Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger available at Expansys and Amazon

Nokia CR-200

The Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger is a car cradle that features wireless charging for compatible Lumia Windows Phones. The charger has been available overseas for just over a month and has now been sighted over at Expansys.com and Amazon.com for the U.S. Market.

The CR-200 is being offered at Expansys.com for $109.99 with shipping cost at $3.99.  The CR-200 is listed as "usually ships in four days". Amazon.com is selling the wireless car charger through a third party vendor, Sunny Savers, for $95 plus $4.99 shipping.

The CR-200 charger is only available in black and also features NFC support which will allow your Nokia Lumia to launch predefined apps such as Nokia HERE when placed in the charger.

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Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger available at Expansys and Amazon


The plate is not good enough to grip the dashboard and take the extreme weight. I've tried everything will have to use glue or stick to glass.

That was the first thing that came to my mind. I'd rather have a windshield mounted version.
My nightstand version DT910 came in today. Me likee!

I bought the CR-200 and am not very happy with it. The side clamps do not fit in front of the phone but rather clamp the sides right on the camera button. The adhesive is also not very strong to support the forward weight of the phone.

I bought mines on Amazon last week for 94$. But is says that it will ship mid August early Sep.... WTF....

$99 is too damn much.  These things cost too much to make wireless charging all that great.  I bought the wireless stand for 920, and was not happy doing so.  I'm glad I have it, its great n all, but they are too much money.  This should be $40 to make it something "woth it" if you ask me.

This. It's plastic, a coil of wire, a couple ICs, and a cable+connector. The total cost to make these things has got to be easily under $10, and probably under $5. It's a nice convenience, but the prices they are charging are just plain insulting. They'd sell way more than 2x as many if they cut the price in half. I'm not really sure what their brain damage is.

Im amazed I had to scroll so far down the page before I saw someone say this.  $100 for a freaking charger????  I really wanted to get this, but hoped for something more around $40-50.  I guess I'll be sticking to my $2 car charger + cup holder solution.

$100 would be worth it if it had AD2P to hook up to a stereo audio out. As just a charger/NFC? You're right. $40-50. It's a wireless charger with an extra $2 of plastic to grip the phone/dash.

SIDE NOTE: AD2P compatible stereo (or this if it had the capability) is the way to go. I adore listening to my music without having to take my phone out of my pocket.

My question is: does it charge faster than a 2.1A wired charger?
I cannot use Navigon on my 920 for more than a couple, maybe three hours, if I am talking on the phone as it simply sucks the battery dry - even on charger and starting fully charged. 

I took trip to my brother's place a week ago, under 300km, over 3 hours driving. Cr-200, L920, started with 100%, constant Tunein Radio or Nokia Music Offline playback and maybe 1,5h of Nokia Drive. Got to my destination, 100%.

Yeah. My experience is that Here Drive + uses battery less than Navigon does. But, I had some bad experiences with the beta in terms of accuracy.  Additionally, the detail of Navigon's instructions are more precise.

My 920 loses power plugged up when browsing and gaming. Since navigation uses the phones GPS I don't think your phone would last if the car charger is under powered like the plate/stand.

Hmm I used Here Maps while plugged in using an old LG car charger and the battery remained at or charged up to 100%, even after driving for 8 hours. I just did a bunch of travelling last week when we did this.

I have one of these and I love it, though one of the downsides is that the glue won't stick at first so you have to hold it down for awhile, and the glue loses grip when it's hot (personally I'm using the plate that came with it).

BINGO WE HAVE A WINNER....... Yes it is. The OEM's have people paying 5 to 10 times more for a wireless charger that is SLOWER than a wired charger. Whoever's idea this was is a genius.

That base... is not ideal for every automobile.
I do like the idea of having an in-car app that launches with NFC.  
I have a whole opinion on this mount, but it would be really long winded.  My whole opinion could be easily debunked if someone who owns this were to confirm if you can just pick your phone up from out of the mount quickly and hassle-free, or if take a little fiddling to get it out of the clamps?

To remove your phone you just press on the back of the holder and the clamps gently release - works really well with my 920.

my wife has a galaxy s4, how would it work with this? Would it fit, is there room for the USB cable to charge it? Is there room to hit the side buttons on her phone?.. I guess the NFC part won't work ha?

I usually put mine in my din slot under my stereo deck. When charging and plugging it in to my deck to listen to my music. I want something that I can just tap with out having to bring it out and have it work for my car.

I sure would love to find a detailed review of this thing with lots of pictures. I would want to mount it low on the windshield... Does it do that? Looks like it doesn't have a suction cup...

The best option is to buy from MobileFun.com, they sell for $75.99 plus $2.99 (slow) shipping, but you can get free shipping with codes they release every once in a while. I got mine and it works great, though the button to release the phone is kind of moody. It comes with 4 clips to do some cable management. The glue of the plate has behaved great and beautifully against the hot Panamanian sun.

Actually, I have stuff shipped to Miami and then forwarded to Panama. But yeah, it's cheap though it takes 8-10 days to arrive.

sunny savers is based in the UK and it takes weeks or longer for them to ship to US.  They've been selling this on amazon for a while now.  I was going to buy it about 3 weeks ago but when i checked the shipping dates i decided not to. 

I got mine earlier this month from mobilefun for under 80 with shipping which took about a week since it is comes from the UK.

My take on it...

Verizon 928 users beware cause when you depress the sides, they do hit the camera button. I had to cut away a small notch to keep that from happening.

As for NFC, its not worth it. When you use the NFC you still have to accept the application (two taps). Its just as easy to create a tile for the home screen to start the app (one tap)

When the outside temp reached 100 degrees (dashboard obviously much hotter) here a few days ago, the glue no longer was sufficient to hold the device on the dashboard. Fortunately it doesn't hit highs like that here that often.

All that being said, I kept the holder because it was worth being able to pop in/out the device without having to deal with plugging and unplugging wires. I had used pro-clip mounts before for this reason, but the 928 has the charging port on the top and they have not yet made a holder for the device.

Already have mine. It was delivered yesterday. Very high quality and works like a charm. Paid $85 through Amazon.

Got mine 2 weeks ago. The plate doesn't hold onto the dash, but the mount sticks to the plate really well. The whole unit fell off as the plate gave way but the mount was stuck to the plate. Anyway, removed the plate and the mount is sticking to the dash perfectly! I contacted Nokia support via Twitter and they said I'll invalidate the warranty if I don't use it as per instructions

It doesn't stick to the car windshield? LAME. Not interested. I'm not gluing the damn thing to my dash. I was really excited for this, but lack of windshield mount and $100 price is a joke. No thanks Nokia!

Some people here seem confused about the way this holder attaches to your car. The suction cup can be used to attach it to your windscreen or your dash (as the spec on the Nokia web site confirms). The cup has a tacky feel, more like gel than plastic. The mounting plate that is included in the box is only needed if the holder is unable to adhere to the surface of your dash. The suction cup sticks like a limpet to the dash on my car.