Nokia ‘Catwalk’ specs reportedly leak, aiming for June availability

Note: Image above is merely a concept device, not the Catwalk

We’ve been hearing about the Nokia ‘Catwalk’ for some time now (not to be confused with Verizon's 'Laser', though they may be analogous), a sister device of sorts to the Lumia 920 but with a focus on an aluminum chassis to make it more nimble. Now, Italian blogger and personality Flavio has revealed the supposed specs for the device.

Is there anything revelatory? Not really. The device will feature the same 4.5” display but with octaOLED, S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 16GB of storage (down from 32GB), 2000mAh battery and an 8.7MP OIS camera with Xenon flash (Correction: no Xenon flash, but LED instead). No mention of a microSD card for expansion, however.

The big difference is in weight and thinness, as the ‘Catwalk’ will reportedly chop off just over 50 grams in weight (132g) and about 2.3mm in thickness (8.4 versus 10.7mm on the 920).

Call us crazy, but those minor refinements for the ‘Catwalk’ could be a big deal as it will make Nokia much more competitive with those who desire a lighter, thinner phone.

No carriers were announced though T-Mobile was speculated as being one carrier in the US (something we've heard personally too). Launch of the device is said to be May 15th with actual availability to carriers for sale being “the end of June”.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. It will be real interesting to see if AT&T “refreshes” their 920 with this updated model akin to the HTC HD7s in the past.

Source: Flavio (Twitter); via PocketNow; Thanks, Joel H., for the tip!


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Nokia ‘Catwalk’ specs reportedly leak, aiming for June availability



Since you have to pay full price for phones at Tmo now you'd be better off buying a Rogers 920. It works great on Tmo 4G & 3G. That way you'll get 32GB. Only 16GB was a major issue for me with my HD7 & 8X.

Do you know how much does it cost if I buy it from Rogers? Is the price lower now since it's six months old?

Yes you have to pay full price, but not all at once of you don't want to. You can pay it off monthly.

Wow. Please edit your post. As someone that's a big fan of what T-Mobile is doing (though I have zero relation to T-Mobile), that's just completely wrong. T-Mobile is moving more towards what is offered in many other parts of the world. You have two options with T-Mobile. Buy a phone that works on their network (US carriers need to get common frequencies) and pay less for your service. If you don't want to pay full price, pay it in installments. The bonus if you pay it in installments vs ATT/Verizon/Sprint is that your bill goes down after 24 months of keeping the same phone. Not EVERYONE needs or cares to get a new phone every 24 months and for them, the big 3 US carriers are making bank on not upgrading.

Not with the uncarrier plans. They are 24 payments. The older plans had 20 equal payments; uncarrier plans have 24 payments.

And you'll get the extra girth. Or you can wait for a Tmo promo on the device (sometimes up to $150 MIR) and do EIP at 0%. I think I'll try and hold out for something like this.

You don't pay full price straight up you pay from $15-20 minimum a month until you reach the phones off contract price its probably the best way to buy a phone because you can skip out on a monthly phone bill pay the $20 for the phone and use viber and whatsapp ect.

Not true if you break your plan (skip a month) the balance is due immediately or turned over to collections.

You also pay full price for the phone when you buy from ATT or Verizon... WIth T-Mo, you pay the same initial price, then just pay the phone of $20 a month, which with your monthly payments is still cheaper then if you were to buy the same device on ATT or Verizon. 
What T-Mo are doing is a great idea, it adds tranparency to the process, and gives people options.

I'm pretty sure there was a big debate about this after the announcement of the Rogers L920.  I thought that the conclusion was that there were some missing bands and that the Rogers device would NOT work properly on TMOUS.  Am I wrong?

I know right! Buy I really hope the 16gb is misleading unless it has a memory card slot. That is one of the main reasons I have upgrade from my unlocked HTC Titan as of yet.

Last time I checked (which was this morning) the 8X and Lumia 810 on their new plan was $0 at Tmo. You pay payments on the phone with your monthly bill...you have a choice with them now.

I know I just saw that. That's why I'm in no rush now to upgrade. I love these new options even though you end up paying the full price of the phone if you upgrade early.(my case)

Agreed. My Titan is a wonderful phone, and I am hoping for the aluminim body here. But moving to a 16GB phone makes no sense whatsoever. Why is it these OEM seem to be putting all the expandable memory into their mid-to-low tier handsets??? Samsung is the only higher end phone to add the MicroSD support. I toyed with the idea of an 820, but the other compromises leave me cold.

