Is Nokia Camera deleting some of your precious photos when reframing?

Nokia Camera Something went wrong

Some members in our WPCentral community forums are reporting a bug on Nokia Camera that deletes photos when reframing. After checking with our own Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 devices, we can confirm and reproduce the error.

Head past the break for the steps to reproduce the bug. Don’t try it on a photo that you really like.

  1. Open photos – camera roll.
  2. Select a photo
  3. Click ‘open in Nokia Camera’
  4. Click the reframe button
  5. Hold the back button to open another application
  6. Hold the back button to go back to Nokia Camera
  7. Click save.

Nokia Camera error

The error should now appear. It says ‘Something went wrong.’ If you check your camera roll, the photo is not there anymore. Where did it go?

Have you experienced this error? Are you able to duplicate the error from the steps above? Let us know in the poll below! (Or head to m.wpcentral.com/nokia-camera-something-went-wrong on your phone)


Thanks for the tip, ttacc!


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Is Nokia Camera deleting some of your precious photos when reframing?


Off topic question: anyone notice when you take a picture with Nokia camera it looks great for the 1st second then changes?

It seems that you lose sharpness. I believe, you don't actually lose sharpness, but the phone optimizes the picture for your screen. At 100% zoom level, everything looks fine. This should be fixed though. It's irritating.

Windows Phone switches the image being displayed to a "scaled down" preview image - it will still look fine on your computer.

Yeah noticed that a bunch of times and it really annoys me.

Another off topic: it really annoys me that you can't save reframes as new photos in the camera roll.


It's an issue with the photo processing algorithms, they try to "fix" the photo and, well, make it look worse. Supposedly Lumia Black brings with it new algorithms to help address the issue. Also, since Lumia Black brings RAW support, you could always shot in RAW, which means Nokia's algorithms wouldn't even touch the photo.

Mine normally gets a yellow tinge when at night :-\ same with front camera too, i hope they fix soon its ruining loads of my pics

Yes it happened to me a lot of times. I already said it when I rated the app. Good thing there's another thread for this.

Only if it already uploaded. Mine only uploads if I am on WiFi so if I follow this procedure while on cellular the photo will not be uploaded.

My guess as the photo is not gone. The phone likely made 100 copies of the photo and stored it in the "other" storage!

This! Also, if I have a pass code and I want to open Nokia camera, I need to enter my pass code before I can go to the app, unlike the native camera app.

Yes Nokia camera is not supported if the phone is locked as its not a native app, guessing it will be fixed in a OS update as currently WP does not allow third party apps to,open when locked

That would create a loophole for hackers, deceiving the system by identifying their code as a Nokia camera app to the OS.

Works fine. I have Nokia Camera as default and I can launch from lockscreen WITHOUT pass code. I have Lumia 1520, OS ver 8.0.10521.155

Yep. Confirmed it's happening on a Lumia 1020 with latest version of Nokia Camera. I'm running GDR3+Amber

Happened to me for the first time yesterday actually! 925 T-mobile US with GDR3(preview)+Amber. Was a nice photo too :'(

okay I just replicated what you did. Yes I got an error, it's a software anomaly. Don't hit the back arrow, its trying to load what you're saving, thus an error. Its not intended to work like that I assume. Solution, hit the home button.

I also have this problem. Lumia 1020 running GDR3+Amber. UK on EE network. Lost some important photos cos of this. Luckily it backed some up to Skydrive so had the low res versions. But the High Res version was deleted from phone. Very Annoying.

Considering you can plug in to a pc and access a file manager style setup of all your pics and vids, that feature kind of already exist. And I've had this happen a couple of times now too

Yeah, I've experienced this recently too. To avoid this, I usually exits the Nokia Camera app after taking the picture, then I open the picture from the picture hub to reframe. Haven't experienced the bug since. Lumia 1020, running on GDR2+Amber.

I was wondering why my photos were disappearing! this definitely happens to me all the time on my 1020 and 1520.

This doesn't affect only the L1020. I've followed the steps and I was able to reproduce it on the L1020 but ALSO on the L920.

Though, truth be told...I had NEVER reframed photos using these steps...I mean, why would I go back to another app when reframing a photo without saving the reframe or discarding it first?

I would never noticed this bug if it wasn't WPC.
Anyway, when I take a photo and want to reframe, I do it at the same time (no back) and it saved ok.

EDIT: I'm using L920 amber+GDR3 Preview

Yes, can reproduce the error.. but 100% agree with DJCBS. Why should one go to another application without saving the reframmed photo ? If need arises go back to Nokia Camera and exit without saving. then again open, reframe the photo and save. 

It sounds like you're asking "why would I ever switch between apps"?  Maybe you got a notification at that moment and needed to tend to something in another app.  Maybe you realized you needed to check on something in another app to do the reframing in the way that you wanted.  Maybe you accidentally switched to another app.  And so on.

