CamFish - a brilliant, full-featured Windows Phone 8 camera app


While the Nokia Lumia series has had great imaging capabilities, Nokia also delivers a brilliant software experience to harness the optics. Nokia Camera app is best in the business and recently won four awards including the Best Overall Windows Phone App in our Windows Phone Central Best of 2013 Awards.

Now a new photography app, CamFish, has just arrived on Windows Phone and might just give Nokia Camera some stiff competition. Also, if you’ve got a non-Nokia Windows Phone, CamFish may be one of the better camera app options available.


CamFish is a full featured camera app and includes extensive controls for Focus (Auto/Manual), ISO, White Balance (Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent, Tungsten, and Candlelight), Shutter speed, and Flash for both front and back camera sensors. The app also allows you set camera timer or shoot in Burst Mode for capturing continuous shots.

Once the photo has been captured, you can apply different filters from the 18 available options, or use editing options to crop, change orientation, flip horizontal, or adjust contrast, brightness, or sharpness. You can share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or via other photography or social apps installed on your phone, and the usual options like email, SMS, or Bluetooth.

The app is available for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. Since it is free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a spin. Clearly, it’s an all-in-one app that photography enthusiasts will love.

We'll get a full review up on the site in a few days but in the meantime, if you give CamFish a try it, let us know how you like it.

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Reader comments

CamFish - a brilliant, full-featured Windows Phone 8 camera app


The thing with these camera apps is that there is no option to set them as the default camera app in settings... I'm almost positive that WP8.1 will allow developers to add this capability... Who else thinks that WP should let us set any camera app as the default app❔

And if you want to expand on that even more, what if instead of JUST a camera button, it could be any function we want. It could be a universal hotkey to launch any app, it could be for functions such as simply hitting the button to toggle screen orientation lock.
Maybe it would muddle things up, but it would be pretty cool to have a hot key that could be used for anything...

Yes. That's a great idea❕.. So, by default it would be a camera button, but we would have the option to change it to whatever.. Perfect.. How about this... Like now, one long press will always open whatever camera application that we choose, but two quick short presses could be optional command 1, and three quick short presses would be optional command 2... That would make the button multifunctional❕.. Now, this is what you call intuitiveness, and what's taking Microkia so long to add smart, customizable, features like this❔

There already is the option to select some as default, for example Nokia smart cam .. But I don't know why average devs don't take usw of it.

They can't. It's only available to developers with Interop access, which is mainly just the device manufactures.

Nokia smart camera is the only one.. That's the point❕ It's as easy as MS adding this to the WP8.1 SDK..

In order to have a landscape photo, I have to rotate the pic after I take it? No zoom? If they fix just a couple things, it'll be terrific.

Very buggy, crashes every time. The only advantage over Nokia is the continuous shot, which is awesome.

Wow, thanks! Cool feature, although it very slow, like everything in this app :( Nokia, make it faster!

"if you’ve got a non-Nokia Windows Phone" ...wait...is there anyone with a non-Nokia WP device? Brave people. Stupid. But brave. =P

Hahaha.......nice joke but is true. I have a lumia 920 but a friend of mine bought an htc 8x (i don't know why) so someone had to do a camera app for her......to make her feel better :)

Lol❕ Either way, WP users shouldn't be making fun of other users devices... Now, if they say something like "when will it be available for WP7.5/.8?"" then fire away... That's so annoying.. Lol❕

Absolutely agree, I've had Nokia users claim that if you don't have a Nokia WP then you aren't contributing to WP market share, WTF!!

That's weird.. Considering that the operating system is primarily what defines the experience... That doesn't make any sense what so ever.... It's like buying a car just for the quality, and looks, but not caring about how it drives, performs, how safe it is, if its comfortable, or has good fuel economy... This is the perfect example❕... I love my 1520, and my 920, and personally I think Nokia has made the best devices recently, but looking at a device facing you over 90% of what you see is screen, and the content on that screen is the whole reason for the device to even exist... It's totally illogical to buy a device strictly because of brand loyalty.. I mean, what if Nokia did make a Android device, but didn't provide the best Android experience❔ What if Nokia provided the worst Android experience❔ Would you buy Nokia then❔❔

Not everyone wants a Nokia . I bought my 8X a year ago, I don't regret my decision at all & if I went back in time, I'd do it again. :P

I have a Lumia 928 and HTC 8x. The lumia has many more bells and whistles and by far a better camera, but the 8x feels so much better in my hand when talking. Seems like the the 8x physically is the better built phone. When talking with my phone in hand, I always seem to hit the phone button on the 928 and my phone starts taking pictures.On the 8x that never happens. The camera button layout and power button being on top is more user friendly on the 8x and it is by far the more durable phone!!