According to dutch tech site 'Tweakers.net' the catwalk isn't coming with a memory card slot. Shame if you ask me, in this price range you'd at least expect either plenty of storage or the option to increase the storage..

All networks have bad spots. Where I live Tmo is better than Att. Where I work Verizon is better. So it boils down to where you use your phone. If Tmo has great coverage in your area it be crazy not to use them. Tmo is the cheapest and has true unlimited data.

My fake 4G pulls decent speeds, and I've had the local store bend over backwards for me in replacing my Nokia.  I'd say damn good value when Verizon didn't even want me as a customer.

Little Indian Chief says Tmo great value. Chief has 5 lines all unlimited talk / text. 1 truly unlimited data 4 has 2.5GB each. Chief pay $170 plus tax. Chief very happy with Tmo service and data speed. Chief say little Indian smoke a piece pipe and chill on the Tmo hating.

I get consistent 17mbps down which is all I need for HD video, quick downloads etc. And the support has helped me through everything so far and even credited my account for $200 when they billed me wrong and let me upgrade extra early and bridged my second line into a new plan (still had 8 months to go) and now for two lines I pay less than 100 for unlimited data!

TMO has been rated best in customer service server years recently. Something tells me you were asking for something unreasonable and got turned down. Now you are all butthurt.

I was looking at the 720 photo and looks like it has a curve glass but I'm not 100% certain the picture can fool my eyes.

Yeah, me too because I have no choice.. I still love the look, and feel of the poly body.. Just fine with my 920 for now, but I'm glad other are going to get higher end devices soon.

higher end by a meter, not a mile so it won't be THAT much of a difference :) 

Even with the S4 and HTC One being released I still think the L920 is superior. (If you don't only count numbers)

if true, I guess you can put me down for one.  But, man, who doesn't want the microSD with only 16GB onboard. 
EDIT:  but with the new storage tool, I think I could be happy with that.

You and mean both! I was going to upgrade to the HTC One but I'm holding tight to see if this is real.

I'm not planning to buy at the moment but if T-Mobile is getting Nokia's Catwalk I will buy one.

I haven't seen one Rogers branded Lumia 920 in the same $300-365 range as the AT&T version. But if you find one let me know.

If you manage to unlock the AT&T L920 it's value shoots up to $500 (used). The only reason it's so cheap is because it's locked to AT&T and not unlockable (for most people) and you can buy it brand new for $450. 
I found a guy selling a L920 with wireless charger on craigslist for $230. Convinced AT&T to give me the unlock code, and sold it for $510 on eBay.

You want find a Rogers 920 as cheap as Att. Rogers are pentabamd and can operate on any GSM carrier worldwide. Att's is stripped down. It doesn't have pentaband so it's not worth as much.

Costco has a special offer. Rogers Lumia 920 at $19.99 with 3-year contract + $100 Costco cash card + Free wireless charger + Free car micro-usb charger. They only have black, though. I bought one in march, so I got the $10 credit (per month), too.

Rogers 920 is a pentaband and supports AWS LTE as well so it works as in you have the hardwrae to support all frequencies. However, you may have to tinker with APN settings and specific firmware code. (from my search on google)

I looove the aluminum, especially the rose colored one *blushing*;) If this is a T-Mobile one that's lighter and thinner, than count me all the way in! (Sidenote, I hope update issues r fixed by then...)

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but I doubt if Tmo or Verizon will get this device before ATT because they've by far been the carrier that has invested the most in windows phone & in Nokia Win phones hands down. Nokia will reward them by at least letting the carry it, if not making it exclusive for a bit.

I love my 8x, I would say this is the same. But Nokia tops HTC in support for their windows phones, which makes Nokia better for me.. I've been telling users we had one coming,, wp rep said 2nd quarter we were getting a step up from the 920 and some tablets.. Think they may have pushed back bit to get a budget phone released first, which a lot of us reps were begging for so we can quit selling Huaweii crap androids to budget buyers.

16GB? Yeah, I'll stick with my 920. Only way I would ever downgrade to half the store is if they provided a MicroSD card slot.

All of my music is in the cloud (Xbox Music pass). So, 16gb is more than enough for me. Shoot, my 810 has only 8 gigs of space. Would I rather have more? Without question. But, I can deal till something else comes along.