The user can switch between apps at any moment.  If there's a possible behavior path, given enough users and enough time it will be exercised and problems like this will surface.  It's a programmer's duty to imagine all possibilities and account for them as best they can.  This is a difficult task as the number of possibilities usually ranges from many to infinite, with limited means of reducing them.

No. I was questioning who goes into re-framing and then leaves it in the middle without either discarding the re-frame or clicking save. It's not like you need to stop what you're doing immediately and can't re-frame the photo later.
Sure, programmers need to think of everything. But as seen in this thread, apparently I'm not the only one to whom it had never occurred to do such behaviour. So, in the same way, it may have passed aside the programmers mind.

If the programmer didn't realize to handle it, and the testers (if there were any) didn't realize to test it, you can bet most users won't be going down that road.  But some will.  It's just a matter of time.

The fun thing is, as a programmer you naturally develop a sense that guides you to stay on the well traveled path in order to avoid problems like these.  And yet this can work against you when it comes time to imagining these possibilities in your own work.  One must remain ever vigilant.

for me, it happens when I was trying to show friends the amazing crops on my 1020. When I take a picture, click share, text the picture, go back to crop the picture and click save....boom, picture is gone

Yeah mine is the same, i share it and then try to recrop it.. So i don't even leave the Nokia apps and it happens

This happen to me.  I sent a tweet to @NokiaCareUS to let them know because it was a photo of my car I took right before I sold (nostalgic).  Wasn't too happy and I hope they fix it soon.

I've had my 1020 delete photos when it hangs every once in a while. Interesting though, it only hangs and reboots or needs a soft reset when it has a case on it. The photos are still on the phone when I look at it through Explorer.

That's right. The photos are still on the phone. They just don't display in the Camera Roll. You can cure that by hooking the phone to your computer and copying the photos to My Pictures. They should display there with thumbnails of each picture. Recopy them from you computer back to your phone and now they show up when viewing your Camera Roll.

My problem is sometimes I record a video and when I stop the recording, it doesn't save it to the camera roll and is permanently lost.

This happened to me once and I just chalked it up to being a fluke. I'm glad that it's a known, reproducable issue though because that means we're going to get a fix for it.

okay I just replicated what you did. Yes I got an error, it's a software anomaly. Don't hit the back arrow, its trying to load what you're saving, thus an error. Its not intended to work like that I assume. Solution, hit the home button.

Yes, I am experiencing this issue on a 1020 with GDR3+Amber running latest Nokia Camera update.


However, I can say I would never experience this bug in daily use, since I'd have no reason to switch apps while in the middle of a reframe procedure.

Yes, L920 amber. There's a bug when the app resumes. It's easy to debug because it happens everytime, so as soon as nokia knows it, they will release an update, I'm sure.

Haven't noticed, but I do manually transfer photos with explorer to the PC. Using the Windows Phone app or SkyDrive to do backup, it's bye bye to all pictures taken with Cinemagraph and so on.

I have this problem on my Lumia 820 running GDR3 and Amber. I got the app via Proxy. I got the error by duplicating it.

Never used those steps by myself, so I never lost a photo... but trying to reproduce the steps, I reached the same error, yes.

Has happend to me to many times.
But aome pics i can still find if i connect to the computer (but its about 50/50)

I have a different bug on my Lumia 925 and Nokia Camera. After rotating a picture, it shows rotated in camera roll, but when I shared it to Whatsapp, the picture is still un-rotated.

There's other issues with the 1520 as well (possibly others on this version of firmware). Sometimes when I unlock the phone the screen stays really DIM for a few seconds and then finally like catches up and returns to the "high" setting I have it set to. (Not set the automatic adjust)

Get sky drive app and save ur pictures there and create more space in ur phones,no pictures lost.

Yes this has happened on my 1520. Was pissed, but ended up finding the pics on my SkyDrive camera roll. This is something that needs to be addressed asap.

Happened to me a few weeks ago. 


I also find out thaty ou still need the nokia smartcam app, i thought the nokia camera app merged pro and smartcam, which it did.  The issue is that you actually need the smartcam app to open up previous smartcam shots, if you dont have it, then you can't use the smartcam features later on after taking the photos, there wont be a link under the photo. 

If you turn off the screen while reframing it does it too.  Losing the reframed image would be fine, if the original high res image was still there.  It's completely gone though.

Just don't understand when you ready to reframe, why not just get it done instead hold the back button to open another app to do something else........?

LOL, this is just one of the problems I experience with my 1020 camera app!
I'm on ATT and waiting for my firmware to update to ANY of the several newer versions shipping around the globe.

okay I just replicated what you did. Yes I got an error, it's a software anomaly. Don't hit the back arrow, its trying to load what you're saving, thus an error. Its not intended to work like that I assume. Solution, hit the home button.

