Nokia claims "All smartphones don't have to look alike" in latest Beta Test ad for Lumia 900

Nokia and AT&T have gone forward with another "Beta Test" commercial. The controversial ad campaign started off my mocking the iPhone (those videos have since been pulled) and have now moved on to teasing how all other smartphones look the same.

In their latest TV blip, a smarmy gentleman is seen proclaiming how his phone defines him as an individual. Moments later a nerdy girl runs up squawking how she has the same phone.

It certainly elicited a slight chuckle from us and it goes to the heart of how a lot of us feel about Android and iPhones, specifically that they're not unique anymore due to their domination in the market. Here in New York City having an iPhone is about as original as being a Yankee's fan, so pushing the line that Nokia's are "beautifully different" could work.

Heck, even we've been critical of the Black-Slab™ phenomena going back to 2009 which may be why we're so enamored with Nokia's Cyan and Glossy White Lumia 900's. (Bonus: the Glossy White Lumia 900 peeks out at the end of this new ad for the first time).

Of course attacking your opponent, even without naming them, can be risky. However, we do think this is one safe area for Nokia to spear their competition as the Finnish company has always been ahead on design. And this type of marketing works. Just look at Nokia's "blown away" campaign and the reaction from Samsung. The company is making waves, my friends and that is effective advertising.

By the way, we're not sure why those original Beta Test iPhone videos were pulled, though we imagine it was due to negative feedback. Luckily, you can still view them here, here and here.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Travis for the new ad link and Yonkit for the old Beta Test commercials


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Nokia claims "All smartphones don't have to look alike" in latest Beta Test ad for Lumia 900


Daniel that exactly how I feel, I sometimes don't want this phone to become popular because now I have something that nobody else have.

Hah. I was thinking about that too but a couple of things:

  1. It'd take a long time for the Lumia 900 to get that popular
  2. Nokia are always innovating. Look at the PureView Windows Phone, it's a complete 180 from the device

So I think Nokia will always "keep it fresh". Remember, the Lumia is but one line of Windows Phone devices from them.

Of course, someone could make the argument that the Windows Phone OS could be too ubiquitous in the future...

Funny this was mentioned. I have been telling this to my wife. I hate the fact that soon I will have a phone everyone else will have.

If teens start to get this phone it'll be over due to its social network integration.

Oh well, the risk of growth.

I would do a commercial where I have a family vacationing in a foreign country lets say Germany. And they go around the country using Bing vision translating signage and books. That is one of the best integrations ever. In fact I use it to sell WPs.

"By the way, we're not sure why those original Beta Test iPhone commercials were pulled, though we imagine it was due to negative feedback. Luckily, you can still view them here, here and here."
Those were only teaser viral/ads for the website before they revealed it was a Nokia marketing campaign. They were never intended to be aired on TV and once it was revealed as a Nokia site that part of the campaign was over. They don't even mention the Lumia 900 or Nokia, so obviously they weren't intended for TV. Only the Chris Parnell ads were ever intended for television.

Ah, you see there was some discrepency. Most of last week, the site was the same as the pre-launch but the videos were all down and missing, so it made the site look broken.

Now they finally udpated the site and so those videos don't have a section. Still, the comments left on those videos were highly negative and a lot the tech press weren't too impressed.

Yes ....this! How that was not realized is beyond me. The ada weren't pulled, they were viral web ads.....jebus

But viral web ads are rarely pulled/erased from the web. Those videos were removed and re-uploaded at least twice.

Just saying it's one thing to not push them anymore another to pretend they didn't happen by removing them permanently. That's an odd thing that I don't recall seeing before.

Reminds me of a thread on the Zune forums, where one of the member's friend wanted a Zune HD, only for said member to deter the friend and just get an iPod so that he'll maintain his unique Zune status. :-S its a battle between popularity and mainstreaming, Apple is losing the former.

My only issue?? We finally have great TV ads, but they need to air more often! Start strong, then back down to a steady, consistent pace. But, never stop, like past marketing campaigns. Nokia is doing a terrific job!

I only watch TV when I'm wiring up patients with EEG leads (and that assumes they have the TV on) and I"ve seen the ads a few times already.

As I don't have cable at home, my eye-time on live TV is maybe two hours a week, if that.