But thats not your Music, you just rent it with that Music pass. And if You have buyed that Music in an other store before, you pay it again now... complete rippoff.

I'm a gamer... The whole reason for me getting a windows phone. So I guess if you're not into gaming 16GB would probably be enough if you're just storing music.

Agreed!! If a Lumia comes close to that design/style I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Classy. Still love my 920 though.

Ah...I was kinda hoping WPC would pass this. As I said on pocketnow and wmpoweruser...these specs look awfully like the 928-Laser...which should be releasing before the Catwalk or EOS...as it already passed through the FCC.. Again Catwalk is "supposedly" the 920's successor...not another variant of the 920. These specs look like a 920 variant with a Xenon flash. My Nokia Blog leaked a rumor that Catwalk had a better camera and without xenon. Anyway rumors are rumors....

Exactly. There are talks on other sites that the source "Flavio" gets these names mixed up just as much as wmpoweruser. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the 928. I don't know what to think anymore Daniel. LoL.

I almost cried when I read that the photo was just a concept....its sooo pretty! :( Ok Daniel, between you and me, is this a concept that will more likely than not become a reality?

Wait, what? This guy is saying no xenon flash, but the leaked 928 pictures show a phone with what looks like xenon flash.

Depends on hardware design for me to be interested. The weight and size are a pretty big improvement. But to me Nokia has to polish the hardware design a lot better to make it worth while to turn in my 920. I like my 920 but the design quality of my 800 is much better. The screen bezel drives me nuts on the 920 along with the offset placement of the FCC and the dual branding just kills it.

That concept looks really nice though. Aluminum body would be sweet.

Although the 920 is the best smartphone I've ever used, I still go and hold the L800 sometimes. It IS a masterpiece. From a design perspective I agree L800 is the best but L920 isn't too far off and I actually like the weight.

Mines not dual branded so I can't comment on that......I guess you have AT&T stamped on it? Better than Verizon. :)

I don't understand it.  We're in 2013.  I figured most phones would have at least 64 GB of storage by now... with high ends getting 128GB or even 256GB.  Why are they going backwards?

Cloud is not the future if phone companies are taking away our unlimited data.

When I asked HTC about this they cited their own market research that most people don't use beyond 16GB. Take that as you will.

Yeah, especially when using FB Home.....what a joke! I hope HTC doesn't think FB Home is going to stop the finacial bleeding they've been experiencing. Personally I think they slapped MS in the face by doing the FB Home thing because windows phone already puts people/social first relying less on apps with productivity, cloud, and apps included (a complete package), yet they dont advertise the 8X or 8S for that matter. I hope HTC fails miserably with the FB Home phone!

It sounds like that unfounded rumour of Bill Gates saying ''640K of memory should be enough for anybody". To say "16GB is enough" is short-sighted and doesn't give anyone any options. I want my phone to replace my mp3 player, but I can't with such woeful onboard storage. 16GB + 32GB microSD would be a good start... 32GB + 64GB microSD even better! :)

128gb or 256gb?
Tech in smartphones has not gotten that advanced yet. Lol
16 is still standard. With 32 gb being the soon to be norm. At least is how I see it v

That was my point.  It's not standard to have higher storage capacity now.  iPhone 4S had 64GB option at the end of 2011.  We seem to be slowing down.

I'm not sure what you guys put on your phones but I have never utilized more than 10GB on my phones. I use a lot of the cloud though (Spotify, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Flickr, Evernote, kiddori, Netflix, etc)

Hmm, now this may have some promise.  Same thickness as my Focus S and only 19% heavier.  The 920 was 67% heavier and 26% thicker.  I wonder if they're sacrificing the wireless charging.

I asked this question before, and I don't think anyone answered it yet: How does wireless charging work? Does it need wifi or some sort of data to charge the phone?

Nope, their is a metal coil that must be within a specific distance of the charger in order to pick up the charge. No WiFi, no if, no Bluetooth.

Dude, Bing it, lol. I mean that in the most respectful way possible.

It's called electromagnetic induction. Pretty simple technology.

First of all Zenny, I'm a woman, not a "dude". Secondly, literacy has nothing to do with understanding the mechanical operations of something. Obviously, I asked a question in hopes that someone will be able to provide a more realistic interpretation as opposed to the usual technical jargon... something that you were unable to provide. Forums are set up to provide information. Please don't respond if you have nothing to add...

