Nokia Camera Beta updated, introduces redesigned photo library and more

Nokia Camera Beta

One of our favorite photography apps, Nokia Camera, just received an update for its beta. Nokia released Camera Beta in mid-December. It’s a great app to see what Nokia plans on introducing into the regular Nokia Camera app. You can think of it as a sneak preview for new features. Today we’re looking at a new update with those new features.

Nokia Camera Beta received an update a little over a month ago that introduced DNG capture for the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. Today we’re looking at version in the Windows Phone Store. No changelog was listed in the app description, but some new features do stand out.

The latest version of Nokia Camera Beta introduces a redesigned photo library. If you head into the photo library from the app you’ll notice a few aesthetic and functional changes to the app. No longer does it show “open in Nokia Camera” or the app bar.

Instead you’ll need to tap the photo to bring up the UI. Doing so shows a few new options. You can tap “reframe” to quickly readjust/realign the photo. When you tap that photo you’re also able to quickly delete, share, or edit the selected photo. Clicking edit will open Nokia Creative Studio.

Nokia Camera Beta
Before and after

Another change in in the redesigned photo library is that videos will automatically play right there. You can pause the video by tapping to bring up playback controls or continue browsing the photo library.

Let us know below in the comments if you notice any other changes to Nokia Camera Beta.

In the meantime, head to the Windows Phone Store to get Nokia Camera Beta.

Thanks for the tip Peter M. and Tor Arne V! 

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Nokia Camera Beta updated, introduces redesigned photo library and more


Yeah I like the way it looks, but they've turned the settings it into a hidden feature.. Not really thinking about the "average" consumer here.. They could've at least gave us three dots at the bottom....

I see three little dots on the side (where the other options are) that are white, is that what you mean?

The new unified picture album is better. No more worrying about two different icons on the top left. In-app access to Nokia Video Trimmer and Nokia Creative Studio.

Do you mean the 2 icons on the top right? One to open the latest photo you just took, and the other to open the album?

I like the idea of the new photo library, but I don't like the "two-step" process I have to make to reframe a picture. And the delay to bring up the options to simply share or delete a photo?
I think they should have used a minimized bar instead of one that only comes up when the screen is tapped. Just saves a couple seconds. Overall the app does feel faster though, the animations were sped up and it really helps.

Surely that title goes to Samsung? (/actually, Sony. Their camera sensors are in nearly every brand of smartphone, digi cam and slr!)

Bing it, Google it, Yahoo it ;). Nokia became the worlds largest manufacturer of digital cameras almost 10 years ago. Now, how long will they keep that title, who knows.

Well, with the pending sale of their Devices and Services division, I guess they they will be forfeiting that title belt soon.

I think it is all down to the definition of what makes a camera. If it is the sensor, then Sony would more than likely be number 1. They provide the sensors for Samsung & Apple smartphones, a multitude of standard point and shoots - and pretty much all DSLR's (aside from Canon).
Canon are probably the biggest standalone camera manufacturer. Nokia are probably the biggest individual camera manufacturer if we are including all of the VGA camera modules in their series 40 phones. They have sold a billion such devices if memory serves.
So yes....'lies, damn lies, & statistics' probably rings true in this debate :)

No, not the top digital camera manufacturers, the largest digital camera manufacturer.

Top can be translated to Best and with that, you get a list of the best digital camera manufacturers which I nor Nokia nor any of the reports have never stated is the case.

Largest can be translated to biggest or most and that is what we are talking about. Nokia had the title of being the largest digital camera maker. It was a proven fact because they made and sold more digital cameras than anyone.

spinzeroWL is right when he spoke of Nokia's series 40 devices. The title of largest digital camera manufacturer went to Nokia simply because the sheer volume of digital cameras they produced for their devices.

Once again, Top means something totally different, usually comparing quality and reviews, therefore, the billions of cheap, low quality digital cameras that FACTUALLY made Nokia the largest digital camera maker would not get Nokia on any Top list, just as you said how they are not on that Top 10 list.

Yep, but with WP7 when it didn't have post processing, all the reviews compared the devices to the iPhone and Android that were doing post processing and declaring WP to be inferior.


So blame all the people that don't understand and just want the camera to fix things for them.


The other option is to buy a 1520 or 1020 where you can retain the non-processed image.


My 920 is unusable for photos. My 5 year old crap budget HTC takes better images. This is the first and last time I buy a Nokia. First they show how great the image really looks, and then they destroy it. The few times I do take images, I take a screen cap of the preview and use that. So frickin' stupid to just ruin such great hardware and the great images it produces. Makes me feel like throwing my phone in the wall.

I remember reading about this somewhere, not quite sure on WPC or somewhere else, but it doesn't really blur your photos, just that it shows you a preview with less detail. The actual high quality picture is still accessible when you transfer it to PC. Even the Photos hub shows you a less detailed preview. This is to use lesser resources or something, don't remember exactly. There was even some app if you want to see your photos in their actual resolution.

I find it's a high ISO that ruins the photos and makes them discoloured. If I have good lighting I always take my photos at ISO 100 or 200 to reduce the yellowish tone.

I downloaded this app for my 920. it was supposed to replacew the original camera, but i never did, now i have like 2 camer apps, any tips on how to solve this


If you're talking about the stock windows phone app you can set Nokia camera by going to settings >applications and changing the default camera app to Nokia

Go to camera settings and change the default camera app from there. If you love the beta and don't wanna use the previous version anymore - just delete the old one. 