And a very nice device it is. I originally bought one of these for my father - nearly kept it for myself!

I buy WindowsPhone's for the OS and the innovation in hardware. Personally I've had a Samsung Focus, first WP, which was excellent. Then had Nokia's (and almost the 8X). (Currently have a 1020)

What I find really funny is Android users dissing WP, when they are also supporting WindowsPhone (somewhat indirectly with licensing). hehe. If Nokia went the droid way it wouldn't have swayed me to go android even with Nokia's reputation for quality, and I sincerely believe they've made the right decision not to go droid.


I too am a Samsung ativ s(sgh-t899m) owner perfer 16:9 720p 4.8 screen over oversized res. on small screen & the sd card support is nice even though i haven't used it yet

Ativ S here. Went from 920 to Ativ, got about 30% better battery time. Now with unlock have 3 rows of tiles and other small extras. Love Nokia but the Ativ S rocks!

Just what I thought a moronic, ignorant and arrogant Nokia user would say. Not everyone buys their phone based on the manufacturer, I bought my ATIV S because I wanted Windows Phone not because it's a Samsung device. I wanted a device with a display larger than 4.5" with a removable battery and micro SD support, none of which Nokia offers on a single device.

Yes you right! Sorry. It does not have a removable battery! What goes to Nokia, 620 and 820 do have it at least. But yes you are correct.

If the reason you like a
removable batter is so that you can swap them out because of battery life then the 1520 has a 3400mah batterie, and this thing last me all day using it constantly for hours at a time.. I'm not exaggerating at all❕❕... No need for a removable battery here❕

The 1320 has a removable battery and SD support and is a bigger screen so yes they do have a device like that

But, im sorry, its a butt ugly device and feels like a cheap PoS. I have one too . we sell them at work and my boss gave me it cos he knows i like windows phone, if only he knew i also like a phone that doesn't feel cheap too! But hey that's just my opinion ay.

You have to admit that Nokia does provide it's customers with plenty more content and experience boosters than Samsung, HTC or Huawei, i almost bought a Samsung ativ s until i thought about mapping apps, it's a very pretty phone

Nokia Maps, Drive and Transit are on all Windows Phones now and TBH I'm not bothered about gimmicks like Glance!!

Hold your fire bro, he was only being sarcastic. There is no need to start the week with a 'Cellular war'. Shalom.

It's not so stupid if their carrier doesn't offer any Nokia devices, like Sprint here in the US... Some people can't switch carriers because of financial reasons.. That's not stupid.. At least they are still supporting WP, and by them supporting WP at all they are inherently helping out Lumia WP fans by encouraging more developer support.. Think about that... Like it or not WP is what matters hear, so if you like Lumia devices then you better start supporting WP as a whole,, not just Nokia..

can not be accessed as a camera lens.... and it already crashed once, they have a lot of things to fix ....

I love Nokia Pro Cam but I wish the flick to gallery was included like the default. It's so convenient. 

Question, I have an ativ s and I can't change my default camera app to anything else (drop down menu only shows built in app), are there only certain apps that I can do this with,? (if so, which ones)

WTF are you talking about, the option is there on ALL Windows Phones and developers have the choice of adding their apps to the list but so far only Nokia has chosen to use it!!

I have Nokia Camera set as my default app, but haven't seen any of the 10 odd camera apps in my phone listed there.

I don't know why this app is praised so much as it crashes a lot on my Lumia 1020 and it also won't work with my hard-button for the camera, besides that there seems to be something wrong with de pixel ratio on my screen, everything seems to be a lot les wide when I take a picture while the night seems to be correct

Windows phone store has a lot of great camera app. However, the yellowish camera bug is ruining the flagship

Just checked it out. Not bad on my L920. Impressive actually.  What I need is for Microsoft to update this OS so I could group all these camera apps I have in one place.

My favorite option in the Nokia Camera app at this point is the ability to save files in DNG and that you could set it as the default. If another camera app can do this, it would be great.

Only thing it needs, to be able to be set as the default camera app. Suprised Instagram isn't an option. They should have made all the lenses compatible apps able to be set as default camera app.

just tested it....good app but crashes a lot......also its so annoying that you have to save image everytime instead of auto saving image by app itself....

This just got an update that only includes "bug fixes" hopefully that means it addresses the issues people are having.