Can say i don't reframe often or press the back button often, but deff did it to my random pic of a microwave lol NL1020 GDR3+Amber, but can see how annoying it can get if answering a txt or WPC putting something new up that's a must read :D

I got the error on my 920 with amber. It didn't happen when I reframed, it happened when I did a soft reset.

Sometimes people are like the guy who calls tech support because he wants the mouse pointer to go to the left on his screen but can't because his mouse will fall off the mouse pad.

This kept happening to me while on vacation the past 2 weeks - I bought the 1020 instead of lugging around my SLR. I lost at least 4 amazing photos before clueing to what was going on.

Anyone know of a way to recover these?

It has happened to me too. I found the pics though and discovered a temporary fix.

1. Connect your Lumia into your computer.
2. Open Windows Explorer.
3. Navigate to the picture folder on the phone.
4. Missing standard and high resolution pictures should be there.
5. Cut and paste you pics to a folder on your PC.
6. Copy pictures back to their original location, on the phone.

This is how I recovered the pictures that I thought were lost.

The other highly annoying feature is Photo menu -> Edit -> Crop, rotate, auto-fix, which does not give the option to keep the original. Ruined a few originals with that one.

I definitely have had pictures not upload to Skydrive, but are in the camera roll, nor sure if that is connected.

This is a consequence of not having real multitasking on the phone.

When you switch apps, they have to save their state, so that they can restore it when you swich back.

This is quite tricky even for simple apps, and horrible for apps having a complex state.

Take for example Internet Explorer on my WP 7.8 device. I prefer to use it in landscape mode, and furthermore I keep my phone flat on a desk when browsing.

Of course, if I switch to another app then return to Internet Explorer, it forgets it was in landscape mode before switching, and switches to portrait mode, because that is the default, and they couldn't be bothered to save the state when I switched apps (they probably didn't realize it's important to save the orientation).

If there is one thing that tempts me to buy an Android device is the lack of real multitasking. All kinds of crap are caused by this decision.

IM+ can't receive messages if it's not the active app, and has to rely on toasts that have a 2 minute delay. Also, each time I switch to another app and back to it, it has to reconnect to the messaging servers. Horrible.

Using GPS apps to track my running, I switch for a few seconds to the camera app and take a picture. Of course, after returning to the tracking app it has to connect to the GPS and lock on the satelites again taking about half a minute before I can use the app again.

I still hope that at some point they will introduce real multitasking for Windows Phone. Of course, it has to be opt-in for each app so that it doesn't slow your phone or eat your battery if you don't need it, which is the reason they introduced this limitation in the first place. The phone could even have an option notify you: "App X is running in the background for more than 30 minutes. Do you still need it?"

Even a simple thing, like letting an app to stay for a few minutes in the background before it loses state, would be better than what we have now.

I think it's because the app you're switching to is only available in portrait mode. Otherwise it should work. And is this different with Android?
But you're right this is one of the bad things on WP.

On another note: I have many photos that do not have the "Open with Nokia Camera" link anymore.. Some of these are using the Smart mode, so I cannot change them anymore to Motion Focus, etc.

Try following:

- open Nokia Camera app

- go to settings menu, scoll down to the end

- tocuh on find photos and videos shots with Nokia Camera

It's still there in the phone memory but the photos app no longer recognize it. Also happens to some videos. I had a video stopped by the full memory and thought it was not saved but connected to pc later and it was actually still there. I'm using a Lumia 925.

Yes been having this issue and can replicate it with these steps. I know what not to do now. Lost a few great pics :( -Lumia 920

My only problem with Nokia 1020 is Auto-focus ... 

Camera app works better then Nokia Camera app. Nokia Camera app after few photos can't refocus and most of the pictures are blurry 

I've had something like this happen before. I was enabling internet sharing.. phone crashed.   When I restarted I had no photos.  If I connected through USB the photos were still there they just weren't read by the phone. 

Something my Lumia 925 just started doing is it is not saving any of my photos!! Like from the regular camera app to the Nokia camera. And it has nothing to do with resizing. I tried to Bluetooth it over and it wouldn't even save perhaps its because I just flew to kenya but my old HTC 8X (using now) is working fine so it leads to believe its a malfunction in my Lumia 925!?!?! Anyone else experiencing this!!!!

This just happened to me . Windows 8.1 Dev Preview (Nokia Black) + Nokia Camera Beta (Latest)

Lost 3 file so far , thought it was me doing something wrong.

I'm a big camera user so this is a major set back. (my replication steps were not as above, it just happens randomly and I don't get error message.

Anyone else still having this issue?