather than cause woe with loss of ability.

Speed up the saving images speed doesn't mean have to shut down all related effects provided by Nokia, if not then change to 3310 to get the best SPEED.

Pls improve the nokia camera and Chinese language input. Nokia camera to com in multiple functions in 1 app. Keyboard input to improve the sentence prediction. Thank you.