Did not fix the only problem I have with Nokia Camera...
A way to open the 10 burst sequences you can take and edit them. This is one of the coolest features in Nokia Camera, and its still totally unusable!
Get this fixed Nokia!

When you open the Nokia Camera app, switch the mode to "smart" and open the photo from there to edit them. Or when you're in the gallery, tap "Open in Nokia Camera" to edit it.

Thanks for the answer but I have already tried that. This feature is totally broken since the Black update!

Beta is a glimpse at the future updates Nokia Camera will get. It is essentially the next version, but not officially released yet.

Also means it may be unfinished and features tested may not arrive in the official build. Example: Storage Check Beta has the SD Card Maps feature Storage Check lacks, despite being 'older'.

So, basically it is just like what is going on with the FB apps, isn't it? Why the hell do they have to make things so complicated?

The biggest difference is that Nokia Camera is officialy available only on Lumia 920 or higher, the Beta is officialy available for all Lumias

(I say officialy, because you can still get the non-Beta on lower end Nokias with the proxy hack, and it works fine, but the Beta one seems a bit more stable on lower end Lumias)

No. I got L625 and I both have the Nokia Camera and the Beta. Once you're phone gets the Black update, you can download the official Nokia Camera as well.

I wish Nokia would bring the 1 finger slide to zoom from the Nokia 808 PureView to Nokia camera as it is superior to the current 1 finger slide to zoom on Nokia Camera, VASTLY superior.

Uhh, that's how you zoom with Nokia Camera... Slide up on the screen. Maybe you're using the stock camera app?

Nokia Camera does not have the same 1 finger slide to zoom that the 808 PureView has. The 1 finger slide to zoom on Nokia camera is different than Nokia's original implementation of 1 finger slide to zoom. If you find a video that shows someone doing 1 finger slide to zoom on the 808 PureView, you will instantly see the difference.

If I was using the stock camera.....I would not have said "superior than the current 1 finger slide to zoom on Nokia camera". There is a difference between the two implementations of 1 finger slide to zoom and it ISN'T sliding your finger, the difference is what happens when you slide your finger to zoom.

You guys missed out one thing...
Nokia Video Trimmer is also integrated with Nokia camera beta app. You can access it by hitting edit button while watching a video.

Just adding...
Video doesn't play automatically on Lumia 520 and still uses the old controls for video playback.

They should really bring back the 4s shutter-speed option on low end devices. Why change/remove something that works so well, and gives the users such convenience?

What phone are you using? They had the 4s shutter speed for all phones in the beginning. After the Black update, the high end phones (eg- Lumia 920, 1020 etc) still had the option. However, the lower end phones like the 520,620,720, lost the option. Instead it was reduced to just 1 second .

I'm using Lumia 525 currently. 

I have a 620 with black. I just checked - on both Nokia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta there still is an option to set a 4s shutter speed. And I downloaded the non-Beta after upgrading to Black (before that I could only download it using the proxy hack, now I can 'legaly'). But yeah, the 4s is still there

Well i tried both beta and non beta. The highest setting available is 1s. Here's a screenshot:-  http://i.imgur.com/47CdJTm.png?1?5441

Either Nokia/MS is being really unfair to us 525 users (because it was available on the 520), or there's something wrong with my phone in particular. If you happen to know a 525/520 (with WP black) user could you please let me know?

Owh now I know the differences between beta and one with Nokia camera, so actually which one u guys use?

I just wish they would fix the whole: I will focus first. Pressing shutter button. Camera focuses again. Shot missed. PS: How the heck could they mess that one up. It's the only thing that annoys me on my 1020.

I dont like the fact that there is no feedback when picture is taken, now on the beta.  All the other features are cool, but I think I gonna have to stick with the non-beta for now.

You have to change the settings to get the preview/feedback. I don't like the beta for that reason and that they took the "most recent picture" icon away from the top left

The worst part of Nokia Camera is the lag it showcases - when launching and when saving. Simply outrageous! That needs to be fixed asap.

Not sure if it's just me or what, but the flash seems to be a bit weaker on this beta version. 

I'll do better testing tomorrow in all kinds of settings to make sure I'm not losing it. 

Anyone out there noticing something similar? I have an L1020.



+1020. At least 50% faster from a quick test. I knew it from the begining the speed/performace can be improved through software update. The limit will be the storage write speed. Nice job PureView team!

Videos are glitchy on my 822 on both Nokia Camera and the beta app, it was the same with Smart Cam... but it works fine with the stock WP camera app.
Really odd that Nokia made apps don't work correctly with my Nokia made camera on my Nokia made phone.
Either the problem is unique to my phone, or Nokia is ignoring it.

Can't seem to find autofix anymore, when selecting a photo on the library option through cam beta. I used that a lot.

What's the point in adding new feautures with out having basic functions like pausing while capturing a video....?

ANybody having memory probs?Coz i noticed today that my phone memory became full aftr clicking 20-30 photos from this app evven though there is 900mb on my phone and 40 mb on my SD???

HAS ANYBODY OBSERVED THIS? In the camera roll, now in the beta app, I'm not able to zoom out a photo to quickly scroll through the photos. The menu containing options such as add to favourites, set as lock screen, save to skydrive, editing with other apps, etc is also gone....or am I not able to find it?