Sorry my lady. I really did mean what I said about trying to be respectful. That's why I attempted to direct you to Bing. Normally I'd explain anything else, but (in a seemingly contradictory sense) it can be difficult to explain this particular subject with the correct terminology. Hopefully you followed tgr42's link.
Sincerely, I am sorry to disrupt your quest for knowledge. Cheers friend.

That'd be a deal-breaker for me - the size and weight don't really bother me all that much (although, thinner and lighter is always nice). But there is no question in my mind - I would definitely be sticking with a 920 if the new phone doesn't have wireless charging...

Laser for Verizon is 928 apparently. Catwalk is just a alloy 920. I thought the polycarbonate thing was the best for radio reception and aluminum was poor.

my friends samsung galaxy s3 gets the same amount of bars as my 920. The polycarbonate doesn't really improve radio reception. Just feels nice and is different imo

I never said it was. The point is, polycarbonate doesn't offer better radio reception if it gets the same reception as other phones on the market. Aluminum, gold, plutonium, plastic, or kryptonite... Doesn't matter. People lie, numbers dont

Sounds great!  My only concern is with the June availability - especially being "end of June".  I've been waiting 6 months for Lumia 920 exclusivity to end so that I can finally get a Windows Phone.  If Catwalk launches at the end of June, then I get pulled into the waiting game of "well.... now it's possibily only 4 more months until the next flagship which is more futureproof.  I might as well keep waiting."
We'll see what May 15th brings.  One scenario, it causes 920 prices to drop and I get a 920.3 in May.  Can't wait any longer!!!  :p

Lumia 928 would be a great device and it should be able to enable Nokia to hold on till the announcement of the next generation windows phone. Well done Nokia

Actually I'd prefer hard anodized aluminum for scratch resistance. Painted and anodized magnesium is too soft. Not to mention the weight difference would not justify the cost. For larger electronics, a different story.

That would actually be a REALLY crappy device. WE're talking abotu a June 2013 release, and it might be carrying a SoC more than a year old, PLUS it'll only have 16 GB of non-expandable storage? Sorry, but this thing better be about $50 on-contract, because without a Snapdragon 600/800, it's going to be specced like an entry-level phone at that point.

I agree, we need atleast Snapdragon 800 and Higher screen resolutions BUT remember Nokia has to follow the Platform restrictions mandated by Microsoft, so Microsoft has to update the Windows Phone chassis specs and only after that we can expect new specs.

There shouldn't be anything to change, really. They said the OS allows up to 64 cores (which is a silly fantasy anyway), and Qualcomm already knows how the OS works well-enough, so there is NO excuse for the OS to be ready for these chips.

Why? You need quad-core? For what? You are not satisfied the way 920 works? Its not fluid enough?

Anyone who is thinking of selling the 920 and I'll be happy to make business with you, I had 200 bucks lol I know is not a lot but thats all I have :P I hate college for making poor and miserable 

Don't care for the specs. As long as Nokia steps up to their promise of thinner phones. 8.4 mm!!! That's like the s3 thin. If these are true I will be a bit disappointed but impressed by the thin and lightness.

Whenever I see an article like this I just wish that by some crazy miracle this will come to Sprint.  Sadly, I know it won't happen. :(

A great looking phone, with outdated specs.  
Try again MS/Nokia/Tmobile.  Let's deliver a real flagship, no exclusivity, 1080p, quad core, everything offered in the Galaxy device with Nokia's style and camera tech running WP8. 
Enough with the mid range phones, exclusivity and reissued versions of last year's flagship.  Step up your game.  

Well I don't think a quad core is needed but I agree on your other points! If anything the quad core could be used to attract the Android crowd.

Guys like you are like comic books in the 90's...Image, with all the foil editions and variants for all the flash in the pan gimmicks, Gimmicks I tell ya!

Hes right though. If they want to WP to grow they need to ramp up the specs to attrack people.who want the top end product.

Nokia's business model has never been to go solely after the top end. They sell (or used to sell) so many phones because they dominated the mid range. In recent years, they've only dominated the very low end. Hopefully this phone will be a return to upper mid-range success. Makes a really nice portfolio with the 720 and 520.

I just assumed I was the only one who did not know that because nobody else asked and then I scrolled to the last comment.

it is a device companies make it to release at least a minimum of 10 years from now on. Its usually restricted to high profile people like the president of united states etc...

The concept phones look nice. The 16gb is kinda of a let down to me if it is indeed true, nowadays the standard should atleast be 32gb.

