Nokia clarifies firmware issue on Glossy-white Lumia 900s

Lumia 900 Update

Saturday when we picked up our Glossy-white Lumia 900, we were surprised to see that it did not have the latest firmware installed, despite having the green-dot on the box indicating that the data-issue had been resolved.

This afternoon we received an email directly from Nokia PR (and a follow up that went to numerous media outlets) clarifying the situation a bit. It's a tad confusing but we'll try to keep it simple. Basically the 2175.1000.8112.12082 firmware with the green-dot on the box is the fixed firmware. Did we just blow your minds? Hold on...

So why were we prompted for a software update? Nokia basically fixed the 12082 firmware at the factory directly with a patch but in order for Zune Desktop to push out the update for the phones people didn't return, they had to change the firmware build, which is why 12084 exists.

In other words there are sort of two 12082 firmwares out there -- one broke, the other fixed -- and 12084 is the same as the fixed-12082. Get that?

The short of it is this: if you get a Lumia 900 (Matte-black, Cyan or Glossy White) and it has the green dot, it's a-okay and will have zero data issues. You can still update to 12084 but in reality, you're just bumping the firmware number as it is not "fixing" anything at this point.

So Nokia, you're still doing a good job and consumers, there is nothing to worry about.


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Nokia clarifies firmware issue on Glossy-white Lumia 900s


That clarifies it! Thanks Dan.. Well, on another note, the sleeve doesn't fit the white lumia 900 perfectly; still notice a "white rim" so to speak, around the screen. I guess, the black one doesn't show that...

Daniel, you really have to do a better job proofreading your articles for grammatical and/or spelling errors. It just looks unprofessional.

My apologies. I'm currently working at my hospital/lab and in-between patients, hence any rushing of the post. It's not easy working two-full time jobs without making errors but when I do, I'd rather it be with the blog ;-)

No need to imagine. It happens all the time, unfortunately. We're all just imperfect people you know!

In my experience, I think 12084 causes issues. I'm on my 3rd 900. 12082 works fine until the update then the issues start.

How is it possible that the Nokia 900 gets a update immediately, through AT&T at that, and I can't even get a fix for my keydrop Focus after six months? Should I be blaming Samsung??

Agreed. I've called At&t a few times about that issue. The response is always along the lines of we are not sure when that update will be available..yada yada yada

Probably because att is pushed the lumia harder and its also a small firmware update vs an os update pushed by MSFT, I would put more of the blame on att, but I bet Samsung hasn't even prepped an updated build for att to certify, they don't have the best track record regarding software updates for any of their handsets...

Eh. I've gone through three Lumias, third being the white. I'm switching to the Titan II tomorrow--headaches, goodbye!

That seems goofy. They should at least call one of them Rev A and the other Rev B. Obviously, their QA dept is struggling since this bug made it through in the first place. I'll give them some slack that they're still in a transitional phase. I hope the reports of this update causing new problems are false.

I really do want Nokia to succeed. They can't afford any more blunders. Despite the quick fix I've read articles that mention the bug at launch, but mention nothing of the fix. Ouch.

They can improve the camera slightly with software but as we've pointed out numerous times, this is more a hardware issue i.e. lack of BSI sensor. 

So don't expect it to get much better than this :-/

Ever since the Data connectivity issue patch i have gone from data connectivity issues several times a day (5-10) to once every few days. Yes and improvment, however it still seems to be present. Also there is a seperate issue with WIFI data, on SOME routers, one being my home Linksys. Befor everyone jumps and says it your router i have 2 Macbooks, severa Media machines, 2 NAS 2 Android Tables 3 Andoid phones and an iPhone that have ZERO issues with connectivity. If i turn off Cellular data, somtimes this fixes it however somtimes it doesnt it, but very often i cannot use internet once im on my wifi...its very odd