Dan.. You said exactly what I was thinking..."Here in New York City having an iPhone is about as original as being a Yankee's fan, so pushing the line that Nokia's are "beautifully different" could work." You see massive adoption of iPhones everywhere in NY. It's no more the "unique" to carry an iPhone or an Android phone to that matter. I can't wait to get the white Lumia 900 and start showing off in the subway..lol!!

Provided the gloss finish on the Lumia 900 doesn't make the phone fly out of your hands (at least anymore than my matte 800 wants to), and it doesn't get ingrained with dirt, I think this will fly off the shelves. Anyone heard of a cracked screen on an 800 or 900 yet? I've not.

No disrespect to anyone's opinion and its probably said with a sense of humor to it. But I just never understood this idea of not wanting something because "everyone else" has it. And I mean this in regards to just about anything folks consume, whether it be music, movies, books, television shows, etc...

Its also a bit schizo when I see this on this forum considering the tune before was having Android/iPhone users "see the light" when it comes to WP.

Thumbs up! I won't say that the obscurity doesn't make it feel special to have, but WP7 getting more popular doesn't change the great experience, only make it better with more apps

Ah yes, it is hard to win any sort of postive feedback when the youtube fanboys are partolling the internet. The best part is when they claim that these are unethical and un fair. I'm sure they felt the same way about the "mac vs pc" ads. I found those pretty funny as well, but they should be considered worse because they actually mentioned the product they were bashing. 
Anyways, as long as Microsoft and some OEMs are committed to Windows Phone and are creating an awesome product, I don't really care how popular it is. 

I have been thinking about those commercials too. It seems as though Apple has turned into everything they used to stand against, and sheep can't stand anyone pointing it out.

Lol!  She has that phone!
Love that they are giving everyone the preview of the Glossy White Lumia 900.

I know.  I wish they'd go to Verizon.  However, Verizon doesn't want to dilute their Android dedication and advertising campaign.  4G LTE is already available on the Lumia, but so far no word on them willing to roll out a CDMA/LTE model.  At this point, if they do decide to go with it, will be months before the roll out.  Verizon is well known to take forever to roll out a piece of hardware.  I had to bite the bullet to switch to AT&T.  But I will give them credit on their 4G LTE speed in available areas.  It is reliable and works great.  (although we'll see how saturated their network traffic is in another six months.  LOL)

Verizon has google so far up their ass they can't see anything else... Now with the iPhone they are really blind. They sell what they THINK you want, not what you actually want.
I'm with verizon with a Trophy and not under any contract. If AT&T said they would match my Unlmited data and my left over $100 NE2 credit, I would tell verizon to F off.
But carriers wont match the Unlimited data...so I am stuck right now....

I'm glad you used the word smarmy, as that is exactly how all of these videos convey themselves.  It really is starting to bug me.  I don't want to support a bully.  I want to support the best. 

I love my Lumia 800, bit this AD is a tad contradictory.

Nokia are right, Smartphones do not need to look the same - yet the aside size, the Lumia 900 and 800 are all to similar.

At the end of the day the iPhone is everywhere because its a solid platform.

The single regret over making the change to Nokia from Apple is now my phone is controlled by the carrier.

I'm a Lumia 800 fan but I gotta say the N9, 800 and 900 are identical as well. And probably more to come since it is so well received. I just hope this series doesn't turn out like HTC. 

@uopjo6....The difference is, is that the N9, Lumia 800/900 are not ubiquitouse- either in operating system or design.  On the otherhand, Samsung and HTC devices are everywhere, all looking relatively the same.
One thing about Nokia designs - they are unique; this is what will separate them from the pack.

I understand but what I'm saying is I hope they don't build their line up with similar Lumia 800 Designs because it is so popular. N9 is even a older OS and the same design is used for a completely new OS (WP7).
Lumia 900 is an approach to consumers that want the popular 800 style with demanding features. But making the screen a flat panel (for engineering reasons I assume) kind of destroys the whole design IMO. The 800 is the first "real" WP and the design should be for the 800 only if we want it to be "unique". (I don't think there were rehashes with Nokia's earlier models? Not sure on that one but not that I remember of). 
So I'm hoping that doesn't expand and hopefully more unique designs emerge from 'em creative designers. 

Who cares if Nokia makes the same designs. Why is everyone complaining about about every commercial. I think its great. Even if its not true. As long as it gets the average Joe to walk in to AT&T and pick up the Lumia then thats all that matters. These commercials are good because they will stay in the average consumers head. They are effective. Who cares if to us (the hardcore) they're subjective