If yu care about gaming on WP, nothing less than 32 GB of storage will do. Gameloft and other graphically intensive games just need too much storage.

Son works for MS, enterprise sales. One of the guys that keeps up with mobile devices said AT&T is going to be coming out with another Nokia phone later this summer. Hope this is it.
Hope they change the name though.

Don't worry they will put some stupid name with numbers that lack any logic and confuse customers. This is the Nokia way.

i had the chance to buy the galaxy s3 with a loyal discount rally cheap but after i seen it and held it,i didnt like it ,so since then i have been waiting for a real smartphone.Nokia Lumia 920

None of these specs make me want to upgrade from my 920. My next phone will have a quad core and 1080p 4'8 or bigger screen.

+! Android flagship phones are now at 5+ inches. Nokia needs to do the same.
I love my 920 but miss the size of my titan. I would like see an sd card slot, larger battery,  and 2 gb of ram.
I do like the lighter weight and thinness.

Totally understand the darker colors for others, but not digging it. What I like most is how designs such as the 920 are clearly based to family with the windows phone OS.

As far as lighter/thinner, I could care less. What I would like to see is a 920 variant that is iPhone4/5 proportion. Mostly due to the fact that functions closer to the top of the phone puts stress on my thumbs. But phones seems to be getting bigger and bigger. People will be talking on iPads soon.

I saw on another site that this same "flavio" dude saying it's going to ATT.
So i gotta say this... if yet another incredible (sounding) WP device goes to everyone but T-Mobile I might just lose my shit!
That is my one true gripe about WP/Nokia. If Samsung and HTC can launch their "flaship" type devices on all carriers then Nokia can, and should too.

Nice to see other design options. Hopefully replacable battery will be part of the design. Although current specs have noy convinced me to go for this phone. I will want to see more specs. Also fir such a phone I wish the size of the screen was more in the range if 4.8-5.0 inches.

Never had a issue with only 16GB of storage. I have all the apps and games I want on my phone, plus a couple albums worth of music. I still have my HTC HD7. Would be grateful if to Tmo if they brought this phone onboard to add a third choice for me for my eventual upgrade. Would still be great though to have the option on the "Catwalk" to upgrade with microSD. Would be a hard decision then between this and the L810 (which has a removable battery, a microSD card slot, wireless charging and a few other specs I really like)

ZOMG!!!! I'd pay alot of money for that concept design, even with 2yrs contract. Please, god, I'm so tired of the Lumia 920's design.

Looks stunning but the specs aren't an improvement on the 920. This design will attrack people tk the windows phone though due to it being thinner and lighter. Alot of people i know are put off by the bulkyness of the 920.

I currently have a 920 would drop it for the new model if i could do a full backup of my phone for example game saves tiles layout app data ect msg backup and contacts is simply just not enough. We need a full backup or be able to dump a system image.

I actually hope it has better specs than the lumia 920, cause else I was waiting for a thinner phone in stead of a better phone to upgrade to from my Nokia Lumia 800....

I don't understand how can anyone insist that 16GB is enough for everyone. Not everywhere has good fast 3G/4G coverage, so pointless to say that everyone can rely on the cloud. And when I am on holiday the last thing I want to do is to data roam.
Higher capacity means I can have higher bitrate for my music files. 
Finally, on my HTC 8X, a mere six minutes of 1080p video recording takes up 1GB of space! A couple of times I had to delete apps and games because I wanted to video something, which is irritating as WP8 doesn't yet support cloud saving/full backup. 
It's 2013, 32GB should be the minimum.

I realy hope these specs aren't correct need to be making better not doing the same thing with a simply thinner lighter body

Personally this doesn't excite me as am so ready for Windows phones with 5" screens and 1080p resolution.

Personally, I wouldn't mind the 5" phone, but the 1080p is just there for marketing. It doesn't improve the experience with screens this small and put more strain on the gpu and battery.

we need atleast Snapdragon 800 and Higher screen resolutions BUT remember Nokia has to follow the Platform restrictions mandated by Microsoft, so Microsoft has to update the Windows Phone chassis specs and only after that we can expect new specs.

If the actual device comes close to resembling that, my 810 will be replaced. That phone is sexy as hell...just sayin

I love the look of the concept art work, however. I LOVE heavy phones. The iPhone 4 is nicer than 5 purely because it doesn't feel r and taccy. I love NOKIA because they feel quality built and nice good weight.