Good guy Nokia fixes HERE Drive and Transit; both apps once again available

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We previously looked at the updates to HERE Drive and HERE Transit causing issues for consumers earlier in the week. Nokia subsequently pulled both apps from the store while the issues were addressed. We're pleased to relay that both apps are once again available and appear to be behaving themselves.

Should you require filling in on what exactly is new in these updates, be sure to check out our earlier article. You can download HERE Drive and HERE Transit from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, pbroy, for the tip!

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Good guy Nokia fixes HERE Drive and Transit; both apps once again available


same story with drive, updated, then pulled out from store..

now drive is back... :)

u wont find cinemagraph in the store atm :)

What about Nokia Cinemagraph? I'm unable to upload, it says no internet connection, although my internet is working fine!

It come installed with my L720 and now not longer exists on my store. If I go via direct link, says it does not support my phone. So I am unable to update it. Very weird.

Works fine L920. Btw, I was really hoping we get an update sooner as I had uninstalled it after a hard reset and was ready to do another just to get HERE Drive back.

Hi, I don't know about others...but if you are on Lumia 520/720...You need to search 'HERE Drive' in Store. Links here are for 'HERE Drive+' ; since it is not supported on few Lumias, you will get the error...
for further info. Bing 'HERE Drive vs HERE Drive+'
Hope this solves your problems.

It would be even nicer if you could somehow implement Bicycle navigation. I really miss a functionallity like this.

Maybe I should say just the part of searching for a place :). My app launches HERE drive, and transit directly for the directions part

I have to agree that Go To is one of my 'go to' Windows Phone apps. If you ever use HERE Drive to get to places, this is the app you want to have installed first. For example, because it supports voice functionality, you can say 'go to work' or 'go to home' and it drops you right into the HERE Drive app, in business, ready to go. It's a very nice intermediary for bridging Windows Phone voice dictation with HERE Drive navigation. Give it a shot!

@driver_king, aw thanks for kudos.  I'm a little sad my app isn't higher on the list of travel+navigation.  I feel its way better than the very popular "Google Maps" app, and has all + more of its functionality.

I know that before, but when I want to download last days, it showed me an error, so I decided to postpone the download, till I realized that Here Drive+ is now out of the beta.

Earlier this year, they talked about traffic avoidance being added to Drive. Any word on that guys? I end up still using my Garmin app a lot, solely because of that. Saves my butt many a time.

They added traffic avoidance for the route in "My Commute" and they added a traffic overview for the area around you. They have not added traffic-based rerouting in general. In other words, they've completely missed the point.

Here Drive is now out of beta and has the My Commute feature, which has traffic avoidance and assistance.

Here Maps also got updates.

I kept my old here apps... But this update completely redesigned all three apps. Freaking love how smooth the drive app is

I can't download it on my HTC handset; not even on the proper link for HERE Drive which is http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=9a0f7585-9f16-47d5-8041-28018fcea606 (for non-Nokia phones as this is HERE Drive not HERE Drive+) I have the beta currently on my phone & works fine but I can't update to the non-beta version =(
Good Guy Nokia? More like Scumbag Nokia =P

Edit: I just received the update from the HERE Drive app the link I provided above does now work on my HTC 8X, sorry I doubted you Nokia =)

The only thing I don't like about the navigation is that you can't switch to a list of the next turns.

True that. And no traffic in drive only in maps. Google navigation is better. They need to improve the interface and functionality a lot but it is accurate. Better than my friends imaps which took us 7 miles off course. My Nokia was there for rescue.

Agreed.  Honestly, Drive is not a very good app.   It's missing basic features, like traffic avoidance for all routes and a turn overview, that all of the competing software does.  Its POI database isn't very good either; I generally have better luck in even Bing Maps compared to searching directly from Drive.  The maps themselves are excellent, of course, but that's not all you need.  Really, the only thing the app itself has going for it is that there's no other free solution for Windows Phone.

It was in beta for so long, I was hoping for some more functionality. For now I'll have to take what I got. My hopes are not high either. Bing had a different take on street view which was cool but never saw a broad implementation. Such a shame.

hm, I'm having small issues with this new release: the map is redrawn really slowly in certain circumstances (e.g. when viewing building-inside maps, like malls)
Also, when you try to find POI of specific category, which isn't very near you, you don't have it in the list of categories - e.g. if you have many shops around your position, but no museum, trying to go to places - category gives you only "shops", not museums or the other categories.

Wooot! Been mainly using HERE Drive Beta for navigation (instead of my old trusted Navman) for a couple of weeks now and it works! Great to see it come out of beta (missed to update it until they pulled it out earlier)!

Still bloody annoying that you can't get Here Drive to Lumia 720 which was resetted last week...
Good guy my ass...

Well, it looks nice but it still keeps telling me to drive down a freaking horse trail on my way to work. Emailed nokia about it but still does it! Ha

Why would you want to uninstall them? They are the only truly useful apps at least in my phone. Rest is games and clutter.

Same with me. Although at first Maps, Drive+ and Transit failed to download, saying that attention was required. After a few minutes I downloaded them one by one and Maps and Drive+ successfully downloaded. However, Transit still requires attention, and there is an error code c101b000. Does anyone know what to do???

You should read the comments in the app ratings while the app was down. Horrible.
People talking about smashing their phones, switching to Droid, blah, blah, blah... people were pissed.

Can't download Transit or Maps on my HTC 8x. Drive downloaded fine. Tried uninstalling Maps and Transit (instead of updating). Still nothing...

Can't download on my German L920 either. Getting just a general error or from time to time c101b000.

EDIT: update successful. I guess they didn't like to be updated all at once, installing them one by one works.

Downloaded all the updates but I was hoping the transit app would be better integrated. If I use yelp and it asks for a directions app, I should be able to select Here Transit as an option. Also the Here Maps and MS Maps fragmentation needs to be addressed. I'm happy for the updates and added functionality but there's a disconnect.

Here Maps - c101b000... seems each time it gets to the point where it would have reached the 7mb download and normally start to install the "attention required" error comes.. also if i cancel the download and choose the "1 update" option from the store the icon changes to one with colour or no colour on the background each time i repeat that process... just me?

Available for whom? When I go to the apps they say not for my device (HTC 8X) even though I already have drive beta and transit installed.

Well there's still an issue with downloading the update.... I have a Lumia 920 and its saying it can't download it and I have perfect signal.... ??

Finally able to update the app!! Lumia 920! Undo the download and it'll pop up a new one and download tht one it'll work.

Drive worked fine for a while then stopped picking up the Gps signal, although am not moving, and here maps is accessing GPS with no issues

I have exactly the same issue! Nokia drive + does not work anymore since this update, tried to uninstall and reintall without success on my Lumia 820. Version 3.0.4087.0, Map ver.

Anyone else experiencing a lot of battery drain after installing this latest version? Experiencing drain even though no apps open, its weird.

It does have traffic now but it seems to not show in 3D mode. They mention Trafic View on the release notes but I can't seem to find it in app.  Perhaps problems will show?
What's weird is I thought I saw that as a layer option.  After another update that appeared on Sunday I can't find that setting anymore. 

Help!  I have a new Nokia 920.  Formerly had a Dell Venue windows phone and loved the navigation!  This phone, I input an address, and then she speaks.  Then nothing until I'm close to a mile away from next change.  Screen doesn't show with words the route, only ariel map.  When i click screen for update on my whereabouts nothing happens.  She doesn't speak until I'm on top of my next turn/exit.  I don't like this.  How can I customize or is there a better app?