Nokia Camera Extras starting global roll-out. Now available in the U.K., Australia, Italy and more...

Camera Extras rolling out to Italy and Australia

Nokia's Camera Extras for the Lumia Windows Phones has been available in the US for a while now. While the initial release was in the U.S., Indian and Chines markets, we knew it was only a matter of time before other markets would get the camera app.  Such is the case now with Australia, the United Kingdom and Italy (and probably other markets) where Windows Phone shutterbugs in these Countries can enjoy the extra camera settings.

For those not familiar with Camera Extras, the app brings the following functionality to your Lumia Windows Phone.

  • Smart Group Shot: Smart Group Shot will take several pictures of the same group and select the most suitable facial expressions (avoiding subjects with their eyes closed, mouth open, looking away, etc.)and combine it all into one shot. You can also choose which facial expression to use as well.
  • Action Shot: A burst mode to help you capture all the action shots you may face.
  • Self Timer: A ten second timer to let you get in the picture.
  • Panorama Mode: This allows you to capture several photos of landscapes and other wide angled subjects, the automatically stitches them together to create a single panoramic image.

Camera Extras isn't a stand alone app but rather integrates with your Windows Phone's camera settings. For those using Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, you can find Camera Extras here at the Windows Phone Marketplace or look in the Marketplace app on your Windows Phone under the Nokia Collection.

Feel free to sound off in the comments if you're seeing Camera Extras in your Marketplace.

Source: Plaffo; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Camera Extras


Reader comments

Nokia Camera Extras starting global roll-out. Now available in the U.K., Australia, Italy and more...


I couldnt find it in the Nokia App Store, or seaching the Marketplace.
But the QR code link in the article worked. Weird.

Im not seeing it in the Marketplace. I guess the roll out is not country wide, unless it has something to do with the carrier. Im with Telus (Lumia 800).
EDIT - Forget it, I just scanned the code above and got it :)

Live in the UK. Could not find it in the Marketplace under Nokia Collection or when I searched. However, I could install it by taking a picture of the QR code. Yet, even then if I tried to swipe to the right to read the reviews in Marketplace, it would give me a message saying "We're sorry, but we can not complete your request at the moment. Try launching the Markerplace again...."

A bit strange. Anyone know why?

Still nothing in México, but the description and the app is now translated to Spanish tough so I hopes it will be available soon

It's about time. It's not in the Nokia collection in the Canadian MKP or if you do a search. Scaning  the QR code on this site I was able to get it. Thanks WPC!

Yeah ! I got all new features of Camera in India. But, it is not available in marketplace. I downloaded it through WPCentral's Download App link :)

But you can't see it in the Nokia Collection.  It also won't come up in the search results.  QR code above worked, though. :)

Available in India too! Not listed in apps from Nokia but was able to download via the link.

Also, Nokia Music is back in Indian marketplace.

Is the app available for all (inc. 1st gen) phones ? I scanned the QR code, but got the message "this application isn't available for your phone...".

WP Central Team, could you tell me why can't I find this app on Mexico´s marketplace yet....? .___.
I've tried direct link too but it's useless.