Nokia denies rumours they are being taken over by Microsoft


Many technology blogs have been reporting the rumour today, started by Eldar Murtazin (a known rumour founder), that Nokia will be acquired by Microsoft and Stephen Elop, CEO of the Finnish manufacturer, will be stepping down. While this would provide Microsoft to scope to become Apple and produce handsets themselves, it would mean ditching OEMs (who have provided much support to the new platform), sacrifice choice for a tighter ecosystem, to name just a few negatives.

Of course (should you remember), this has ran the grounds before and the rumours were subsequently killed by an official statement. SlashGear, who also ran the story today, received word from Nokia:

"We've put these rumours to rest a long time ago. The focus for Nokia is on executing on our partnership around Windows Phone and growing the ecosystem, and each company has the tools they need to do so."

So, again, this is not going to happen. Even if it were fact, is there any need for Microsoft to buy Nokia? Sure, the manufacturer is having difficulties, but the funding for large scale marketing campaigns suggests there are deep pockets backing the company, and there is hope with Windows Phone. We'll have to see how 2012 fares before any talks are to take place about the next step, opposed to a take over. To sum it up - move along, nothing to see here.

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Nokia denies rumours they are being taken over by Microsoft


Rumours just float around the possibilities of what could happen in the future,, but this probably will never happen.. We are lucky Microsoft landed a partnership with nokia,, nokia gets overlooked in the USA because lack of superior devices in the past, but they've always had great international smartphones in the past with amazing hardware.. still amazes me we will have a low end device next week (lumia) with a 1.4 GHz processor for 50 bucks (probable 350 full retail).. They make good stuff and it doesn't cost them as much is all I'm saying.. Been playing with the lumia demo at work and it is smooth, can't wait to order mine next week

I would have liked to have seen this happen, ala Motorola/Google.  I love the Windows Phone software, but I still use an iPhone due to it having the perfect wallet case and working with just about any accessory (I also carry a simless Samsung Focus with me and use it like an iPod/Game system).  Having standard hardware to design accessories against has its advantages.  It also would have been cool to see a Nokia device with a 360 controller built-in similar to the Xperia Play, though I guess that is still a possibility from them or other manufacturers should Microsoft ever allow it.

Microsoft should make a universal controller that can adapt all WP7 devices and give the possibility to stream the games from your xbox directly in your phone, like the ps vita is supposed to have (or a OnLive similar type of service... it would be nice to play GoW or Halo without the graphic and storage problems). 

Don't think it will happen.
Neither do i think it will do any good for both. Nokia is super heavy on workforce with 130 000 workers and i think they will do better separate from MS. Also buying world largest phone manufacturer would scare away all others the second it happened.
Partnership with MS seems to run very deep in Nokia so i don't see reason for very deep Windows Phone and MS ecosystem integration to some Nokia phones.

This jerk Eldar Murtazin got burned by Nokia once and has dedicated his life to write negatively or pessmisticly about Nokia. Nokia sought legal action against him back in 2010 for not returning a Nokia N8 that allegedly was in his possession without authorization from Nokia. Nokia then persuaded the Russian law enforcment to obtain the phone, and the Russians raided Eldar Murtazin's house (not sure if they found it or not).
The bottom line is to take with a truckload of salt whatever this clown says.

it all started when nokia was looking for a Nokia ambassador champion back in 2009... another russian tech blog got it and since then, Eldar has been talking B.S. about Nokia.. and wonders about Samsung. He even said Bada OS will surpass iOS in less than 2 years.. yeah right!

I really hope Microsoft doesn't buy Nokia. When companies leave their core business (software) for something else (hardware), it's usually not good.

The main reason why this is such a great partnership is because they give credibility to each other and maximize their strengths while minimizing weaknesses.

Furthermore, Microsoft cannot try to fight Apple for market share as the "away" team so to speak. Both need to keep with the current game plan and follow through.

I don't believe MS will ever buy Nokia and I don't want to ever see that happen either, more important question though.... anybody feel the people that are spreading this crap rumor saw potential in Nokia/MS deal and the high sales gain from Lumia series and just wanted to stifle it before it grows up to be a big monster?

Okay, who's got the stop watch?  Reset it, and let's see how long it takes for another of these rumors to get started.  No need for facts or look at the finances of such a deal- which would be Wayyyyy more difficult to make work than the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility.  Nokia has a lot more pokers in the fire, way more markets and price points to maintain, and all kinds of Symbian updates to roll out and handsets to upkeep.  (Yes, I know they are outsourcing that, but that in itself is a long drawn out thing.)  No, Microsoft and Nokia are happy with their union, and Nokia has the money researves to make this work.  Nokia is a great Hardware manufacturer, and WP is a wonderful software.  They complimate each other perfectly for the foreseeable future.
By the way- start another watch.  I am pretty sure those "Microsoft will buy RIM" rumors will be coming hot and heavy by the Fall of 2012 as RIM falls further behind on BB10 roll out, their new BB's are not selling well, and they lose their edge in Goverment and professional sales.

Update: Microsoft is about to buy Apple and Google to completely control the mobile market. And I base this on absolutely nothing, just like Murtazin.

I thought MS already owned Nokia. Don't know where I heard that. Lol. But if they are partnered with Nokia, can Nokia make handsets for Android?

 As much as I respect Microsoft, I don't want them touching Nokia in any way.  I was very skeptical and worried about this partnership at first, but seeing as how they actually benefit each other, I'm ok with it. Microsoft buying Nokia, now that's where I draw the line.